To parents: educating your children well is the most important cause in your life!

To parents: educating your children well is the most important cause in your life!

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how parents educate their children and how to assume their own educational responsibilities will have an indelible impact on their children.

A large number of studies have proved that a person's original family has a key influence on the cultivation of his intelligence, character and moral character.

therefore, educating your children well is the most important cause for parents!


parents' discipline,

determines the child's behavior

the good child is controlled, the bear child is used to it, and every behavior of the child reflects the parental discipline style.

this scene happened in the amusement park:

the little boy touched the buttocks of the young girl, and the girl said a few words to the child.

I didn't expect the boy's mother to go up and beat her, saying uncleanly, "haven't you ever been touched?"

in this matter, the most aggrieved is the girl who has been beaten, while the most pitiful is the child who has been indulged.

the hostility of parents is the strength of children to do evil.

No child is born a bad child, and every mistake made by a child is an educational opportunity for parents.

when the child makes a mistake, the parents discipline the child in time and tell the child that such behavior is wrong, so the child knows that his behavior is wrong and will not do it again.

if parents just protect their children and indulge their children, then their children may make more wrong behaviors in the future, until one day the parents themselves can't help their children deal with it, that is, when their children suffer big losses.

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Today, if you are not willing to discipline your children, someone will discipline you later, and there will always be times when children need to pay for their actions.

by then, you can only face the child's question of "why didn't you care about me in the first place?" there's nothing you can do about it.


parents' self-cultivation,

determines children's upbringing

I have seen a piece of news:

in the carriage of Tianjin subway, a male passenger peeled garlic casually and spilled garlic all over the floor.

A little girl in school uniform squatted down silently when she saw it, took all the garlic skin in her hand and took it out of the car in less than five seconds.

when everyone was praising the girl, she just said faintly, "that's what my parents taught me!"

A child's good upbringing is highlighted in such details.

upbringing is the comprehensive embodiment of family education, which determines the itinerary of a child's life.

the upbringing of a child is the concentrated embodiment of the success of parents' family education.

like the saying on the Internet:

what on earth is culture? Is it education, experience, or experience?


should be self-cultivation rooted in the heart; self-consciousness without reminding; freedom based on restraint; kindness for the sake of others.

parents are the mirror of their children, just like you are.

A person's ability determines whether a person flies high or not, and a person's upbringing determines whether a person flies far or not.

it is better to be poor and rich than to be educated.

good upbringing is the greatest wealth that parents give to their children.


parents' words and deeds

determine children's habits

see this scene on the Internet:

A father and his 3-year-old daughter are studying hard on the steps of the square, looking particularly warm.

in an interview with the reporter, the father said that he was a middle school teacher who liked reading at ordinary times, and his daughter fell in love with reading under his own influence.

the father said proudly:

the child, who is only 3 years old, has already developed an interest in reading and formed a reading habit.

many parents complain that their children do not like reading, and so many books in the house have become furnishings that their children do not even look at them.

but these parents have not reflected on whether they have a good habit of reading at home.

A thousand words of preaching is not as good as the words and deeds of parents.

if you want to cultivate children's reading habits, you don't have to push too much. Parents can just turn off the TV, put down their cell phones and pick up books.

the family is the child's first class, and the parents are the children's first teachers. If they want to make first-class children, parents must first become first-class parents.


the companionship of parents

determines the happiness of children

Please spend more time with children, because companionship is the beginning of all education and parent-child relationship.

the famous host Yang Lan told a story about companionship.

she didn't come home for a whole week because of her work. When she got home that day, her son didn't speak behind her back and finally cried loudly. Looking at her son like this, she couldn't help crying.

since that incident, Yang Lan has put off all her work to stay at home with her children for a year and give them sense of security.

Yang Lan said:

many parents, when it comes to being with their children, they begin to retort fiercely:

parents work so hard to make their children live a better life, but children grow up alone in the company that their parents lack.

isn't the loss outweighing the gain?

A good education is inseparable from the company of parents.

No matter how busy you are at work, you should take some time to give your children high-quality companionship.

because the growth of children cannot be repeated, and the laziness of parents in accompanying their children in the first half of their lives will become a pit that their children cannot climb out of for the rest of their lives.


"No matter how successful one is in his career, he cannot make up for the failure in educating his children!"

Children grow up only once, and parents never get a chance to make up for the discipline, companionship, and lead by example that parents have missed in the process of growing up.

Children will only get farther and farther away from their parents as they get older, and the regrets in the parent-child relationship can only become permanent regrets.

so, while the children are still young, take advantage of the opportunity of education, please parents to assume their own responsibility for education, do not leave regrets for the future.