To the beginning of school: son, why would I rather give up 500000 and force you to go to school?

To the beginning of school: son, why would I rather give up 500000 and force you to go to school?

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


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when school begins, you are in a deep mood and have a strong feeling of resistance.

Last night I urged you to do your summer homework. You were a little annoyed and said, "Why are you pushing me? do you know how painful it is to read?"

of course I know, son.

but even if I don't force you to eat, I have to force you to read. No matter how painful it is.

I lived to be forty, and many of my ideas at the age of twenty have been completely subverted, but I will probably stick to it until I die of "be sure to study hard."

A few days ago, my friends and I jokingly calculated an account: a child has graduated from primary school to undergraduate for a total of 16 years. If he doesn't spend money on school and goes out to make money in these 16 years, it will be at least 500000 inside and outside.

but almost all parents would rather give up the 500000 and force their children to go to school painstakingly.

We are not stupid, why do we have to do such a thankless thing?

that's because reading is the highest return on investment and the brightest and easiest way to go in the world.

you must be as convinced as I am that reading is useful.


first, of course, you can learn by reading

this is what the teacher told you on the first day of school, and it's the standard answer you can blurt out now.

but I don't think you really know the true use of knowledge. -- except for getting high marks on the test paper.

then I'll tell you now that all the dead knowledge in your eyes will come back to life in the future.

you have learned the word "rotation" now, and in the future it will appear in the washing machine manual and you will understand it.

if you know all the words in the manual, you can learn to use the washing machine smoothly.

instead of being like the illiterate grandmother next door, she asked her daughter to teach for a week on her cell phone before she could barely dial the phone, called the manufacturer with an electric rice cooker and asked at the top of her voice for 40 minutes, but didn't get it. In the end, she and the customer service both collapsed.

the words recognized in Chinese class can not only help you understand the instructions, but also enable you to express your thoughts appropriately, such as reporting to your boss and writing love letters to your lover in the future.

those formulas in math class allow you to quickly calculate the down payment, tax, loan or full payment when you buy a house.

the common sense learned in geography class will let you know where the fish is the best and where the coffee is the best.

the aesthetics learned in art class will let you know that wearing purple and yellow will be ugly, and pink with gold is a big taboo.

knowledge is the tool for you to live in this world, and when you have everything in your tool warehouse, you are sure to live comfortably-you have airplanes on long trips, you have ships to cross rivers, you have SUVs in the suburbs.

and if you lack knowledge, you don't even have a broken wooden boat, then a three-meter-wide river can stop you, and you can't go a hundred miles away for the rest of your life.

I dare not say that everything you have learned now is useful, but a considerable part of it will benefit you for the rest of your life.

in the end, you may forget whether the word "percentage" was taught by a Chinese or math teacher, but you will use it countless times, even without it.


second, people who read more make more money

many people like grandstanding and singing a different tune. If you say you are good at school, he will tell you which master's degree student is working for the boss who graduated from primary school.

maybe an old lady earns three apartments by selling pancakes, while whose son is still renting a house after his doctoral graduation.

does such a thing exist? That's for sure.

but this is a special case. It is not scientific to deduce common sense with special cases.

it's like someone choking to death. Can you persuade people not to eat to prevent choking to death?

We must face up to the fact that few people earn three apartments by selling pancakes, and more people who own three or even thirteen suites are highly educated people.

I went out of my way to check the statistics:

families with a master's degree or above are 30 times more rich than those with a high school degree.

people with doctoral degrees earn six times more on average than those with high school degrees.

that is to say, if you graduate from high school with a monthly income of 4,000, then your PhD classmate earns about 24000 a month.

I am not a vulgar person, but I must tell you seriously: money is really important to us ordinary people.

money is not necessarily the source of happiness, but lack of money is likely to be the source of pain.

now you spend my money, do not feel, in the future when you grow up and no longer attached to me, you will know how important money is in life, in case there is not enough money to spend, how miserable it will be.

you may walk three stops to save one dollar.

I may not dare to go to my classmate's dinner because I can't afford to return the invitation next time.

probably because I can't pay the rent, I don't even know where to live tomorrow.

and so on.

when you get married in the future, even if the other person is the one you love most, you are bound to face endless conflicts.

and poverty will seriously aggravate the contradiction, and it will be much better if you have money.

for example, if you have no money, you may buy each other two jin of fresh cherries and be angry for a week when relatives come to take a bath and waste water, but who cares if you have money?

if you have no money, you may get divorced soon for who takes care of the baby, but if you have money, you will be OK if you hire a 24-hour babysitter.

there are too many similar things to list.

in short, the world is difficult, you will encounter a lot of difficulties in this life, you will often fall short, and you will feel lonely from time to time, but it will be much better if you have money.

of course, you don't have to make a lot of money. I just hope you try your best to make yourself better and not be so embarrassed.


third, reading can make you live a thorough and wonderful life

the difference between primary school graduation and doctoral graduation is not just four thousand a month and 24000 a month.

Ten times more important than this, these two kinds of people lead different lives.

if you think about it with your toes, will the spiritual world of an aunt who sells three suites of pancakes be richer than that of a doctor who rents a house?

Last time we went to a lecture by an education expert, when we came back, you were amazed and said that the expert was so elegant and wise.

you must also think that behind this elegance and wisdom, erudition is supported.

is the knowledge in her head, which makes her think well and makes a lot of sense, which makes her look so charming.