The top social pattern: socializing with talented people, working with capable people, and getting along with happy people

The top social pattern: socializing with talented people, working with capable people, and getting along with happy people

Good morning, accompany you to read.

I have heard of a "five-dimensional theory of close friends": a person's wealth and wisdom is the average of the five people he has most frequent contact with.

the importance of who is with is self-evident.

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get acquainted with high people and improve their horizons; get along with capable people and learn how to do things; socialize with blessed people and cultivate optimism.

this is the top social pattern of a person.


with high people

Luo Zhenyu, founder of logical thinking, once talked about one of his criteria for making friends: to make friends with people he admires.

whenever he finds a very good person, he will try his best to invite him to come home for a chat.

because to do paid courses for knowledge, what you need most is to open your mind and break through the cognitive blind area.

after talking to these awesome people, he combed out the main points of the content and shared it with users in an easy-to-understand way.

in this way, while getting in touch with people who are better than himself, he helps more people in need, sets up a good cycle and opens up his own business map.

interacting with masters is equivalent to standing on the shoulders of giants and seeing the world from a broader perspective.

when Dong Qing first arrived at CCTV, she was unknown. Later, she got to know Ni Ping. As an elder, Ni Ping promoted her in various ways.

with the rise of fame, there is more and more pressure on program recording. At the most sad time, Dong Qing even withdrew.

Ni Ping at that time saw her situation and said to her, "not everyone can stand in the middle of this stage. There are a lot of difficulties along the way, so don't retreat, but go on bravely."

many years later, Dong Qing said in a program that Ni Ping's words at that time woke her up like a dream.

Dong Qing remembered Ni Ping's teachings and honed her skills in a more down-to-earth manner, which led to the first sister of CCTV, who was later praised by countless people.

the ordinary World says: "when a person's mind is not strong enough to fully grasp himself, he needs to rely on another person who is stronger than himself in spirit."

everyone has their own limitations, and the guidance of experts can help us tear down that wall of thinking and see a wider world.

there is a good saying: "it is better to read ten thousand books than to travel ten thousand miles; to travel ten thousand miles is not as good as a master to guide the way."

interact with high-level people, and their words may enlighten you.

if you get in touch with them more, you will naturally broaden your horizons and will not be confined to one mu of land in front of you.

can also open up the pattern, make up for the deficiency, and store energy for future development.


working with capable people

there is a saying that people are the only animals that can be hinted, and who you are with determines what kind of person you will become.

if one wants to quickly open the path of growth, one must choose to go with good people.

there is such a character who was born in the countryside and grew up on rice paste.

I was finally admitted to a technical secondary school and sent to university, but I was forced to drop out of school because I couldn't afford the tuition.

by chance, he came to New Oriental and started as a temporary classroom manager. His daily task was to sweep the floor, dust, and take out the garbage.

but the good atmosphere of New Oriental makes him look forward to the future.

he targeted those star lecturers, began to listen crazily, studied the teachers' ideas, and then hung a small blackboard at home to simulate their tone and expression, giving speeches over and over again.

A year later, he officially became a specially appointed teacher, and when he came to the New Oriental Building with a small blackboard to give a simulation lecture to the recruitment director, he shocked everyone present.

he is Zhang Shaoyun, a well-known lecturer named "the most legendary figure with New Oriental Spirit".

A poor rural child has completely reversed his destiny because he entered a high-quality circle and was inspired by people around him to study hard.

Buffett once said: "you'd better hang out with people who are better than you, so that you will unconsciously become better in the future."

the communication between people is actually the exchange of energy one by one.

when you are with diligent people, you will not be lazy; with positive people, you will not be depressed;

when you walk with wise people, you will not be mediocre; only by being with high people can you get to the top.


get along with lucky people

I have read such a short story.

there was a young man who sighed all day and was unhappy every day.

he suspected he was suffering from depression, so he went to consult a psychiatrist.

the doctor did not say much, but gave him a special prescription: find a friend who is happy every day from his side, and visit him once in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

the young man looked at the prescription with suspicion, but followed it.

A few months later, he came back in high spirits to thank the doctor, saying that his depression had miraculously recovered.

when the young man asked why, the doctor replied, "there is no better medicine than an optimistic friend."

think about it. With people who complain, the world will become dark over time; with people with positive energy, life will be full of sunshine.

A Cheng, a well-informed and humorous writer, has always been very popular in literati circles.

Wang Shuo likes to hear him talk about local conditions and customs: "he knows all kinds of leftist ways. He speaks with a nose and eyes, and gets very high, which greatly increases his wisdom and longevity."

Zhou Wei, editor-in-chief of Sanlian Weekly, always remembers his interesting look: "occasionally he picks up."Where not, he just put his head back and smiled and took two puffs of cigarette, and when he bowed his head and flicked the ash, he immediately continued the broken topic seamlessly. "

this optimistic and cheerful nature attracts many people to become his friends.

for them, chatting and eating with A Cheng is a kind of enjoyment.

there is an old saying that, as the so-called good man, everyone respects him, and heaven blesses him, and fortune follows.

Happy people are often interesting, transparent and open-minded people.

they are passionate about life and never complain about life.

even in the days of dark wind and rain, they live a lively life, and with such people, blessings will come uninvited.

the magnetic fields between people influence each other.

as the saying goes, "lazy people teach you how to cheat, villains teach you to commit crimes, and negative people will tell you how to be dangerous in the world." The wise will teach you how to think deeply, the diligent will teach you how to work hard, and the brave will teach you how to move forward courageously. "

We can't change our origins, but we can decide who to go with.