To be a man is not to be full, but to be short of everything.

To be a man is not to be full, but to be short of everything.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

slightly drunk, not full moon, flowers half-blooming, is the best state to enjoy the scenery;

a cyan, an indifferent, is the most extreme state of ink painting;

but will not be full, everything is short, is the best state of life.

Zeng Guofan once said:

leave leeway in everything, so that life can be done well.


walk in the world, don't say all the words.

leave half a sentence into a poem, such as the breeze is kind to the years; half a sentence into a halberd hurts others as well as themselves.

few words are precious. The fate and friendship between people sometimes depends on the wisdom of the words.

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Grandma Liu entered Rongguo House for two times, and everyone started drinking during the dinner in order to have fun.

when it was Daiyu's turn, she was so anxious that she blurted out:

"what a beautiful day" and "there is no matchmaker in the screen window".

these two poems come from the banned books at that time-- the Story of the Western Chamber and the Peony Pavilion.

fortunately, when Daiyu said this, the rest of you didn't notice it, but only the careful Baochai found it.

but Baochai did not expose it in public, but later called Daiyu to Kui Wuyuan and asked

"what did you say when you were drinking yesterday?" I don't know where it came from. "

then Daiyu remembered that she had made a faux pas in her drinking order and blushed. Instead of continuing to ask questions, Baochai mocked herself and said

"Sister, who do you think I am? I was a naughty boy when I was a kid. Together, sisters and brothers are afraid of reading serious books. ... "

" you and I should only do something about knitting and weaving, and we can read the words. We can read the words, but let's just choose the serious ones. I'm most afraid of seeing some miscellaneous books, and if I change my temper, I'll be hopeless. "

the words not only saved Daiyu's face, but also fulfilled the responsibility of reminding her. Daiyu was very grateful, and her bad feelings against Baochai gradually disappeared.

Hemingway once said:

rolling in the world of mortals, everyone's life is not easy, so there is no need to expose everywhere.

timely silence is worth a thousand words.

Let us have compassion on our lips and teeth, give others a space to understand, and give ourselves a chance to turn around gracefully.

when speaking, do not embarrass people, do not uncover scars, do not see through, do not break through, leave three points of thin noodles to others, and seven points of truth to yourself.


I remember such a story in the Romance of the three Kingdoms:

Yuan Shao wanted to send troops against Cao Cao, so he asked his secretary Chen Lin to write a condemnation article to count Cao Cao's sins.

Chen Lin is a master of cursing people. Without adding any points, Chen Lin accuses Cao Cao of "being in the position of three public servants, while committing Jie as a prisoner, polluting the country and harming the people, poisoning people and giving ghosts!" And even his ancestors scolded him.

in the fifth year of Jian'an, Yuan Shaobing was defeated in the Guandu war, and Chen Lin was captured alive and brought to Cao Cao.

Cao Cao asked Chen Lin, "you can just scold me. Why did you even scold my ancestors of eight generations?"

Chen Lin shuddered and replied, "the arrow is on the line, so you have to do it." With that, I thought I was going to die today.

but instead of punishing Chen Lin, Cao Cao appointed him as the director and clerk of the Air Force.

Chen Lin thanked Cao Cao for letting him live and helping him wholeheartedly. He wrote most of the later books of the military State, which contributed to Cao Cao's great cause of unifying the north.

Cao Cao has a broad mind, has to forgive others and forgives others:

capture Guan Yu, regardless of past grievances, but also complete him to ride thousands of miles to find Liu Bei; on Huarong Road, Guan Yu let Cao Cao go and repaid the original "forget the past" and "complete."

Zhang Liao, regardless of the fact that he was a beloved general under Lv Bu, earned under his command and rewarded him for his loyalty and courage. Zhang Liao rewarded his share of "no care" with his meritorious service.

therefore, Cao Cao became a great hero.

A hundred years of life, turn around, feng shui turn, the strong may not always be strong, the weak may also turn over. When you are in full bloom, don't kill all others, leave room for others, but also give yourself a way out.

Wang Yangming once said, "Wise men build bridges, fools build walls."

Don't do anything, it's a pattern. The more broad-minded a person is, the broader the road of life is.

be kind to others, don't look into the past, once you encounter the storm of life, someone will hold an umbrella for you and help you get over the mud.

leave room for everything, more roads, less bridges.

only in this way can we go more steadily and further.


Annie Baby also said:

Zeng Guofan's study is called "asking for fasting", which always warns himself that "a gentleman should keep his absence."

in August 1864, the Hunan army captured Tianjing (Nanjing) and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom perished.

Zeng Guofan was awarded the title of first-class brave man with the title of "Prince Taibao" and became a great minister.

at the same time, he also had a strong Hunan army, with many talented people, students and officials all over the world, and his power and prestige reached its peak.

Emperor Xianfeng was worried on his deathbed: "half of Hong Xiuquan went to Hong Xiuquan, and a Zeng Guofan came."

Empress Dowager Cixi, who has just hung the curtain to listen to the government, is also careful to watch out for Zeng Guofan.

Zeng Guofan was well aware of the consequences of the earthquake, so he adopted it decisively.Take measures and start cutting your wings.

he first asked his brother to retire because of illness, and then abolished in batches more than a hundred thousand Hunan troops, leaving only two battalions of about 10,000 men.

seeing that he had taken the initiative to disarm, the court was relieved and continued to entrust him with an important task.

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it was with this mentality that Zeng Guofan saved himself and his family.

since ancient times, life is the most taboo, floating life is half a dream and safe.

the script of life, there are ups and downs, ups and downs, and obstacles on a smooth road. as long as we hold a heart of seeking for shortages and actively practice, we will be able to live towards happiness and give the script a satisfactory ending.

there is a saying in

our life is just right when we are about to have a full life.


there is a Buddhist disciple who attends meditation day and night, doing every homework perfectly, but never being enlightened.

so he went to consult the master. after listening, the master gave him a gourd and a handful of salt and said, "fill the gourd with water, then put the salt in it and let the salt melt."

the disciple immediately did what the master told me to do. But after a while, the disciple came back and said, "Master, the water is too full to shake. The mouth of the gourd is too small to stir, so it cannot be salted."

the master took the gourd, poured out half of the water, shook the gourd, and the salt melted immediately.

only then did the disciple realize the truth.

leaving room for everything, there is room for manoeuvre and room for development.

there is a saying in "Caotang Collection":

A little leeway to speak is the spring breeze of March, which warms the heart;

leaves some leeway for doing things, which is the sky after a step back and the years spread;

Life is a piece of music that is left blank, just turning melodious.

A lifetime, just a few decades, let us live a free and open-minded life with the mentality of having more than everything.