There is only one month left in 2020. If you can't make it, take a look at these 20 photos.

There is only one month left in 2020. If you can't make it, take a look at these 20 photos.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

recently @ People's Daily released a video called

"looking back on 2020 braving the Wind and waves in 2 minutes".

with tears in my eyes,

I was also surprised that I had experienced so much this year.

Source: @ people's Video

along the way,

has faced countless difficulties, and

has also created countless miracles.

every ordinary person is fighting hard.

in the twinkling of an eye, there is only one month left in 2020.

maybe the dream hasn't come true yet.

maybe life hasn't gone well yet.

but when you can't make it,

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just look at these 20 photos.


in order to surprise the mother,

did not tell the mother in advance that she was coming home for the Spring Festival.

the mother saw the sudden return of the child,

rushed to hug,

face was an unconcealed smile.

No matter how big the world is, you still have to go home.

even if you are tired,

come home and see your parents' smile,

eat the food cooked by your parents,

all tiredness and grievances will be resolved.


the girl fainted at the door after getting off the bus.

the driver and master immediately got off the bus to check the situation.

then the passengers also got off to help.

learned that the girl fainted because she didn't have breakfast.

the driver took out his own extra meal, and

fed the girl some bread and milk.

after recovering, the girl went to the front of the car and bowed to the driver

to express her gratitude.

this city,

is especially warm because of people's good deeds.

Superman usually wears plain clothes, and

reveals his identity only when he needs them.


the sanitation workers went to get water from the love refrigerator.

found that the water had been taken out and left.

after seeing this,

soon brought a box of water and

put it in the refrigerator.

pass on, make the goodwill continue;

make the heart warm,

pay tribute to every kind person.


the daughter is feeding her child.

the mother is afraid that she is hungry, so

she walks up to her and

feeds her daughter in one bite.

it is said that the daughter is always the mother's baby.

after a woman becomes a mother,

she is still the

child that needs to be taken care of in the mother's eyes.

in fact, every mother used to be a little girl.

afraid of the dark and bugs, she will also shed tears.

she is clumsy and stabbed by a needle, but

has softened you and softened the years.


A pregnant woman has numbness on her legs and it is difficult to stand.

there are no vacant seats in the hospital.

the husband sits on the ground and acts as a stool for his wife.

the man who loves you

will always try his best to protect you from the wind and rain, and

be your most solid support.


parents saw a warm heart scene when they sent their children to school.

the doorman clapped hands, shook hands, touched the head, and guessed fists.

treat each other with a smile,

greet the energetic children.

if life is a little bitter,

then let's try to make a little sweet.


A dog wants to cross the road,

but is afraid to cross because there are too many cars.

A kind-hearted person who crosses the road finds out,

helps the dog cross the road.

every life deserves to be treated well.

Human beings love dogs,

Dogs trust humans.


this is the best way for people to get along with animals.


my father has been out of town for three years.

now he comes home disguised as a waiter,

serves food to the children,

hopes to give them a surprise.

the moment he is recognized by the child, the child accumulates emotions for three years.

Children wait day and night,

fathers work hard day and night,

finally turn into joy,

return to family reunion.


after the old man left 5 yuan, he got on the bus.

the driver immediately went to help pick it up.

and give back to the old man 50 yuan in his pocket and 5 yuan left behind,


after the old man got off the bus,

returned the 50 yuan to the driver.

and wrote on the paper:

Hello, driver.

this 50 yuan is not mine, thank you.

A kind and loving person,

an honest and simple,

details can be seen in the hearts of the people.


the mother was dizzy and

tried to resist discomfort and made breakfast for her two children.

but accidentally found that she was in primary school.My son,

has cooked noodles for his sister, and

warmly reminded his mother,

, "aren't you dizzy? Hurry back and lie down! "

Mom always carries everything to become Superman,

but if the mother is tired, the child also knows how to take care of the mother and wants to share the burden for the mother.

"just have a rest."


A 100-year-old grandmother is in front of bed,

accompany the 98-year-old grandfather with her face.

meal time,

Grandpa and grandma you take a bite,

feed each other to eat,

love very much.

companionship is the longest confession.

I don't envy couples kissing on the street.

I only envy the old people who support each other in the deep alleys.


A woman riding a bicycle was involved in the bottom of the car while crossing the road.

then a group of takeout boys rushed to see it.

other passers-by joined in.

everyone worked together to lift the car.

the woman was successfully rescued.

the process took only 11 seconds.

gathering is a fire,

scattered is full of stars.

in times of crisis,

with everyone's enthusiastic help,

makes the world more beautiful.