To think too much is to torture yourself.

To think too much is to torture yourself.

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saw a popular video in which the blogger @ du Liang Amber told a story of his own.

once she took a taxi and slammed too hard when she got on and closed the door.

she whispered an apology to the driver, but she was nervous all the way.

at every sharp turn, she would wonder if it was because she had closed the door too loudly just now.

in the comment area, netizens are not calm, saying that they are the same, and it is easy to have ups and downs and all kinds of wishful thinking because of a small matter.

another netizen told his own experience.

once her roommate received a Wechat message, and she saw that it was from another roommate.

after finding that he saw it, the roommate quickly put the phone away.

she thought her roommate spoke ill of her behind her back, so she struggled with it for three or four days.

only found out on her birthday that they were quietly preparing a birthday present for her.

in life, this often happens:

other people inadvertently an action, a word, an expression, but it is easy for us to speculate and interpret.

for a long time, I am very tired and unhappy.

in fact, there is no sea in front of us, but the ebb and flow is all due to the heart.

if you think too much, you will have more troubles, and life will naturally become more and more difficult.

people are alive, thinking too much is a kind of suffering and torture, is a disaster.


80% of the troubles in life are due to thinking too much about

having read such a story.

someone asked the farmer, "have you grown wheat?"

the farmer sighed, "not yet, I'm afraid it won't rain."

the man asked, "did you grow cotton?"

the farmer continued to sigh, "No, I'm afraid of cotton worms."

the man asked again, "what did you plant?"

the farmer replied, "I have nothing. I must be foolproof."

after reading it, I can't help feeling that in many cases, what really bothers a person is not the event itself, but the inner thoughts on it.

just like this farmer, he has nothing to worry about yet, but he is alarmist, worrying about this and that.

before it happens, you create your own pain in advance.

most of the troubles in life are due to thinking too much.

when it is obviously a very simple problem, you have to think about it with complex thinking, and you have to think about it again and again for things that obviously do not need to struggle or struggle.

the result is thinking, unconsciously fell into the cage of negative emotions, let themselves into endless sadness, how can not live tired?

just like Lin Daiyu, she was sentimental and thought too much all her life, so she had to come to a melancholy end.

there is a good saying: "you won't be tired if you know too much, but only if you think too much."

Life is not easy, so don't be so rich in inner play. if you have a bigger heart and think less, you can live a relaxed and comfortable life.

Mr. Yu Youren, the Sage of Modern Books, has experienced many hardships all his life, but he has always maintained a calm and tranquil posture. The secret of

is precisely because he thinks less.

in his living room, hanging a pair of couplets to warn himself: don't think about eight or nine, often think about one or two. Horizontal criticism is "Ruyi".

there are nine times out of ten unpleasant things in life. If you think less, you will have less trouble.

as the old saying goes:


sensitivity is a gift, and oversensitivity is morbid

people. Why do you think too much? One of the big reasons for

is oversensitivity.

the more sensitive people are, the more likely they are to be sentimental and ask for trouble.

even if I know it will be very tired, I just can't help thinking about it.

in the end, others do not understand, but hurt themselves.

A user on Zhihu talked about his troubles caused by thinking too much, which resonated with countless people.

he says that he often experiences a lot of minor pain because of his sensitivity and worry.

when three people are walking together, he will notice that the other two people say a few more words.

when he returns to the dormitory, he finds that no one but himself will automatically make up for the scene in which other people laugh and go out to dinner.

when speaking in a group, when no one responds, he will fall into embarrassment and struggle to see if others have any opinion of themselves.

when a friend suddenly does not reply to a message, he or she is more likely to think that the other person is busy, but whether there is an estrangement for some reason.

because of these inexplicable ideas, he is always careful, and his heart is always nervous and tortured.

in fact, there are still many people in life, because of some small things, it is enough to make waves in the heart.

for example, if you comment on other people's developments and others don't reply, they will guess whether they don't take you seriously at all;

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when they post on moments and no one likes you, they will question whether their photos are not good enough and their copywriting is not attractive enough. Is it because everyone has any bad ideas about themselves?

the office that was originally twittering suddenly quieted down the moment you walked in, and you immediately wondered whether people were just talking about you.

A quarrel, other people forget it in the twinkling of an eye, and you are still struggling with this matter over and over again for several days.

sometimes people even inadvertently say, oh, it will make you suspect the other person.Do you hate yourself.

sensitive people, often like this.

any change in the wind is enough to cause an emotional uproar.

any small action will be infinitely magnified in the heart.

even a small setback can make the heart bumpy for a long time.

sensitivity is a gift.

being oversensitive is a kind of morbid condition, which makes the body and mind suffer a lot.

because anytime, anywhere, you will be secretly saddened by the unintentional actions of others for a long time.

as the saying goes, "those who have the heart are tired, but those who don't care don't care."

if you think too much, you can only be tired at last.

after all, many things are unintentional to the speaker and intentional to the listener.

if you sit in the right seat and ponder over everything, it will only make you physically and mentally exhausted.


as soon as I feel big, I feel relieved

my friend once told me something.

once, when a colleague spoke to her, her voice was a little louder and her tone was mixed with a little impatience.

for this reason, she couldn't sleep over and over again for several nights, pondering the expression and tone of her colleagues at that time, and thinking a lot:

did I offend her in something?

is she speaking ill of me when she whispers to others?

she closed the door a little loudly that day, was it because she was dissatisfied with me?

for several days in a row, she has been troubled by this matter. Looking at the mountain is not a mountain, and water is not water.

there is a stone at the bottom of my heart, which makes me kick myself out of breath.

as a result, I later learned that my colleague was only in a bad mood that day because his father was seriously ill.

most of the time, many things are nothing at all. It is because they think too much that things are complicated and talents have more hearts.

Japanese writer Matsuura Mitaro once said, "the so-called predicament of life, but you are delusional and self-imposed shackles."

A little thing is big when you think too much; a big thing is small if you despise it.

Don't be too glamorous and put everything in your heart.

if you think too much about small things, you will have a headache; if you think too much about big things, you will get tired; if you think too much about bad things, you will suffer much.

all one's life, just want to be happy and at ease.

be big and don't always embarrass yourself.

look down on everything, don't pay too much attention to people, don't worry about things, and life will be easier.

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