There are 10 things you can't do in life, you'll let it go after you read it.

There are 10 things you can't do in life, you'll let it go after you read it.

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people who leave you

the relationship between people is like a cloud in the sky, gathering and scattered from time to time, unpredictable. If you are predestined, you will gather; if you do not, you will break up. Come to understand, warm hug, go away, just smile. I'm glad you could come, and I'm not sorry you left.


time elapsed

No matter what happened in this world, time never stopped for a moment. The rhythm of the old man of time is always like this, not a minute faster, not a second slower. Time is endless, and life goes on and on. The journey of life will never come back, and there will be a moment when it comes to the station. At that time, I hope you and I have no regrets.


turn to your wall

Life always has irresistible forces and uncontrollable risks. There are accidents in everyone's life, and everyone may fall to the bottom. Man proposes, God disposes. Face the walls that fall on you, don't complain, don't get down. Stand up again and embrace your future.


birth without choice

Life is like playing cards. Birth is to touch cards, see luck, look at fate. No one can choose this, it all depends on personal creation. However, good cards may not be able to play well, poor cards may not be bad. Birth is not everything. It is not a skill to grasp a good hand, but to play a bad hand is to see kung fu.


inexplicable loneliness

Zhou Guoping once said: loneliness is a symbol of the abundance of the soul. The richer a person is, the more lonely he feels. Loneliness is a person's precipitation, learn to enjoy loneliness. A person can constantly improve himself and perfect himself.


hopeless love

when I was young, everyone was obsessed with a person like a moth to the fire. But with the passage of time, it gradually faded. The clothing belt widens gradually finally does not regret, for Iraq eliminates the person haggard. Who doesn't have such a moment in life? Everyone has to go through this.


forget helplessly

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time brings aging, aging brings forgetting. The saddest thing in life is not that the dead are gone, but that the living are still there and don't remember you. Memory is the evidence that a person keeps in the world. But this evidence will eventually be taken away by the years. Live in the moment, cherish each other, and don't always leave regrets.


Forever past

people without the past can't talk about life. People without the past are not enough to face the future. Life is an one-way street, no one can turn back. The past is the past, and no one can do anything about it. The only thing we can do is to grasp the present and face the future.


ridicule of others

the best self-cultivation in life is not to judge others at will, and the greatest practice in life is not to live in the evaluation of others. It is rude to laugh at others and inferior in one's accomplishment. Silence is the highest contempt for such a person. The mouth is someone else's, but the ear is your own. Let him say what others say, never live in other people's mouths.


inevitable death

Life has an end, and everyone will arrive sooner or later. No one knows what will be after arrival. The Master said: if you don't know life, how can you know death. Instead of wishful thinking, it is better to live a good life. The Greeks said that the meaning of life is given by death. Tell us that it is because of death that we cherish it. Death is a time that is bound to come. When we cannot expand the length of life, we can only expand the width of life. Make every day of your life happy and meaningful.