There is no hurry at thirty, no fear at forty, no resentment at fifty

There is no hurry at thirty, no fear at forty, no resentment at fifty

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I often hear from friends around me that after the age of 30, life begins to become very difficult.

the sudden midlife crisis makes people anxious and depressed; the oncoming pressure makes people have nowhere to hide.

as a result, many people are afraid of the arrival of 30 years old, as if people reach middle age, that is, a desperate situation.

but in fact, the best age for a person is after the age of thirty.

compared with the naivety of twenty, thirty is more mature, forty is more leisurely, and fifty is more open-minded.

as long as you are not in a hurry, fear or complaint, you will find that everything is the best arrangement.



in recent years, actor Zhang Ye finally became popular.

countless people who have seen "eight hundred" will be moved by his "Old abacus".

but who knows that this nearly forty-year-old man has been unknown for a long time?

at the age of 20, Zhang was admitted to the Beijing comrade-in-arms drama troupe.

at that time, he was the only student in the class without acting.

when all the classmates become the protagonists and are on their own, only he is a walk-on all the time.

after running a dragon trap for ten years, Zhang Ye is still lukewarm at the age of 30.

but he still kept his cool and honed his acting skills.

before the preparation of the TV series "Soldier assault", Zhang Yi, who had acted in the play, recommended himself to the director and finally got the chance to play "History and the present".

the success of Shi Jin's monitor has also made people in the circle see this powerful group of late blossoms.

in 2015, Zhang Ye finally won the Golden Rooster Award for best supporting actor.

this year, he was 37. His acting career has just begun.

in life, many people have such a misconception:

at the age of 30, they should have a successful career, a happy marriage, a house and a car.

then, looking at the success of the people around you and comparing your own dissatisfaction, it is easy to become impetuous.

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in fact, everyone has their own time zone, and there is no need to envy anyone.

it's nice to be young, but be patient even if your success comes a little late.

you should know that only when you are not in a hurry can you be more stable and go further.


40 Don't be afraid

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in the TV series "Little Joy", there is such a scene that impressed me deeply.

Fang Yuan, played by Huang Lei, is already 45 years old, with parents to support and two senior three children to support, but at this time, he has lost his job.

when he was middle-aged and stressed, he dared not tell his family the news of his unemployment, so he had to hide and cry secretly.

but life goes on.

after a short rest, Fangyuan went to look for a new job.

he also knows in his heart that at his age, he is no longer fit to be a legal adviser.

and now the most important thing is that as long as he has a job that can support his family, he will be satisfied.

later, he worked as a takeout clerk and delivered delivery.

however, the hard work did not overwhelm him, but made him more and more brave and cherish the hard-won work.

eventually, he became a hitchhiker, and in a chat with passengers, the passengers discovered his talent for dubbing and invited him to become a dubbing actor.

45-year-old Fang Yuan has finally made a new breakthrough in her career. When difficulties came, he was no longer afraid, but dealt with them calmly.

I have heard that forty is an awkward age.

indeed, at the age of 40, we are both old and young, and the heavy burden of life often overwhelms us.

but even so, there is no need to feel panic and fear.

because life is like this, as long as you face it positively, there is nothing insurmountable.

at the age of forty, we just put aside our inner timidity and face the difficulties of life with a smile.

believe that the suffering in life will come and will pass.


50 do not complain

there is a resident in our neighborhood who is in her fifties this year. We all call her "Aunt Liu".

Aunt Liu is usually optimistic, cheerful and kind to people, so she doesn't see the tribulations of life at all.

however, as we all know, Aunt Liu's husband died of illness more than a decade ago. in order to take care of her son, Xiao Jie, Aunt Liu did not remarry, but worked hard to bring Xiao Jie into an adult.

I thought that when Xiaojie graduated and came back to find a job, Aunt Liu would enjoy the rest of her life. Who knows, because of professional reasons, Xiao Jie can not find a corresponding job in his hometown.

after much consideration, Xiaojie went to work in a big city alone at the invitation of his brother.

now Aunt Liu can only live alone.

I thought Aunt Liu would be very sad and upset, but unexpectedly, she didn't complain at all.

when her son was away from home, her old age became more and more wonderful.

she often invites some old friends to get together for tea and chat. Not long ago, she and several friends signed up for a tour group, planning to go to other cities for a walk.

once I couldn't help asking her why she wasn't angry with her son for staying in the big city.

Aunt Liu replied with a faint smile:

"Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. He has his choice. Why should I be angry? "

there is an old Chinese saying:

"there is no dispute among fifty people."

means that by the age of fifty, we need to know that more than half of life has passed.

when we are over 50, we have experienced a lot of hardships in life, watched the warmth of the world, and gradually stopped complaining.

maybe it's because, after half a lifetime, you already know that complaining is the most useless solution.

after all, complaining is a day, and so is optimism and cheerfulness.

there is a saying on the Internet:

so, in the second half of life, don't frown, let alone complain.

smiling at life is the most precious asset for the rest of life.


in the Analects of Confucius, Confucius once said:

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