There are three worlds that must be seen by children.

There are three worlds that must be seen by children.

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educator Steve wrote in raising Boys

Boys need firm and friendly guides to grow into tough, responsible men.

parents should raise the sail of life for their son and open up a wonderful life voyage. "

when you leave, a good woman will move on, and she will pass on everything you have taught her to her offspring. "

both boys and girls, their parents want to give them the best future.

to see whether a child has seen the world, the key is to see whether his spiritual world is rich enough to support a complete, independent, self-respecting personality.


see the breadth of the world

as the old saying goes, towering trees do not grow in flowerpots.

the bigger the world one has seen, the bigger the pattern and the higher the horizons.

A knowledgeable child can only fly high and go far when he grows up.

at the end of the Qing Dynasty, Zeng Guofan realized the advantages of Western civilization when many people still regarded themselves as the upper kingdom of China.

he invited Western teachers to teach his son Zeng Jize to learn English, math and chemistry.

when he grew up, Zeng Jize, without any old bureaucratic arrogance, looked at the West with a more open mind.

because of his excellent English, he once served as minister in Britain and France.

during his mission, he had an in-depth understanding of the local conditions and customs of various countries, studied international public law, and inspected the industrial, commercial, and social conditions of Western European countries.

all these experiences have broadened Zeng Jize's horizons, and his pattern and breadth of mind far surpass those of his colleagues.

Zuo Zongtang once praised him: love between China and foreign countries is of great benefit to the current situation.

Zeng Guofan failed in the Tianjin teaching case, and the Zeng family was never able to recover.

but with his excellent diplomatic skills, Zeng Jize repeatedly made meritorious deeds to save face for the Zeng family.

with the increase of exchanges between the Qing government and various western countries, Zeng Jize became the leading diplomat in the late Qing Dynasty.

Don't belittle yourself and don't set boundaries for yourself.

in many cases, what limits a person is not his ability, but his vision and pattern.

parents cannot stay with their children all their lives, and their children's future needs to be created by themselves.

No matter how much property it brings to the child, it is better for the child to see the breadth of the world.

only in this way can they understand their own smallness, look forward to a larger world, and understand enterprising and humble.


see the suffering of sentient beings

there are many smart people in the world, but not many of them really get things done.

cleverness is not capital. Only when you know how to bear hardships can you really become a person.

in the usual family education, Zeng Guofan also let his children experience the bitterness of life.

he stipulated that in addition to reading, it is excellent to teach his nephew to sweep the house, wipe tables and stools, collect dung and mow weeds.

when you are young, you will suffer for a while; when you are older, you will suffer for a lifetime.

there are no casual achievements in the world, and all people endure hardships and come out slowly.

being willing to let children endure hardships and let them know that life is not easy is really responsible for their lives.

Let every child understand that life is not easy from an early age, and then know how to grasp the choice in his or her own hands.

once saw a news that a 6-year-old boy experienced the taste of going to work in the factory where his mother worked during the summer vacation.

after a day in the factory, the child sweated and said to his mother, "it's hard to earn money. I want to study hard."

Let the boy see that suffering is not the end, let him learn to grow up is the meaning behind it.

when the boy sees the bitterness in life, he understands that behind every comfort, there is a little-known effort.

A few years ago, at the Wuzhen dinner, which was widely rumored on the Internet, there were more than a dozen Internet entrepreneurs worth more than 100 million dollars on a table, looking extremely glamorous.

but in fact, everyone here has the same characteristic: they are all high achiever who graduated from famous schools.

they have studied hard since they were students, so that when adults came out of society, they brought this hard-working spirit to their work.

the more children see the world, the more they will understand that the truth of life is so cruel.

Survival of the fittest is always an immutable truth in this society.

the better you are, the more free you are to choose.


see the insistence of the heart

to see heaven and earth, to see sentient beings, to see themselves after all.

people live all their lives, to see the bigger world, to taste the bitterness of life, is to know what kind of person they want to be and what kind of things they want to do.

Zhou Guoping said: everyone is born with his own most suitable position, a unique position, which was prepared for him when he was born, waiting for him to claim it one day.

when a person really finds his place, they are undistracted, patient and serious. Such a person has a fullness and happiness in his heart.

when Zeng Guofan saw the corruption of officials in the Qing Dynasty, he encouraged him to reinvigorate the government.

he wrote to the emperor, to train troops in Hunan, to travel to calm chaos, and to support westernization.

after he realized it at the age of thirty, he never gave up all his life.

Wang Yangming has been determined to become a saint since he was a child.

whether in counterinsurgency or relegation, he has never forgotten.

there is nothing dead in nine.In the midst of miasma, he finally got what he wanted and sanctified the earth.

Confucius wrote books in his later years to educate and educate people.

he said: forget to eat with anger, be happy to forget your worries, and don't know that old age is coming.

A man knows his own heart, and then he knows his direction.

throughout his life, work towards a goal and become the person you want to be.

they are calm and happy, determined and brave.

Life has been in a hurry for decades, passing in an instant. Only those who insist on themselves can not muddle through and spend their lives in vain.


only by seeing the breadth of the world can we have the motivation to make progress.

only by seeing the suffering of sentient beings can we understand the meaning of suffering.

see the persistence of the heart, in order not to waste this life, happiness and fullness.

parents cannot protect their children for a lifetime. No matter how much wealth they give their children, it is better to accompany them to grow up.

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broaden the child's horizons, give him wings to travel far away, and let him go on his own.