Three keys to family education: companionship, reading and habits

Three keys to family education: companionship, reading and habits

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among the three kinds of education that children have to experience in their life: family education, school education and social education, family education has the most far-reaching impact on children.

whether a child can become a talent or not is directly related to family education.

many parents spare no effort to sign up for all kinds of interest classes and improve classes for their children, so that their children can win at the starting line. In fact, parents are the best starting line for their children.

to do a good job in family education is the top priority.

there are three keys to family education: companionship, reading and habits. Parents should take a look at them no matter how busy they are.


the best education for children is to accompany their parents

has an unshirkable responsibility, children's good character cultivation can not only be learned from books, but from parents' words and deeds and lead by example.

the golden period of a child's growth is only a few years, and it will be a lifelong regret to miss it.

A child's childhood without the company of his parents is like a young tree growing without sunshine and rain.

Children who lack the companionship of their parents tend to be more introverted and prone to inferiority complex.

parents must know that no amount of money and material can make up for the lack of companionship that their children once lacked.

there is a friend around him. His parents went out to work when he was very young. He grew up in his grandmother's house. His grandparents gave him endless love, but they were never able to replace his parents' care.

now that his parents are over 50 years old, he has an insurmountable gap with his parents. He evades his parents' concern and preaching, and even refuses to go back to that home.

I'm afraid it's hard to have a good time as a family.

far-sighted parents are willing to spend time with their children to let them know that they have parents behind them, so that they can feel love and learn to love.


families who attach importance to reading can cultivate children who love reading

Bi Shumin once said that making children fall in love with reading will become the most cost-effective education for parents in this life.

good reading habits can benefit children for life and win the world for readers. Reading is not only to get good grades, but also to experience life from reading.

parenting expert Yin Jianli once said:

to cultivate the habit of reading, parents should work together with their children!

however, families that attach importance to reading can cultivate children who love reading.

to make children fall in love with reading, parents should do the following:

1. Create a reading environment

it is important to create a reading environment for your child at home. You can buy a small bookcase for your child and choose the books he must read and are interested in at his age.

make good use of other parts of the home, such as desks, sofas and even bathrooms can put books or magazines.

Let reading be everywhere, so that children can read anytime, anywhere.

2. Reading with your child

reading with your child can not only improve the parent-child relationship, but also make the child more interested in reading.

after reading the book, children are encouraged to tell the stories in the book to adults. Storytelling not only exercises their thinking, but also affirms the results of reading.

3. Parents lead by example

to open a book when looking down at their mobile phone, reduce the time they spend using their mobile phone at home, and get rid of the habit of going out to check their mobile phone anytime and anywhere. Setting an example is the best education.


Education is to cultivate good habits

the difference in achievement between children is essentially a difference in habits, in addition to intellectual factors.

good habits determine good grades, educate children, first grasp habits, and then talk about grades.

parents should encourage their children to develop the following four habits:

1. Respect the teacher's habits

respect the teacher, can respect the teacher's classroom, can better communicate and learn with the teacher.

Children respect their teachers and can't do without their parents' words and deeds.

if parents do not cooperate with the teacher's work and always speak ill of the teacher in front of the child, the child will begin to resent the teacher.

parents understand that to support teachers is to support their children and teach them to respect teachers so that their children can correct their learning attitude and concentrate on their studies.

2. The habit of conscious learning

it is impossible for teachers and parents to urge their children to learn all the time, but mainly depends on self-consciousness.

to let children develop the habit of self-conscious learning, we must first realize the importance of learning and regard learning as a kind of responsibility and mission.

furthermore, help children make plans so that they can carry out learning tasks according to the plan and learn in a more organized way.

3. The habit of cherishing time

an inch of time, an inch of gold is difficult to buy an inch of time. Let children develop the habit of managing time and cherishing time since childhood.

get rid of the habit of procrastination and laziness, do things in an organized way and have a plan for your study.

4. The habit of doing housework

the task of children is not only to read books, but also to develop a sound personality.

allowing children to participate in housework after study can relax their muscles and bones, experience the hard work of parents doing housework, and exercise their ability to take care of their own lives.

Life is the best education. To let children do housework is also to carry out life education, so that children can experience the difficulty and joy of life in housework.

some people say that children are not only the epitome of family education, but also the mirror of parents.

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you can observe the educational level and quality of a family through your children, and observe the educational ability and attentiveness of parents.

many parents are often boasting about other people's children, but they do not realize that they often fail to provide good service to their children.Good education.

the three keys of family education, companionship, reading and habits, hope that parents can really implement them.

educating children is a long practice, and we go together together.