There is a kind of wisdom called learning to turn.

There is a kind of wisdom called learning to turn.

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when it comes to some people who are so stubborn that they don't know how to turn, people often like this analogy: "hit the south wall and don't look back."

turning is the great wisdom and art of life.

turn, sometimes although you have to go a little more, these roads are not in vain, because it allows you to see more and more beautiful scenery!

as we all know, the road of life is not smooth, just like a sailing ship in the sea. If you do not learn to turn, you will still move forward stubbornly when you encounter a "hidden reef and dangerous beach". Nine times out of ten, the ship will tip over in danger.

there is such a story in Aesop's Fables

there is an old lion who is unable to hunt, lying in a cave pretending to be sick and moaning. As long as an animal comes in to visit, the lion will take advantage of it.

A hundred beasts pass by the mouth of the cave, hear the lion's moan, and go in to visit it without even thinking about it. Finally, without exception, the fox also heard the sound, but it was different from the beasts. He was slow to move forward, but looked around in front of the cave

the lion was already hungry. He smelled the fox and moaned even harder: "Fox, I'm so sick. Come in and see me!"

the fox said, "the footprints at the mouth of this hole never come back. Do you think I still dare to come in and see you?"

all of a sudden, the groans in the cave stopped abruptly, and the fox escaped.

the fox is really smart, unlike the friends of other beasts, blindly kind, it is good at analysis, flexible turn, and careful consideration, and eventually it will turn the wisdom to save itself!

whether the road of life is rough or smooth, you have to walk on your own. If you can't get through, you have to go straight ahead, and if you can't get through, make a turn at the right time.

the fate of life, whether lucky or ill-fated, should be tenacious and diligent. If you are lucky, you will walk happily and smoothly. When you are difficult, you will cheer up, strengthen your will, use your brain, and open up another path. Let yourself continue to walk tenaciously towards the set goal.

when people live their own lives, they don't have to imitate others blindly, let alone imitate others and live in people's jokes. Carefully choose the road you should take, walk without hesitation, resolutely, and move forward courageously!

if you walk forward and feel like you can't get through, you go to the left; if you can't get through to the left, you go to the right; if you can't get through to the right, you can turn around and go back.

people are like cars, taking a few steps back is not timid and flinching, but to move forward better.

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in the face of all kinds of circumstances of life, it is a kind of elegance of life to laugh it off.

in life, there are always many ditches and ridges to cross; years, there are always many vicissitudes to experience; philosophy, there are always many difficulties and confusion to understand; in a lifetime, there are always many crossroads to choose.

in order to achieve success, "do not die until you reach the Yellow River" may be a kind of persistence, but it is foolish to refuse to look back knowing that going forward is an abyss.

in life, we can't just have one mind. we must learn to turn.

to live a life, you need to learn to turn; to make friends, you need to learn to turn; to do work, you need to learn to turn; to do a career, you need to learn to turn.

learning to turn is the great wisdom of life; learning to turn is an art of life.