To parents: please put away this "responsibility list" and be the "first responsible person" of your children!

To parents: please put away this "responsibility list" and be the "first responsible person" of your children!

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the "double subtraction" has clearly entered the law.

on October 23, the 31st meeting of the standing Committee of the 13th National people's Congress voted and passed the Law on the Promotion of Family Education, which stipulates:

refine the duties of guardians in family education, double reduction of parental responsibilities, and test the responsibilities of parents.

the guardian of the absence of family education will be admonished. If the parents are absent for a long time, it will cause regret for the child's life.

the famous host Bai Yansong once said: "Family education determines a child's life."

Family education is the greatest guarantee of school education, and parents are head teachers whose children will never retire.

for the healthy growth of their children, please be the "first responsible person" for their children's education and put away this "responsibility list".


after being the "learning navigator" of the child

"double subtraction", the real watershed is outside the classroom.

outside the classroom, what kind of family children live in and what kind of education and influence they receive from their parents will be directly reflected in their grades.

the gap between children does not lie in IQ or teachers in famous schools, but in the differences in parents and their family education.

there is a good saying:

"double reduction", the essence of screening is to reduce the students who are not excellent and the parents who do not attach importance to them.

parents have to take responsibility if they don't want their children to be screened out or eliminated.

the more children lighten their burden and relax, the less parents can relax.

because the "double reduction" only reduces the learning pressure of children, but does not reduce the responsibility and supervision of parents.

never expect your child to be self-conscious!

there are no born self-conscious children, only parents who supervise and train their children's self-consciousness for a long time.

truly far-sighted parents will repeatedly urge their children when they have no self-control, correctly guide them when they lose their way, and encourage them in time when they want to give up.

sometimes you have to give your child a hard push!

to be responsible for their children's future, parents should let their children suffer from the hardships of study.

Children need parents to push, and parents must be ruthless and strict in discipline so as to pave a wider road for their children.


the Family Education Promotion Law

remind parents again and again that educating their children is the most important cause for parents.

No matter how much money parents earn, it is not worth the loss of their children for a year;

No matter how high the parents are, they are not worth their children's crimes;

parents are not worth the failure of their children's education no matter how honorable they are.

Education cannot start all over again. In your child's education, you only have one chance. Once abandoned, it will affect your child's life.

the Ministry of Education has issued an article to remind parents:

"double reduction is a more test of parents' responsibility."

excellent parents do not lie in their educational background or education, but in their sense of responsibility.

companionship is the responsibility, parenting is the responsibility, and leading by example is the responsibility. To fulfill the responsibility of parents is to be responsible for the life of their children. "

parents' good mood can make their children confident, parents' dedication can solve problems for their children, and parents' words and deeds can set a good example for their children.

Please be sure to go into the child's world, give the child high-quality companionship, and be a good guide on the way to the child's growth.


after the "double reduction", education returns to school, and parents also return to the role of parents.

from taking money to work for "hard power", to now cultivate the habit of fighting for "soft power".

parents' burden is lighter, but the responsibility is heavier.

1. Cultivate children's study habits.

Primary school is the golden time to cultivate habits. While children have not yet taken shape, the sooner they develop habits, the better.

the most basic learning habits include preview, review, revision, variation, accumulation, etc., which need parents to teach their children hand in hand.

by the time their children are in the third or fourth grade, parents should cultivate their children's habits of self-study, focus on learning, reasonable planning of study time, diligent thinking and bold questioning.

Fostering study habits is a repeated and long work, but parents must stick to it and lay a good foundation for their children's study.

2. Cultivate children's basic habits.

Family education is to lay a good foundation for children, in addition to learning, but also to cultivate other aspects of good habits.

as Tang Jiangpeng, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, said:

"A really good education should be to train lifelong activists, responsibility bearers, problem solvers, and elegant living people, so as to give children a sound and excellent personality to win future happiness and benefit the country and society."

3. Be a good teacher of children's habits.

parents are the best teachers for their children. They should set good examples and examples, influence and educate their children with their own words and deeds.

continue to encourage children, continue to cultivate, children's successful education starts from the cultivation of good habits.


to educate a child well, it is not enough to give it to the school and the teacher, nor is it as simple as developing high scores in the intelligence test.

A good brain can enable children to go to a good university and do a good job, but if children are selfish, misbehave, or even commit crimes, how can they become famous?

Mr. Cai Yuanpei said: "it is not academic achievement that determines a child's life, but a sound personality cultivation."

if children want to have good conduct, family education is the key.

☉ sets up the child's optimistic attitude, lets the child maintain the normal heart to face the life.

☉ makes children learn to be grateful, tolerant, loving, and embark on the road of seeking knowledge and beauty.

☉ cultivate children's courage to face defeat and exercise their willpower.

☉ teaches children to protect themselves, deal with injury calmly, face temptation calmly, and learn to behave in the world.

☉ makes children dare to dream, treat their interests kindly, and cultivate their specialties.

☉ helps children understand themselves correctly and encourages children to take the initiative to interact with others.

it's a long journey, and I won't stop pursuing it. Education should not be superficial, but must forge children's moral character in an all-round way.

allowing children to absorb the nutrition of family education and the positive energy of growth from learning and exploration is the best education for parents to give their children.


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only when the child-rearing concept and level of every family is improved, can the educational level of the whole society be raised to a higher level, and can we cultivate a better, happier, stronger personality of the next generation.

after the "double reduction", China's education model has changed, and children have embarked on a brand-new track.

on this track, there will be a growing gap between children.

excellent children, no matter how the external environment changes, always maintain their consciousness and sobriety in their bones.

on the other hand, most ordinary children are more easily affected by the external environment, and they drift with the tide as soon as the policy changes.