there is a kind of innocence that miscalls the platform as a skill.

there is a kind of innocence that miscalls the platform as a skill.

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"Express has become more beautiful without Xie Na."

this group discussion on Douban suddenly struck a chord in the online world.

over the past month, "Happy Camp" has been a hot search because of the participation of the popular TV dramas "Shanhe Ling" and "Si Teng".

recent issues have been firmly at the top of the prime-time ratings.

Source: Kuyun EYE is just this honor, but it has nothing to do with Huadan, the head of Kuaiben, and Xie Na, the first sister of Mango.

because at the beginning of the year, Xie Na gradually reduced the recording of the "fast edition" because of the "second child plan."

had it not been for Gong Jun's cue of "Sun Goddess" on the show, many people would not have realized that

except for a few appearances in the middle, Xie Na had unwittingly "disappeared" from the show for three months after the "Happy Camp" on January 23.

remember that many people said earlier: "without Xie Na, the fast edition would not be complete."

emotional fans are clamoring to get rid of the substitute host.

it seems that Happy Camp is coming to an end without Xie Na.

but the reality is that after Xie Na left, Kuaiben not only was not affected, but also attracted more attention because of the addition of fresh faces.

it's better to say

"in this world, anyone who leaves can live."

this is the cruel truth of the adult world:

Don't overestimate the individual, don't underestimate the platform, there are far more people who can replace you than you think.


left the platform, who do you think you are?

Dou Wentao once said one thing in the Roundtable School:

"my friends are 99% richer than me. I spend every day with these rich people, so much so that I think the things they buy seem to be part of the world I live in.

always spend time with rich people, listening to their billions and tens of billions of conversations as if they were rich themselves. "

in the workplace, this sentence is also true.

many people think they can muddle through at work, and they are uncle wherever they go.

but the truth is: it is not you who are powerful, but your circle and your platform.

do you still remember the "hundreds of billions of Internet celebrities" Simba who was angered by "People's Daily"?

was punished by the platform for repeated violations during LVB delivery.

not only did he not sincerely repent, but he also openly fell out with his own platform for cooperation.

even during the live broadcast, security guards were allowed to close the road, thus hindering the normal passage of citizens.

finally, word-of-mouth plummeted and became a "street rat" because of being blocked by the platform for selling fake and shoddy products.

everyone has their own way to succeed, but imagine this:

if there is no live broadcast and no platform with goods on the Internet, how likely is Simba, a rural guy who makes a living by setting up stalls, to become famous and soar overnight?

the position is given by others, and the status is praised by others. Once it expands, the platform does not take the audience away. Who are you, please?

I have read a story.

A young monk asked the Zen master, "Master, what is the greatest value of my life?"

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the Zen master did not answer, but asked him to go to the back garden and move a stepping stone to be trampled on at will and sell it in a different place every day.

Don't talk during the sale. Just hold out two fingers when someone asks about the price.

but don't really sell the stone, bring it back later, and I'll tell you the answer.

on the first day, the little monk went to the vegetable market with a stone. A woman offered 2 yuan to buy back pickled vegetables.

the next day, the young monk went to the museum, and someone asked for 2000 yuan, saying that the stone was mysterious and that he wanted to carve the idol.

on the third day, the young monk went to the antique shop again, and this time it sold for 200000 yuan, and someone wanted to use it as a cultural relic collection.

in disbelief, the little monk immediately went back to ask the master with a stone in his arms.

the Zen master smiled and said, "son, the greatest value of life is like this stone. It's worth whatever you put it."

your value will be different if your platform is different.

on the other hand, if you are not absolutely unique and irreplaceable, you may be worthless without the platform.


when the tide recedes, we know who has a hot topic on skinny dipping

Zhihu: 10 truths discovered after leaving office.

spent in a series of setbacks and frustrations:

when you leave this position, you will have no so-called connections.

most people will find it difficult to eat everywhere.

other people's respect for you is not necessarily because you are really good.

when you leave the platform, don't be surprised to find that your capacity has been reduced by 40%.

Don't call your former colleague, because you will have nothing to say.

Don't play naked without diamond. The 5000 yuan of state-owned enterprises may be better than the 10000 of private enterprises.

in the past, big companies could give you 2000, but small companies didn't necessarily think highly of you.

if you don't have a deposit, you will panic. Being wronged and scolded by the boss is part of the job.

A careful analysis shows that these 10 truths contain the same truth:

for most ordinary people, platform> ability.

the Washington Post once did a social experiment:

in a subway station, a busker was playing the violin.

finally he received a total of $32 in tips.

if the experiment hadn't been exposed in the newspaper later, no one would have thought that this busker would be one of the greatest musicians in the world, Josh Bell.

he was in the subway, playing the most complex piece in the world with a violin worth 3.5 million dollars.

and just two days before the experiment, Josh Bell had just finished his performance at the Boston Theater.

listening to the same music costs $200 per person, and the seats are full.

tell the story of a friend again.

he has worked for Tencent for 7 years and has rich experience in network development. His department is also one of the top giants within Tencent.

in 2016, friends felt that their promotion was not ideal, so they just ran away and prepared to start a business.

but soon, his body and mind suffered a heavy blow.

I was optimistic about the health industry, but I didn't expect that the trend of Internet health care would change. By the end of 2017, the company I founded would not even be able to pay a salary.

later, I thought it would be nice to share bikes, and before I started to show my strength, the company went bankrupt.

without the applause and invincibility of flowers in Tencent, he even had to do some things against his will in order to make a living.

Tencent has a return system for veteran employees. He has thought about going back, but will there be a better and more suitable position for him if he has been "exiled" for many years?

especially in the ever-changing technology industry, people who climb to the top of your head are already post-90s without paying attention, and it's not impossible after a year or two.

now he can only dream back in the middle of the night and sigh again and again: "follow the right person, do the right thing."

Yang Jiang said:

only when the tide recedes, will you know who has been swimming naked.


leaving the platform, what do you have left

told so many stories about the platform, just to prove how important the platform is?

of course, not only that, but between the platform and the ability, I want you to see two things clearly:

first, when you lack personal ability, you must believe in the power of the platform.

this is not a society that can be invincible by fighting alone. Most of a person's growth and wealth comes from his platform.

I have read a paragraph:

people who ride bicycles can only run 10 kilometers with two feet hard in an hour;

people who drive cars can run 100km with one foot on the accelerator in an hour;

people can run 300km in an hour when they close their eyes.

people can run 1000 kilometers in an hour while eating delicious food.

the person is still the same person, just because with the help of different tools, there are different growth rates and room for growth.

second, strive to cultivate your own scarcity in order to get rid of the constraints of the platform.

to enter a good platform, it must not be a douche bag.

but you should beware of the "warm boiled frog effect".

No matter how good the platform is, if you don't improve your ability, you will be out sooner or later.

in this era, unless you are in the system, there is no "iron rice bowl". You must always maintain a sense of crisis, make full use of the existing resources of the platform, and make plans and pave the way for your future development.

advance and retreat can be attacked and defended in order to remain invincible.

just like at that time, I grabbed the brilliant tail of print media and entered the traditional media.

during my years as a journalist, I also had boundless scenery, but I never dared to slack off in my cognition and writing of new things.

after the decline of print media, I was able to successfully transition to new media, continue my writing work, and have my own small studio, which can also be regarded as a platform for others.

there is a good saying:

after all, what you have left without the platform is what you are really capable of. Click to watch and share with your friends.