Those who cherish me, I cherish them; those who are cold, I abandon them!

Those who cherish me, I cherish them; those who are cold, I abandon them!

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Confucius said, "return good for good and straight for evil."

people are all mutual. People treat you the way you treat others.

A lifetime is too short, one day is less.

if you care, I will cherish it; if you disdain, I will abandon it!


people can't see through, and it's really hard to meet

there is a saying in Zengguang Xian Wen: painting tiger skin is hard to draw bones, but knowing people know the face but not the heart.

A vast sea of people, mountains and rivers, people meet countless people in life, which is right and wrong, it is difficult to tell.

people are invisible, untouchable, difficult to guard against, unpredictable.

the warmest thing in the world is the human heart, and the coldest one is also the human heart, which can be as warm as the scorching sun or as cold as snow and ice.

people don't have to camouflage or lurk. Because, "the road knows horsepower, for a long time to see the hearts of the people."

time can prove everything and measure everything.

it will tell you what is false and which is sincere.

as the saying goes: appreciation of a person begins with appearance, fits in with character, and is loyal to character.

the most important thing in dealing with people is character. Don't let people who really treat you feel cold.

over time, you will find that what is left is the best.


those who are cold to me, I abandon

there is a saying that the old lady eats persimmons and pinches them softly.

be kind-hearted, or you will be pinched all over the body.

sometimes, tolerance cannot be exchanged for calm, and a step back cannot be exchanged for prosperity.

because, in the eyes of some people, tolerance is cowardice, while tolerance is incompetence.

so you might as well treat people differently when you get along with others.

people respect me by one foot, and I respect people by ten feet. If people want to offend me, I will never compromise.

No one wants a hot face and a cold ass, and those who can't get along with each other, stay away;

if betrayed, there is no need to maintain, changed friendship, resolutely promoted him, distorted the hearts of the people, quickly abandon him

people live a lifetime, no one is stupid.

those who are cold to me, I abandon them, and our kindness must be left to those who are worthy of it.


those who cherish me, I cherish

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

people should be grateful, compare their hearts, and never forget the kindness of others.

humanity is a mirror, and it responds to you as you treat it.

the same is true of being a human being.

there is a saying in the Book of songs: throw peaches and return plums.

if you put a foot in me, I'll pay you back.

there should be reciprocity between people.

cherish mine, and I will never abandon it. If you are good to me, I double cherish it.

God has mercy on the grass, and the world attaches great importance to late-night love.

people who repay their gratitude are liked everywhere.

people can be ordinary and mediocre, but they must not lose their heart.

Sheep has the grace of kneeling breast, crow has the feeling of back-feeding.

and people should cherish and be grateful for every reunion and encounter.

A gentleman attaches great importance to affection and never forgets kindness, while villains value wealth and faults.

remember people's kindness and cherish human feelings, so that the road of life can be wider and wider, and the pattern will be bigger and bigger.

people live a lifetime, such as dew once, cherish me, I cherish it, exchange heart for heart, exchange emotion for emotion.


with different people, you will have a different life.

people live all their lives, thanks to those who are still by our side in the most difficult times.

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those who cherish me, I will cherish, and those who are cold to me, I will abandon them.

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