There are two kinds of relationship between husband and wife: one is called partnering, the other is called the rest of life!

There are two kinds of relationship between husband and wife: one is called partnering, the other is called the rest of life!

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in fact, the beginning of marriage is because of love.

but at the end of marriage, not all love can be turned into kinship. Marriages that "think bad, want to be inseparable" abound.

the biggest difference between middle-aged us and young people is not that we don't have the feeling of heart, but that responsibility is far better than love.

two people in love, only two people can have a good time. They can travel when they have nothing to do, and watch movies after work.

two people in marriage have no time to travel because they are too busy; they don't have time to watch movies because they have children.

in fact, marriage is too dull and boring.

after all, the reality is so difficult that we all have our own pressure.


the most painful couples are those who are too lazy to pay.

I have to admit that the health of middle-aged people is much worse than before.

I used to stay up all night and sleep for two or three hours, but now I just want to throw myself on the sofa and don't bother to move.

how many couples are alienated because of lack of care? How many couples quarrel because they are too lazy?

how many couples have this idea? anyway, the other person will do it, so it doesn't matter if I do less.

in fact, the indifference between husband and wife is because they are too lazy to pay for each other, but they want to instruct each other.

being too lazy to give is a big taboo in marriage.

feelings are not equal, and the more you give, the more bitter you suffer. As the marriage walks, it will fall into a quarrel and cannot extricate itself.

one is constantly complaining, the other is indifferent.


the most poignant couple is the one who does not know how to communicate.

the husband and wife are a community, but they have become one thing and one west;

couples are connected, but they sleep as strangers back to back.

since when did husband and wife become so reticent?

is it since the first time she confided in you and you didn't respond?

or since the first time he expressed his opinion, you vehemently rejected it?

the road comes out step by step, and the day goes by day by day. If you have been indifferent to her, how can her enthusiasm heat up? If you keep complaining about him, how can he be willing to take out his sincerity?

how many marriages become thinner and thinner because they do not know how to communicate and are unwilling to make concessions, and finally become a stranger under the eaves?

if you want to make your marriage harmonious, you should cherish and be considerate, smile, don't get angry, care and don't be silent!


the happiest couple are those who know how to manage their own husband and wife.

Love yourself first; blame others, ask yourself first!

this sentence is suitable for all relationships.

husband and wife get along with each other, first themselves, then husband and wife.

if you focus more on your own achievement, don't always doubt each other, and your heart will not be so tired.

if you spend more time on managing yourself, don't always complain about life, people will be less annoying.

there is nothing in the world, everything starts from the heart.

what kind of heart you have, what kind of world you have.

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when husband and wife get along, you know how to be tolerant, you will smile more and more;

husband and wife work together, you know how to listen, your disputes will become less and less;

husband and wife talk, you know humor, you will get along sweeter and sweeter.

Life will be more exciting because of your optimism, and marriage will be happier because of your sparkle!