The Winter Solstice: may all the good things in the world come as scheduled

The Winter Solstice: may all the good things in the world come as scheduled

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time is too thin, the fingers are too wide, life suddenly passes, the Winter Solstice comes quietly.

as the old saying goes, "in November, with the arrival of the cathode, Yang qi begins to grow." The sun is in the south, the day is as short as it is, and the sun's shadow is as long as it is, so it is called the Winter Solstice. "

the Winter Solstice, also known as Sunan Solstice or Winter Festival. On this day, the day is the shortest and the night is the longest.

in Chinese traditional culture, this is an extremely important and connotative solar term. There has been a folk saying that "the Winter Solstice is as big as a year" since ancient times.

in ancient times and today, wandering travelers also have to go home, because reunion is the most ceremonial sense of the festival.

"Han Shu" also says: "the Winter Solstice Yang Qi, Jun Road long, so he."

after the Winter Solstice, Yang is picking up day by day, and the New year is approaching, which is the most auspicious day to celebrate.

following the law of nature, the new solar terms begin to rotate, survive the long cold winter, and come to the appointment in warm spring.


Don't forget where you came from. The origin of

the Winter Solstice can be traced back to the Western Zhou Dynasty.

it is recorded in Shangshu Luo Letters Patent that the wise ancients calculated the date of the Winter Solstice by observing the changes of the sun shadow.

it is said that the Winter Solstice was the earliest of the 24 solar terms, and the Zhou Dynasty took November of the lunar calendar as the first month. At that time, the Winter Solstice became the beginning of the year and the first of the 24 solar terms.

in 104 BC, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty chose the winter solstice as an auspicious day to climb Mount Tai to hold a retreat ceremony. At the same time, the 24 solar terms have also been improved and promoted in the Taichu Calendar. Time has passed for thousands of years and has been in use ever since.

was also in the Han Dynasty, and the Winter Solstice was a legal holiday at that time.

the Book of the later Han Dynasty says: "before and after the Winter Solstice, the gentleman settled down and did nothing, did not listen to the government, chose auspicious Chen and then saved trouble."

means that in the past few days before and after the Winter Solstice, the whole country will have a holiday to celebrate the Winter Festival. The emperor did not have to go to the early dynasty, the Yamen shops were closed, all the officials were self-cultivation, and the people were busy with their relatives and friends for a whole year, so they should have a good rest and accompany their families.

during the Tang and Song dynasties, there was a ceremony of "he Dong" whenever the Winter Solstice was met.

there is a saying in Tokyo Menghua record: "the Winter Solstice in November, the capital is the most important in this festival. Although the poor accumulate fake loans within a year, it will be easier to get new clothes, prepare food and enjoy sacrifices to their ancestors. Officials release Guan Pu and celebrate each other, just like New year's Day. "

the Winter Solstice Day is a very important festival in the capital. Every household, rich or poor, puts on new clothes and prepares food to offer sacrifices to their ancestors.

remind yourself that if you are born a human being, you can't forget your roots.

and the sacrificial rituals in the Ming and Qing dynasties were even more complicated and grand.

on this day, the emperor will go to the suburbs to hold a ceremony to offer sacrifices to heaven, praying for favorable weather and peace for the country and the people, so it is said that "the Winter Solstice suburban sky".

in addition to presenting greetings to emperors, Baiguan will visit and celebrate each other. After worshiping their ancestors and kneeling down to thank their parents, people will also hold lively family dinners.

the long river of years flows slowly, picking up the Winter Solstice this season, the wind and snow is always mixed with a little yearning and nostalgia.

but as long as you don't forget the past, don't forget the journey home, please miss those who should be missed, may all the affection in the world remain the same, let the world go through the vicissitudes of life, and don't forget where yesterday came from, can you see the way home tomorrow.


when I stay in the night of wind and snow, I will have a small reunion

as the saying goes, "the winter solstice is as big as the year, and the world will be reunited."

reunion is the Winter Solstice's immutable theme.

in ancient times, after the morning sacrifice, relatives and friends congratulated each other and sent good wishes to each other for the winter festival, so that the warm atmosphere of the festival drove away the cold and bleak winter.

after he Dong, the family sat neatly around the fire, had a steaming reunion dinner, temporarily put aside the troubles of life, and shared the happiness of getting together to catch up.

the reunion dinner is also full of the most authentic taste and the most familiar craftsmanship.

"bite the winter solstice dumplings and have good luck from now on."

northerners eat dumplings. The crescent-shaped crust represents yin, the round inner filling represents yang, and the twelve pleats last 12 months of the year.

boil a pot of mutton dumplings with curling aroma, which can not only dispel the cold, maintain the vitality of the body, but also cure fatigue and dispel the unhappiness of the past year.

"every family mashed rice to make dumplings, knowing that it was the Winter Solstice in the Ming Dynasty."

southerners eat tangyuan, also known as "winter solstice regiment", meaning reunion and happiness.

the whole family is busy together in the dining room, making tangyuan together, which is often interesting, gossip, laughter, warmth, and the usual smoke and fireworks in the world can most soothe our tired hearts.

do you still remember that poem by Bai Juyi?

"when you meet the Winter Solstice in Yili, Handan is accompanied by a knee lamp." If you want to sit at home late at night, you should also talk about distant pedestrians. "

it was the Winter Solstice's night. Bai Juyi was at the Handan station, thinking about his hometown and his old friend who could not be reunited. Thousands of miles away, his family would also be concerned about his situation and regret because of his absence.

in ancient times, most of the homeless people who left home wanted to go to the reunion, but they were unable to do so, and things always went against their wishes.

Today, we are lucky to live in an era of convenient transportation, but we are always used to parting and neglecting to get together. how long have you not been home?

when you go far away to pursue your dreams, don't forget to break up and fall apart. While your parents are still alive, you still have to go home and tell your parents stories about what happened in the past. You still have the right to act coquetry occasionally.

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A warm home is an irreplaceable harbor. No matter where you are, scenery or distress, your parents are the ones who love you the most, and you should, too.You should often come back and stop to protect your parents from the wind and rain and protect them for the rest of their lives.

in the Winter Solstice, who is at the height of the cold and the longest night, may all families wait for me to stay on a snowy night. In your full schedule, please save tonight for the most important person under the Chenghuan Lantern at this time. It's a happy reunion.


slow cooking time, the cold spring returns

"Moon Ling 72 Hou Ji Jie" says: "the Winter Solstice, in mid-November, the gas of the final reservoir is so far."

the Winter Solstice's day, Yin qi reached its climax. Frost and snow can be said to be the darkest time of the year.

the ancients who knew how to play began to draw "99 cold relief maps", mostly plum blossoms, painting one red a day from the winter solstice, waiting for spring to come for an appointment.

through the "three seasons" of winter with a little pastime, when the water spring moves and the yang returns, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter, and finally the cold comes back in the spring.

isn't life like the seasons? There are always some dark and bitter days, we need to quietly dormant secretly accumulate strength, get through it in order to have a clear sky.

do you know Bamboo Law?

Bamboo can grow only 3 centimeters in the first four years, but from the fifth year, it only takes six weeks to grow to 15 meters.

Bamboo takes root into the dark ground, and so should we. The more it takes root, the more it can grow upward.

I like the sentence in the Bookstore on the Island: "maybe there is the most painful year in everyone's life, which will make life beautiful and vast."

there are times when everyone is at a low ebb, and the final winner is to clench his teeth and stick to it. If you spend a period of time without anyone asking for warmth, go through it alone, and this experience will blossom and bear fruit in the future.

those who have the ability to come up from the bottom of the valley are those who can survive alone.

the writer Mingyue once said: "those who are more talented than me do not work as hard as me, those who work harder than me are not as talented as me, and those who are more talented and work harder than me, no one can endure it."

Yes, you mustn't give up. Maybe you just have to hold on a little longer and you will succeed.

Life is like a cup of soup, gentle fire slowly boil, can have more and more taste.

the unpure land of the world has its own sufferings. We crawl and fight, only through joys and sorrows, suffering and suffering is the way to make life delicious. Take your time and you will have everything you want.

May you cook time slowly and wait for the years to produce incense.


the Winter Solstice is a solar term full of hope.

the cycle of the four seasons, from winter to spring, all the beauty of the world will come as promised.

the old days, nostalgia or regret, just recall them once in a while. Because, next, there are romantic winter snow, warm Christmas and happy New year waiting for you.

in this season, please cherish the people in front of you, get together with your family and friends, let human feelings grow in a bowl of fireworks, dissipate the cold of a snowstorm, and fill a lonely heart.

isn't it a kind of fulfillment to live a hard life? If no one is in the same boat with you, you will live as your own ferryman. You will be dormant in winter and dance in spring.

the end of the year is approaching, praise Dongqi.

May everything win and hope for.