Time is the cure for everything.

Time is the cure for everything.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time is in a hurry and time is ruthless.

the cruelty of time is that it only urges people to grow old and does not believe in affection.

We always have no time to aftertaste, no time to taste, the world has changed.

but ruthlessly has its own affection, time never stops, but it can take away everything.

the so-called joys and sorrows, the so-called pain, are gradually healed in the passage of time.

time is the cure for everything!


good things and bad things finally become a thing of the past

there is a saying:

Human nature is cold, and true meaning cannot be sought from the heart; the world is sinister, and honesty cannot be exchanged for sincerity.

however, you and I are used to wandering in the same place, as if if we stay a little longer, the familiar number will call, the person who is thinking will turn around, and the confused things will be solved.

as everyone knows, day after day, month after month, month after year, it is his own obsession that he refuses to let go.

humble as you and I, we will be constantly hurt by life.

someone once said:

in life, in the face of those who can't wake up, can't let go, and fruitless feelings, we should not only cherish meeting each other, but also be good at farewell.

when there was no result, he waved generously and turned around calmly.

instead of relying on others to get happiness, it is better to laugh at everything.

remember to take medicine when you are sick, and remember to add clothes when it is cold.

Don't treat yourself badly, even if you are in a bad mood.

when you go through that difficult time, you will find that you used to be restless, but that's all.

instead, I will be glad that I didn't give up at that time.

if you have loved hard, there is no need to regret; if you have worked hard, you will not need to be uneasy; if you have lived a wonderful life, you will be able to move on.

stories are told to others, and life is to be seen by yourself.

good things and bad things become a thing of the past.


time takes away everything

although we have been trying to seize time, it still goes by day and night.

No one can keep the minute and second, and every moment is a brand new encounter.

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owning and losing will eventually turn into smoke and smoke over time.

so, there are no ups and downs, no one who can't let go, don't be too obsessed with having it, and don't care too much about losing it.

time will eventually take away the things we suffer for and heal everything we have experienced.

Sanmao once said:

all we can do is to write every story and cherish every moment.

when you are happy, don't get carried away. Happiness leads to sorrow.

when you feel pain, don't be overwhelmed by grief.

Love comes and goes, and pain comes and goes.

since the world is not eternal, now is forever.

year and month, sprouting in the rain, growing in the wind, to the day when the leaves return to their roots, I can finally say:

is full of tears, but not because of confusion, but open.

everything is business as usual, as it used to be every day.


in this journey of life, we come alone, wear the stars and the moon, and watch all the flowers bloom and fall.

the experience of this life has been transformed into stars in the sky, decorated with the road of return.

in a short period of time, everything is important, but none of it is important.

what time brings to you will eventually be taken away.

your joy, it will remember for you;

the pain that life gives you, it will help you heal.

Let things go, let nature take its course, and everything has its own arrangement.

May we stay safe for the rest of our lives. We don't have to worry about betrayal and setbacks, and shine in ordinary days.

if you encounter pain, you can eventually be cured, have the courage to start anew, and the strength to go to the future.