There are countless people crossing the country in just two words.

There are countless people crossing the country in just two words.

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Life is a process of letting go slowly.

some things, the more you hold on to them, the faster they pass;

some people, the more they can't let go, the farther they get separated.

if you are doomed to lose, letting go when it's time to let go is the best way to love yourself.


is not to forgive, but to let go of oneself

in the wonderful work, Ma Dong and Cai Kangyong had such a conversation.

Ma Dong said:

Cai Kangyong said:

count the word

, and say how many people's attitude towards the past.

I am powerless to change and have no intention to argue; I don't want to think of it, and I can't forget it, so let it go.

after Qingping Music became popular this year, he played the role of Huaiji and broadcast live with Ren Min, who played Huirou.

however, he encountered crazy complaints from netizens and reprimanded the quality of Bian Cheng's EQ one after another.

in the interview, referring to the first impression of Ren Min, the subconscious answer was not very good-looking and mediocre.

when he mentioned the possibility of cooperation in the future, Ren Min said he hoped to play a couple, but Bian Cheng said that Ren Min could play his aunt.

after being criticized by netizens, Bian Cheng immediately apologized for the incident.

Ren Min neither said "it doesn't matter" nor accepted the apology, but responded:

not all "sorry" can be exchanged for "it doesn't matter", and not all wounds can disappear without trace.

the crumpled paper can no longer be smoothed, and the knotted rope is always marked.

people are all flesh and blood, leaving a hole in a knife. There is no need to cover the scar and pretend to be generous.

Let go, not to forgive those who hurt themselves, but to let go with the passage of time, to let go of yourself.

just like in the TV series "everything is fine", Shi Tiandong said to Su Mingyu, who was hurt by his family:

if one day he no longer hates, he does not choose to forgive, but to be kind to himself.


is not yours. Learn to let go of

psychologist Alfred Adler once said:

the moon will be full and missing, people will be reunited and separated, and regret is another beauty of life.

if it's not yours, don't force it; if it's not yours, don't force it.

Life is already difficult and dangerous, so don't embarrass yourself any more.

there is such a story:

an old man who sells porcelain bowls is walking on the road with a pole.

suddenly, a porcelain bowl falls on the ground and breaks, and the old man moves on without looking back.

passers-by see that it is very strange.

the old man replied:

like a person who loves deeply, he always asks thousands of times:

people who have experienced emotional twists and turns and see through the cold and warm in the world. Will faint smile:

perhaps, love but not, is the normal state of life.

even those who threaten to accompany you for the rest of your life often disappear in the middle of the journey.

that's what people do, say they love you without warning, and then leave quietly.

even so, believe that in this world, if someone hurts you, someone will love you.

when you put it down, happiness will pour in; only after zero can you start all over again.

as Sanmao said:

when people are alive, they always face loss, but they can't be immersed in pain.

because life is like a forward train, it doesn't matter where you go, the key lies in the scenery outside the window.


put it down,

A man, carrying a heavy burden, went to the town downstream.

after he got on the bamboo raft, he just picked it up and didn't let go. When the owner asked why he didn't put it down, he said he was afraid the raft would sink. is your destination if you are looking for a great shopping experience and a fantastic choice of affordable high neck long sleeve dress for wedding. These collections perfectly match all occasions.

the owner said that it is the same whether you put it down or not. If you pick it in this way, it will be more unstable and dangerous.

there are some things that are lost or gone, and refusing to let go will not change anything, but torment yourself in vain.

this journey of life, there are gains and losses, losses and gains.

if you lose it, try to accept it and learn to let it go.

people who struggle too much can't live well in the present, and those who only stare at the past can't see the future.

looking back after time, in fact, the pain at that time is nothing to me now.

if the heart is trapped, the world is full of cages; if the heart is at ease, the low tile fighting room is also a paradise.

Buddhists say that to give up is to get; if you don't give up, you can't get it. If you put it down, you will be free.

there are many difficult and confusing trifles in one's life.

only by putting down what should be put down can you get what you deserve.

as Tao Zhu wrote in "Gift Zeng Zhi":

the past is like passing away, forget it, there is no selfish life in mind, the world is broad.

learn to give up, it is a relief to pain, a relief to fatigue, and a sublimation to self.

in the journey of life, if you can't put an end to the past and always let it hold you back, it is tantamount to carrying a heavy burden.

if we have the courage to say goodbye, life will give us a fresh start.

May you taste the years and let yourself go without fear of right and wrong and dust for the rest of your life.

May you look down on the vicissitudes of life and feel safe and sound.