This article has touched hundreds of millions of people on how to be husband and wife when they get old.

This article has touched hundreds of millions of people on how to be husband and wife when they get old.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the greatest significance of marriage is that two people support each other and rely on each other.

as Zhang ailing wrote in the Love of the City:

but it's easy to fall in love, but it's hard to stay together!

couples who can work together all their lives often know how to get along with marriage.

especially after the age of 50, learn the following points in order to grow old together for the rest of your life.


the way for husband and wife to get along is to take soft

husband and wife, quarrel is normal.

however, if no one refuses to give in, the feelings will only get louder and weaker.

Voltaire once said:

this is reminiscent of an article that was particularly popular on the Internet some time ago.

the title is: "the self-account of a model husband".

there is a paragraph in the self-account:

"yesterday I played chess with my wife. After five moves, I was in sight of winning the game."

at this time, my wife took the horse and insisted that she could walk the word "field". Because it was a Chollima, I put up with it.

also said that soldiers can go backwards, because they are special forces, I also put up with it.

I have to let the elephant cross the river, because it is Dumbo, I put up with it again.

the worst thing is that the gun can be played without chess or more than two, because it is an anti-aircraft gun, I still put up with it.

what's unbearable is that the car can turn, and does she plausibly say that there is a car that can't turn? I put up with all this and continue to struggle to lock in the win.

but in the end, she used my taxi and killed my general.

said that this was a spy who had been lurking for many years and was specially sent to work undercover.

in the end, she won.

so she happily went to wash clothes and cook. "

is the corner of the mouth raised and stuffed with dog food by this sweet honey?

husband and wife are like this. knowing how to be soft and patient is the greatest tolerance and consideration for each other.

Marriage is not easy, it is a necessary practice for everyone to go through hardships.

Happiness can only be seen if you learn to bow your head.


Don't take each other's efforts for granted.

think about whether you often say to your husband:

or, do you often say to your wife:

husband and wife, the longer they spend together, the more they seem to take each other's efforts for granted.

do not realize that this is the big taboo of marriage life.

someone once said:

Yes, pay no response, hard work is ignored, after a long time, everyone will be tired.

the best relationship between husband and wife should be: you know how hard it is for me to earn money outside, and I understand that it is not easy for you to take care of your children at home.

Don't forget to give each other a smile, a compliment and a hug at any time.

do you remember the popular saying in moments:

whether it is the one who washes his hands to make soup every day, or the one who works hard in the workplace, each does his or her own job in marriage, and each other works hard to earn such a quiet life.

so don't take it for granted and ask the other person to do more for yourself.

Don't let selfishness consume feelings, which is not only the knowledge of marriage, but also the art of life.


in an intimate relationship, learn to be independent

Why remain independent in a marriage?

someone replied:

I think so.

No matter how good the relationship is, no matter how close the relationship is, one must learn to be independent.

neither financially nor spiritually can you rely too much on your partner to complete your life.

otherwise, it is yourself who loses and the relationship is tired.

the best feelings should be like two tall trees, shoulder to shoulder with wind and rain, looking at the mist. And underground, deep roots embrace each other, as firm as a rock.

just like Guo Jingjing, who is praised by everyone, even if she marries into a wealthy family, she is not swayed by her surroundings. She still remains independent and lives the life she wants.

she adheres to her frugal concept of life and has the indisputable principle of educating her children.

and her husband's family respects her, agrees with her, and appreciates her.

so no matter how many years have passed, the relationship between her and her husband is the same as usual.

this tells us that only when we are evenly matched can we keep checks and balances for a long time.

Marriage is not easy. If you want to work together for a lifetime, you must learn to be independent, because this is the greatest strength for everyone to be happy.


there is a long way to go in life, so you should cherish it if you have it.

holding hands and growing old together is not an empty slogan, but requires us to cherish, be grateful and not give up in our daily life.

only in this way can the flowers of happiness last for a long time.

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