Three signs that a woman is getting more and more refined

Three signs that a woman is getting more and more refined

Good morning, accompany you to read.

your beauty and beauty may be born, but delicacy must be acquired.

what on earth is exquisite?

is it impeccable makeup, gorgeous clothes, or a beautifully decorated bedroom?


the real refinement is the temperament and self-confidence emitted from the inside out, always maintain a positive state of life, but also be able to stick to their own original heart.

May your life be calm and exquisite, and never forget the following three points.


not afraid of age, the connotation is more important

Shakespeare said: "time will pierce the beauty and delicacy of youth, will carve parallel lines on the forehead of beauty; it will devour rare treasures and natural beauties." Nothing can escape the sickle it sweeps. "

is enough to see the destruction of a woman's appearance by time.

everyone has a day when their appearance is old and their youth is no longer young. Don't be depressed because of the passing of time. Each stage has its own unique beauty.

when he is young, his face is full of sunshine;

middle age is dignified, calm and rich;

when he is old, he is kind and kind, waiting to enjoy the blessings of his children and grandchildren.

in fact, for a woman, connotation is far more important than appearance.

good self-cultivation and demeanor are the wealth of a lifetime. They are bones and blood that melt deeply into the heart and are not damaged by external things.

the simplest and easiest way to cultivate temperament is to read books.

Su Shi once said, "the belly is full of poetry and books."

means: as long as you are full of poetry books and successful learning, you will naturally be full of temperament and talent, elegant and brilliant.

A woman who reads too many books naturally has more connotation, and her words and deeds all reveal a sense of self-confidence and dazzling.

Bi Shumin also mentioned in the woman I like:

I like women who love reading.

books are not rouge, but they make women's hearts permanent;

books are not sticks, but they make women sonorous and forceful;

books are not feathers, but they make women fly;

books are not omnipotent, but they make women ever-changing.

through the ages, the most respected thing has always been reading.

"there is a house of gold in the book, and there is beauty in the book."

Women should not only read well, but also read good books.

choose books differently and read more books that are beneficial to your body and mind.

of course, it is not only the pursuit of inner practice, the care of appearance can not be ignored, daily maintenance and exercise should be adhered to.

people are slaves to lust, and a good-looking skin will more or less become your bonus, and you can always get a few more chances.


the more things go wrong, the more optimistic and leisurely it is.

I heard a story when I was a child, but now I think it has endless aftertaste.

there was an old woman who gave birth to two daughters. The eldest daughter sold umbrellas, while the younger daughter made a living by selling fans.

but this old woman sighs and looks sad every day.

the neighbors saw it and asked.

the old woman said:

if it is sunny, I am worried that no one will buy my eldest daughter's umbrella;

if it is rainy, I am worried that no one will buy my youngest daughter's fan.

so, I am worried about sunny days and rainy days. How can I be happy? "

and sighed again.

the neighbor was happy when he heard this:

Crave for fabulous fishtail evening dresses and accent a curvy body and assets? Quit searching from expensive retailers!

"so that's what this is about. I think you should think so."

sunny day, luckily it is sunny, everyone goes to your little daughter to buy a fan;

rainy day, fortunately it is rainy day, everyone goes to your eldest daughter's house to buy an umbrella.

you can make money at any time. "

when the old woman heard this, Maosai opened up, and from then on she smiled every day and could no longer hear her sigh.

the story is small, but the truth is big.

the neighbor changed the old woman's "if" to "fortunately", changed the way of thinking, and presented a completely different result.

isn't this a sign of a good mindset?

in life, we often encounter trifles that are difficult to relieve. At this time, you might as well change your mind.

with an optimistic attitude, smile and face it calmly. Just like "nothing is lost, nothing is not a blessing", we must believe that everything is the best arrangement.

Darwin once said: "optimism is the beacon of hope, it guides you from the valley of danger to the smooth road, so that you get a new life, new hope, support your ideals will never die."

A woman who is optimistic and laughs will always have good luck.

born with warm light, it gives people the strength to do things in the past, and it is easier to have a complete life.

as the saying goes, "A smile is less than ten years."

A woman who loves to laugh must be young at heart, regardless of age, and always remain "young".

to borrow the words of Grandma Moses: "May the years be quiet and calm."


Life is up to you, not compromising for others.

A reader left a message in the background: Hello, I am 22 years old. I work out of town. I have a brother and a sister at home.

these days, my parents are always calling me to go home and get married.

it is said that girls of my age in the family are already married, some children have been born, I do not have any academic qualifications, and I do not expect me to be successful. I can only find a good family to marry.

I don't want to get married at all. I have a good job and there is room for improvement.But I won't listen to them when I talk to them, but I don't want to make them sad.

what should I do?

do you really want to go home?

my reply to her: "my parents are the people who gave birth to you and raised you. They need to listen to what they say, but choose the right one."

Life is your own. Even your parents can't completely decide for you. It can only be used as a reference. You have goals, ideas, and are on the way to achieving them. Why give up? "

nowadays, it is no longer "the orders of parents, the words of matchmakers" can decide on a marriage, and then marry someone else's wife.

Today, the freedom of marriage is no longer promoted by your parents alone. You must find the one who loves you before you can wash your hands and make vegetable soup for him.

as a woman, the most important thing is independence, and financial independence is particularly important.

because of the money, we have the confidence and the right to speak.

some time ago, the financial freedom of girls were: Cherry freedom, lipstick freedom, hotel freedom, bag freedom and house purchase freedom.

the girls in the office read it and took their seats.

A says: I am in the moonlight every month, and the money is simply not enough. Let alone cherry freedom, peach freedom has not been realized.

B says: Cherry freedom has been realized, that is, I have to pay several credit cards every month. I am about to become a card slave.

C says: forget it, I dare not spend money at all. My salary is a formality here, and I have to save to pay rent.


it is easier to spend money than to make money.

in order to control your life, you have to forge ahead no matter how difficult it is. If you relax a little bit, you will leave a gap for failure.

in the mood for love, work hard to earn the first bucket of gold in life; in the trivia of marriage, keep the ability to make money and gain family status.

you must believe that you make your own destiny and depict your own life.

remember this uncompromising stubbornness and move forward bravely.

for a lifetime, say whether it is long or short.

it's not easy for a woman to have a good life.

May you develop the temperament and self-confidence that is not afraid of age, maintain optimism and calmness that is not afraid of hardship, and hold on to the courage and stubbornness that do not want to compromise.

Love yourself well, live as you like, put on your crown, you deserve all the good things in the world.