To be a man, just two words, get along, just two words! (that's really good.)

To be a man, just two words, get along, just two words! (that's really good.)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the sea of life, we meet countless people in our lives, some are treacherous, some are loyal.

Goethe once said:

as the saying goes, seven points depends on being a man, and one-third depends on doing things.

in the final analysis, whether people are worthy of deep acquaintance is nothing more than the following two points:


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to be a man, it is very simple, just two words: character

Zuo Zhuan once said:

the so-called "Li de" is nothing more than a person, your character.

what your character is, so is your life. It is an immutable truth to do things first.

how to be a man not only reflects a person's self-cultivation, but also shows a person's wisdom.

at the end of the Qin Dynasty, there was a man named Jibu who was generous and upright.

therefore, it is also widely admired and praised by everyone, and its reputation is getting bigger and bigger. After

, Chu and Han competed with each other, and Ji Bu gave advice to Xiang Yu several times, which made Liu Bang lose battles one after another.

when Liu Bang became emperor, he ordered the whole city to arrest Ji Bu.

but because of Jibu's popularity and personality, many people have helped you escape capture. After

, he came to work as a helper in a family surnamed Zhu.

Zhu Jia knew that he was Jibu, so he took him in and found Liu Bang's old friend Xia Hou Ying to intercede for him.

finally, under the persuasion of Xia Hou Ying, Liu Bang not only pardoned Ji Bu, but even made him an official.

it is because of Ji Bu's virtue and respect that he was able to lend a helping hand when he was in trouble.

people with good character are often rewarded with blessings. When we help others, we are also helping ourselves.

as the ancients said, "anyone who establishes meritorious service should take the establishment of products as the starting point."

A person's talent only determines the width of his life, while his inner character determines the depth of his life.


it's not difficult to get along, just two words: sincere!

Mencius once said:

since ancient times, there are only two words to get along: sincerity.

as the saying goes, "the true is the most sincere." If you are not clever and sincere, you can't be moving. "

in order to invite Zhuge Liang down the mountain, Liu Bei did not hesitate to pay homage and climb the mountain and wade for a total of three times before he got the wise man.

it is precisely because of Liu Bei's sincerity that he moved the aloof Zhuge Liang.

people are known only when they are in trouble, and people who are considerate and sincere will come when you need them most.

is like a bright light on each other's way of life, accompanying you.

Helen was born unable to see and hear, and she once lost the hope of survival.

it was at this time that Miss Lisa Wen came into her life and rekindled her hope of survival with a sincere heart.

she took Helen to the seaside and touched the tenderness of the sea. Holding Helen in her arms and touching the lightness of flowers,

she took the trouble to teach her to read and read again and again.

it was precisely because of the sincerity and sincerity of such a teacher that she remolded a new Helen and created a world-class writer.

the coldest thing in the world is the human heart, and the warmest is the human heart, without decoration or camouflage, as long as it is true, you can feel its heat.

so, please believe in the hearts of the people, believe in life, as long as you put your heart into it, life is full of hope.

in fact, people's hearts are mutual. With a little more sincerity and less routines,

can we live truly, cleanly and worthy of our hearts.


at every stage of life, you always meet different people.

some people get to know each other too late, while others drift away.

people are different, so you don't have to go the same way. what you see in making friends is moral character, but what you see in others is sincerity.

for the rest of your life, may you treat others sincerely and do things sincerely.