To be a man, that's what you should do (deeply rooted in the hearts of the people)

To be a man, that's what you should do (deeply rooted in the hearts of the people)

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Xu Shichang once said:

"where meritorious deeds are established, moral character is the foundation."

those who have always been knowledgeable enough to undertake great undertakings will first establish their feet on the basis of conduct. "

there is no doubt that character is a person's biggest card and the best pass in life.

do things first, which is a great truth handed down by the ancients.

and how to be a man not only reflects a person's wisdom, but also reflects a person's self-cultivation.


to be a man, you would rather suffer losses than covet

those who like petty gains are often selfish.

they pay more attention to the small profits at hand, which on the surface may take advantage, while those who are willing to take the initiative to suffer losses often cannot afford to lose.

Yu Minhong came back to help him unconditionally when he founded New Oriental because he helped his roommate "lose" in college for four years.

Hu Xueyan is precisely because he always gives way to others when doing business with others, and finally becomes a generation of "red-top businessmen."

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they all seem to have suffered losses at the moment, but they have won greater development in the long run.

some people regard taking advantage as shrewd. However, people like mirrors always take advantage, and the people around you are bound to be farther and farther away from you.

people who know how to be a man would rather suffer losses than take advantage of others, because they understand that it is a blessing to suffer losses!


as a human being, I would rather be silent than say

Han Han once said:

"if you don't understand, you should shut up, because you never know what others have been through;

if you do, you should shut up."

Don't rush to stand in line until you know the truth.

your random guess may cause indelible pain to the parties concerned.

the bone-deep upbringing is to never judge others at will.

even if you see through, you can not say it, understand what the other person is suffering, and give people dignity, which is a kind of realm of life.


to be a man, you'd rather be confused than be serious

sometimes, you really don't have to be too smart, because cleverness is often mistaken.

how many people, that is, they live too smart and take everything seriously, so that they will live in gloom all day long, worry all over the body, and can not be relieved and relieved. Instead of being like this, you might as well be a simple fool.

only by being a little confused can we go beyond utilitarianism and be kind to everything in the world, so that big things are clear, little things are confused, when we should understand, we should be confused when we are confused.

some people say, "those who live in confusion are actually sober."

in life, confusion is rare, confusion is rare.

trying to be a clear fool is, in fact, the wisest sublimation of smart people!


to be a man, I'd rather keep a low profile than show off

A well-dressed young man at a writers' party, holding several novels he had written, strutted around and looked around, making himself the focus of the party.

then he saw a middle-aged woman in plain clothes sitting on the corner and ran to show off:

"I am Franwell. I have written more than thirty novels."

the woman nodded politely and smiled.

the man asked loudly, "how many novels have you written?"

the woman replied, "I've only written one."

the man was very dismissive and said with disdain, "Oh?" Which one? I wonder if anyone has heard of it. "

the woman replied: "gone with the Wind".

the man couldn't stop hanging on his face in an instant and slipped away as if he were asking for fun.

it turns out that the world-famous writer is regarded by the man as an unknown object of showing off.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "the low ground becomes the sea, and the low man becomes the king."

the better a person is, the more he knows how to keep a low profile.

there is a proverb:

"Heaven does not speak of self-elevation, and the earth does not speak of self-thickness. With reference to all things, one can see one's own shortcomings."

there is no need to brag about how high and thick heaven and earth are, but their breadth and vastness are obvious to all.


to be a man, we would rather rely on ourselves than ask for help

Brecht said:

"No matter what kind of stilts we step on, we can't do without our own feet."

what you get from others, you may get into trouble because of your moral mismatch.

everyone is an independent individual, and no one can make us rely on it for a lifetime.

as the saying goes, "it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself."

if you ask for help, you have to listen to people's wordiness; if you rely on others, you have to be humble.

if you rely on others, you will only tremble; only by yourself can you feel at ease.

what other people give us may be just a lamp.

only by being our own sun can we illuminate the farther part of our lives.