There is nothing wrong with a villain, but a gentleman often passes.

There is nothing wrong with a villain, but a gentleman often passes.

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the ancients said: "people are not saints, who can make mistakes, but can change, there is no great good."

A person is not afraid to make a mistake. The terrible thing is that he is unwilling to admit it and even deceive himself and others when he has made a mistake.

if this is the case, you will never have a chance to correct your mistakes.

A person must admit his mistake to himself, even if he does not admit it to others.

in this way, you can constantly correct and improve yourself.


there is nothing wrong with villains

when talking about "villains", we tend to think that only people with bad conduct will be called villains.

in fact, in a broad sense, a "villain" also refers to a person who is short-sighted, too small, and has no self-knowledge.

some people even say: "the more ignorant a person is, the more arrogant he will be; the more arrogant he is, the more ignorant he will be."

this is true.

people who are short-sighted, too small, and without self-knowledge tend to see only their own advantages, but it is difficult to find the vastness of the world, and they are not willing to look at the advantages of others.

once there is something wrong with their work, then there must be nothing wrong with the "excellent" them. In their view, it must be other people who are "mediocre" who should be held responsible.

the result is conceivable, because they think they are "always right", so they never reflect on themselves, naturally do not correct their mistakes, and in the end, people are no longer willing to cooperate with them.

Laozi said, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

A person is really smart if he is able to understand others, is wise, and can understand himself.

if you do not know your true level, are blindly confident, and are not willing to reflect on yourself even if you are wrong, then it will be difficult to achieve success in your life.


A gentleman often

Zi Gong said, "the fault of a gentleman is like the eclipse of the sun and the moon. Everyone sees it; what's more, everyone admires it."

that is to say: when a gentleman makes a mistake, he will not hide it, just like an eclipse of the sun and the moon, people will see it; they correct their mistakes, and people look up to him.

even gentlemen with perfect morality will not make mistakes. It's just that their attitude towards mistakes is different from that of villains.

villains either turn a blind eye to their mistakes or blindly cover them up, while a gentleman who acts magnanimously is his own fault, he admits it calmly and tries to correct his mistakes.

Gentlemen's frankly admitting their mistakes will not damage their conduct, but reflect their open and aboveboard personality and make people admire them more.

once, when it rained heavily, Confucius' study was wet because of leaking rain.

A few days later, the weather cleared up, and Confucius and his disciples brought out books to share.

Zilu said to Confucius, "it's all my fault. I'm in charge of the study. If I had checked the house before the rainy season, this wouldn't have happened." This is because of my slackness. "

Yan Hui said to Zilu, "I can't blame you." These days, I have been reading in the study, found that the roof is damaged, but did not pay attention to. If I could get a snack, this wouldn't happen.

Confucius said, "I can't blame you." According to the usual practice, the study has to be re-reinforced every rainy season. I forgot to remind you because I was busy. It's my fault. "

the so-called "gentlemen often pass".

people with high self-cultivation are not afraid of making mistakes, but worry that they have made mistakes. They do not know it, and no one else points it out.

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it is precisely because gentlemen constantly take people as the mirror, constantly reflect on themselves, and constantly find their own shortcomings, so their self-cultivation is becoming more and more sophisticated.


Mencius said, "if there is one person here, he is rude and unreasonable to me." In that case, the gentleman will certainly reflect: I must be unbenevolent, must be rude. Otherwise, how could such a thing happen to me? "

through reflection, you can make sure that you are benevolent and polite. And rude people are still the same.

then the gentleman will change his mind: "this is just an arrogant person. What's the difference between such a person and a beast?" Why should we blame the beasts? "

therefore, when a person of high self-cultivation encounters a problem, he should first find the cause from himself. If he finds that it is his own problem, he will correct it decisively; if he finds that it is someone else's problem, he will "nothing leads to encouragement".

the University says: "Gou Rixin, every day is new, and every day is new."

only by constantly finding flaws in yourself and constantly correcting yourself can we make myself a new day.