To be a man, you should learn to laugh it off.

To be a man, you should learn to laugh it off.

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when I was a child, I would cry because of the sugar that fell on the ground; when I grew up, I would be bitter about what I couldn't get.


everyone will more or less experience a lot of unhappiness and encounter a lot of difficulties, but the lost sugar and things that have passed have changed their taste even if they can be picked up.



Let go of things that cannot be undone.

there are often people who mistakenly think that something or a decision in the past has made life worse now, so they get caught up in it and can't let it go.

No one knows that what really makes people miserable is their own entanglement.

meditate on the things that cannot be changed, and the result is that you can't go back to the past and have a bad time in the future.

not long ago, a friend received an interview invitation from a favorite company. After several twists and turns, she finally waited for a notice from HR: offer can go through the process.

A friend simply offered to leave his job to his company, waiting to join the new company.

but a few days later, her friend was told to try another round of personality tests. To her surprise, HR finally told her that the interview was over on the grounds that she failed the personality test.

A friend loses his job instead, full of grievances and reluctance, just like eating a fly.

so she wants to tell her story to everyone, and she wants to judge her when she sees everyone. At first she was able to analyze the cause of things rationally, but later she said more, leaving only a stomach full of complaints and complaints.

over the past few weeks, she has no intention of living or working, and people have become unhappy.

the things that cannot be changed, the more painstaking it is, the more annoying it will be; but the things that can be changed, if you spare no effort, will take a turn for the better.

instead of entangling, let bygones be bygones and learn to embrace life with a better state of mind.

Life is often done before it can be put down before it is refreshed.


people who have already missed might as well let go of

in the movie Charlotte annoyance, Charlotte and Ma Dongmei are junior high school classmates. After graduation, they got married and lived a small life full of firewood.

but there has always been a regret in Charlotte's heart: he likes class flower Qiuya, but Qiuya has never looked him in the eye.

I didn't expect Ma Dongmei to make a big wedding, and Charlotte got a chance to start all over again.

people who can get together will meet in stop-and-go; those who are doomed to miss will be separated no matter how hard they try.

We always feel sorry for those who only leave behind, but forget that the most precious thing is the person with temperature around us.

some can not let go, in fact, it is their own obsession;

some thoughts are neither salty nor light to the other party.

ignoring what you have and being infatuated with what you miss is the biggest regret in life.

those who miss it, forget it.

the most precious things are often around long ago.


learn not to care

in who moved my Cheese, Hem and Haw searched for cheese in the maze every day, and once they accidentally got enough cheese to eat for a long time.

after a while, Haw realized that the cheese would not come back, so he decided to forget the missing cheese and look around for new cheese to satisfy his hunger.

Hem doesn't think so. He just wants to find the cheese that belongs to him.

there are some things in life that you can think about is trivial, and if you can't think about it, you are doomed.

the more you care, the more you will lose; the more persistent you are, the more painful you will be.

A young man asked the Zen master that he had too many regrets and had a bad life, and he didn't know what to do.

the same is true of life.

people and things that don't help, it's not worth spending more energy and time on it.

often you will live like what you care about. If you want to be at ease, you have to learn not to care.

the whole life is not long. Instead of having so many regrets, it is better to look down on it.


Life is all laughed off

Chen Ji sings in the song: "Life can not be too perfect, seeking not necessarily regret."

there are some things that people learn to grow up because they cannot be changed;

some people understand how to cherish them because they are forced to stay.

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for the rest of my life, in case of wind and rain or clear sky, it is better to learn to have light clouds and light winds.