Tolerate words, tolerate things, tolerate people (good in depth)

Tolerate words, tolerate things, tolerate people (good in depth)

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it is said in the factual Garden of the Song Dynasty: with magnanimity and compatibility, all things will benefit at the same time.

if a person has a broad mind and can be inclusive, then everything in heaven and earth can live in harmony with it.

A person's whole life is a process of constantly seeing heaven and earth, sentient beings and self.

if you can tolerate all kinds of things in the world, you can withstand the ups and downs of fate. On the contrary, they can only succumb to the square inch of land surrounded by themselves.


there is always no shortage of people who support him, whether he is proud of himself or the tiger falls in Pingyang.

you know, there is a vast sea of people, there are modest gentlemen, and there is no shortage of treacherous villains. Those who tolerate others can always see the difficulties of others and understand the hardships of the world. For those who have hurt themselves, but also laugh it off, this is a very high self-cultivation.

Zuo Zongtang, a politician in the late Qing Dynasty, was recalcitrant, defiant and notoriously short-tempered. He was so fond of cursing that even Zeng Guofan, who carried him, was not spared.

Zeng Guofan's kindness to Zuo Zongtang should be respected. But Zuo Zongtang was arrogant and did not take Zeng Guofan seriously. At home, he repeatedly scolded Tseng Kuo-fan for being "hijacked" and his tutor Fan Jing, from the embarrassment of hearing it at first to becoming bored at last.

however, Zeng Guofan laughed at Zuo Zongtang's abuse. In his playbook to Emperor Xianfeng, he spoke highly of Zuo Zongtang:

"just Ming bears hardships and Xiaochang fighters." Guo is lucky to have Zuo Zongtang. "

the amount of a gentleman is not extreme, and he swallows all rivers in his chest. Zeng Guofan's tolerance finally won the admiration of the world.

at that time, Zeng Zuo, who were both "four famous courtiers in the late Qing Dynasty", often ranked Zeng Guofan in front of Zuo Zongtang.

he asked the attendant, "Why do people say 'Zeng Zeng' instead of 'Zuo Zeng'?" The attendant said bluntly, "Zeng Gong often has Zuo Gong in mind, but Zuo Gong has no Zeng Gong."

those who can tolerate people are amazed by the fact that they can accept all rivers. On the other hand, those who are bound to report the canthus of Jair will suffer because of their private morality, and everyone will stay away from them.

youdao is a world with its own beauty.

No matter the people in cloth or in a high position, everyone's ability is limited. See others, have room for others, seek advice from capable people, and pave the way for the weak, so as to make the road under your feet wider and wider.

those who are really strong are all loud voices and elephants are invisible. They will not lie in their past achievements to criticize others, let alone denigrate them for their own selfish desires.

only if you can handle things, you can get things done

as the saying goes: if you are generous in quantity, you can cover the shade with great trees.

this is true. Those who achieve great things must be good at acceptance and tolerance, struggle in setbacks and grow up in suffering.

Life is full of mountains and rivers. Only by being able to withstand the baptism of wind and rain, can we have hard armor and cut through difficulties on the road of life; those who fail will only sink deeper and deeper and finally get lost in endless grief and resentment.

Sima Qian, a historian of the Western Han Dynasty, succeeded as Tai Shi Ling after the death of his father Sima Tan, and complied with his father's last wishes, determined to compile a history book that was unprecedented and never came before.

however, things are unpredictable.

General Li Ling went out to fight for the Huns. After being ambushed, he was outnumbered and surrendered. After the news came back to the court, the civil and military men of Manchuria were impeaching what Li Ling had done.

only Sima Qian stepped forward and advised Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, saying that Li Ling was morally loyal and good, brave and skillful in fighting, and that Li Ling was a loyal general who served his country. This surrender must be an expedient measure, and he will surely choose the opportunity to return to the Central Plains.

soon after, Li Ling's surrender to the Huns was "confirmed" by the general Gong Sun ao. In the fury of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, he destroyed the three families of Li Ling, and Sima Qian was also implicated in prison and subjected to cruel "corruption punishment".

Sima Qian, who was humiliated by this, did not fail. He knew full well that he had a great responsibility and worked harder, and devoted all his energies to the creation of history books. Finally, it took 14 years and painstakingly completed the historiography "Historical Records".

Historical Records, which creates a precedent in the general history of biography in China, is listed as the first of the "twenty-four histories" because of its rich and accurate historical materials. Lu Xun once appraised Shiji as "the last song of historians, without rhyme, Li Sao."

youdao is, has experienced the vicissitudes of life, mulberry fields are still the same, except Wushan, the clouds are light and the wind is light.

most people's lives are full of ups and downs. If they are allowed to sink into the quagmire and cannot extricate themselves, they will only fail to see the way forward and eventually waste themselves if they are entangled in past grudges, honors and disgraces.

those enviable winners are just more open-minded, less persistent, more leisurely, and less confused than others.

one day, Hanshan asked, "what should we do if some people in the world slander me, deceive me, humiliate me, laugh at me, despise me, humiliate me, and deceive me?"

pick up and say, "just put up with him, let him, let him, avoid him, tolerate him, respect him, ignore him, stay a few more years, and look at him."

I think so.

A broad-minded person must be a kind person who will not haggle over pennies because of verbal disputes. They often have a compassionate heart and take care of sentient beings.

during the period of Wang Anshi's reform, Su Shi, the backbone of the old party, was excluded and was later sent to prison because of the Wutai Poetry case.

after more than four months in prison, Su Shi was relegated to Huangzhou as deputy envoy of regiment training, a junior official who had no real power and was supervised.

from the leader of the literary world, the imperial guard of the dynasty, to the light words and no one's interest, Su Shi fell into a low ebb in his life.

in spite of this, he still maintained his family demeanor and did not anger others because of the unfairness of fate.

one evening, Su Shi paced home with his friends, and a drunken man came face to face. As he brushed past, the drunk lost his balance and made Su Shi dodge and fall to the ground.

when the drunken man saw this, instead of apologizing, the villain complained first, scolding Su Shi for walking without long eyes.

Su Shi, who is nearly 50 years old, recovered after falling to the ground for a long time. The friend was resentful and wanted to argue for him, but he was stopped by Su Shi.

he looked at the relentless drunk beside him and smiled and said, "it's interesting that people here don't know me. I can open up a new world."

the Book of morality says: "good words are not beautiful, good words are not believed; those who are good do not argue, and those who argue are not good."

not arguing, that is, tolerance, is the self-cultivation and virtue of building a world for people.

when people reach middle age, they become more mature. After seeing the ups and downs of the world, they will never care about their immediate gains and losses. After all, life is about going your own way, eating your own food, and has nothing to do with others.

to allow others to set their beak and keep their original mind is not only to forgive others, but also to forgive themselves.

the Western Han Dynasty litterateur Liu Xiangzeng said: "if the mountain is sharp, it is not high, and if the water is narrow, it is not deep."

the mountain is too steep, it is not too high, the water is narrow, and it is not too deep. Mount Qomolangma is the roof of the world because of its vast foothills. The sea is deep because of the vastness of the waves.

A man's mind is like Mount Qomolangma and the sea. Only by swallowing down the mountains and rivers can the mountains and rivers be wide.

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be able to tolerate people, if you go out, you will be respected, and if you enter, you will be full of friends;

if you can tolerate things, if you retreat, you will have a broad sky, and if you advance, you will make a leap forward;

you will be able to be tolerant, have a code of self-cultivation, and attack will be in full swing.

May we all be broad-minded people and make the road of life beautiful and fragrant.