Three signs that a person is going uphill

Three signs that a person is going uphill

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

how to make yourself better? there is a saying on the Internet:

there are three things to do every morning: look at your face, look at the scale, and look at the balance.


face is status

some time ago, netizens spontaneously initiated a topic "want to see Wang Bingbing interview Ding Zhen". These two people seem to be the official appearance ceiling.

when you see them, the corners of your mouth will rise unconsciously, and your mood will change for the better.

the pure and sweet Wang Bingbing appears on the CCTV news camera, which will make people willing to stay on her news for a longer period of time.

Ding Zhen, who is sweet and wild, will also make people wonder what the place where he grew up looks like, which in turn quickly led to the economic development of Litang.

in fact, although the face is born, it more represents a person's state, which is not only a person's state of life, but also a person's state of work, but also a person's psychological state.

Wang Bingbing can appear perfectly in front of the camera. She needs to keep fit and keep her skin in shape. She also needs to constantly adjust her hair, expression and speed to the camera.

and this adjustment is her respect for her profession, her respect for herself, and her respect for the audience.

it is accidental and inevitable that Ding is really popular.

his beauty is simple and natural, and it is also a kind of elegant demeanor of Litang life, which satisfies people's imagination of the life of ethnic minorities.

there is a post on Zhihu asking: is this a world of looking at faces?

most of the answers are: yes, this is a beauty-oriented world.

people who like to spend hours tidying up themselves before going out must be full of enthusiasm for life.

on the contrary, if a person doesn't wash his face properly all day, then Ta's life seems to be less interesting and life seems to lose some pursuit.

at the same time, a person's appearance is still a reflection of Ta's character.

sunny people always have smiles on their faces, even the corners of their eyes are brimming with brilliance; dark people, their faces are often covered with gullies, and their eyebrows always reveal their scrutiny.

Princeton University Alexander Todorov conducted an experiment in which participants were given photos of contenders from the U.S. Congress and senators to choose the final winner, who were 70% accurate in picking winners based on their appearance.

starting from today, you might as well dress yourself up a little bit and make your life more refined and stylish.


call it self-discipline

recently, an 88-year-old female fitness coach has become popular.

netizens in the comment area exclaimed:

"is she 88 years old? I think she's from 1988. "

"is she really 88 years old? Aren't you 38? "

her name is Nasida Abden and she is from Germany. She said that age is just a number for her and has no practical meaning.

when she was in her 50s, Naxida was the same as an ordinary middle-aged woman, because of her weight, she began to have problems such as knee pain.

she went to the hospital to see what the solution was. The doctor advised her to do more exercise.

when she first went to the gym, Nasida felt a little shy and took her son-in-law and grandson with her. She always stood in the last row, as far away from the coach as she could.

later, she gradually fell in love with sports.

through hard work, she also participated in the coach training and successfully got the certificate of completion.

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she said, "if you don't help others, God will be unhappy."

so she started her career as a fitness coach for more than 30 years.

when she was a coach, she helped thousands of girls who were not confident about their figure, appearance and weight out of the haze.

in fact, to see how much you weigh every day is not just to look at the above numbers, but to look at the changes brought about by a self-disciplined life and sustained exercise.

people who insist on watching the scales every day either want to gain muscle or want to lose weight.

they tend to pursue life and have demands on themselves.

and it is accompanied by the persistence of sports.

people who exercise all the year round will not only improve their endurance, but also change their posture, and even save themselves from illness.

this is the case with Nasida mentioned above. Although the children are not around, her husband has already died and he has suffered from cancer.

however, through sports, she found her own world, became friends with many cadets, and gave her the courage to go to the operating table to overcome the disease.


the balance is strong

in October the year before last, my friend Xiao G left to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

she has been brewing this decision for a long time. But the moment she really left, she began to be anxious. Anxiety is accompanied by insomnia, acne and even menstruation twice a month.

because she was really unwell, she had to give up her original plan.

later, she recalled the time and said it was all the panic caused by lack of money.

during that time, she and her boyfriend were drifting in Shanghai, her boyfriend was in graduate school, and the moment she resigned, both of them had no income.

but God doesn't need a lot of money to pay her rent every month just because you don't have the money to give you any preferential treatment.

soon after, my boyfriend graduated and joined a big factory, and his salary also increased more than ten times.

Xiao G was not so anxious and began to pursue his dream again.

money is not a substitute for a person's dream, but money is a booster for a person to realize his dream.

many years ago, a Happy Boys contestant named Yao Zheng said, "earn money to support your dreams, music will never die."

with money, you are qualified to pursue dreams.

I once saw a netizen ask: "Why do women try to make money?"

there is a particularly good answer:

"because more money, less hostility, peace of mind; you don't have to waste time on shopping, but have more time to improve yourself;

you no longer have to worry about falling in love with a rich man, being questioned just for his money; you can have an extra layer of protection when accidents and risks come." The balance of

gives us more strength and one more choice.

Chinese actress Liu Yuling has worked hard to save money from the beginning of her work and called them "Fuck You" funds. When something unexpected happens, someone forces you, or is accidentally fired, you can say something like "Fuck You".

in fact, no matter what the age, the balance on the bank card is a person's courage to say "no".


A person's face is Ta's first business card, with the person's spirit written on it.

A person's figure is Ta's second business card, which shows the person's tenacity and prospects.

the balance in a person's bank card is the third business card of Ta, which shows the strength of this person, the strength of saying no, the strength of dreams, and the strength of one's own.

if the face is not beautiful enough, the scale is not low enough, and the balance is not high enough, then please continue to work hard.