Top self-discipline: go to bed early, make more money when you are free, and study hard at ordinary times.

Top self-discipline: go to bed early, make more money when you are free, and study hard at ordinary times.

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I have seen a question on Zhihu: what good habits are there that are worth sticking to for the rest of our lives?

A high praise replied, "it's all right to go to bed early, make more money when you have time, and study frequently."

think about it, it is true.

in this life, many troubles and puzzles can be found in these three things.


go to bed early

the writer @ Zhong Nien has shared his own experience.

at that time, she had just resigned and was writing at home.

at the beginning, I had worked very hard, but I didn't see any results.

so she began to lose sleep all night. As long as she lay in bed, her mind became active and she thought about everything, and the more she thought about it, the more anxious she became.

for many nights, she could only stare at the ceiling until dawn.

at that time, what she was most afraid of hearing was that who bought a car, bought a house, got a promotion, or suddenly wrote an article that went viral.

the more successful others are, the more she feels that she has failed and eventually falls into an endless cycle of anxiety.

this went on for about two weeks, and when she realized it wouldn't work, she tried to divert her attention and started running.

at five o'clock every evening, I put on my tracksuit and go out for a run for two hours. I don't go home until I'm sweating.

then she found that she fell asleep as soon as she lay down on the bed.

she said: "the turning point between anxiety and non-anxiety is nothing more than two words: go to bed early."

have you ever had the same experience in your life?

the work efficiency during the day is so low that at night, I can only endure drowsiness and stay up late to work overtime;

I am busy during the day, but I am obviously tired at night, but I am reluctant to sleep because I am reluctant to give up this rare free time.

my heart is full of sad things, but I can't sleep over and over again in the middle of the night.

writer Chen Ami once said: "staying up late will not solve any problems, but will make pessimism run rampant late at night."

Adult life, there is always oncoming pressure, there are always countless troubles.

but you should know that there is nothing in the world that is worth your overdraft and staying up late.

each of us is just ordinary people, and only after a good rest can we have more energy to upgrade.

nothing to go to bed early, is the best tenderness to yourself, but also the top self-discipline of adults.

maybe when you wake up, the problems that are bothering you are long gone.


make more money when you have time

I have heard a saying: "you can only understand the embarrassment of life if you lack money once."

writer Li ailing wrote about such a thing in her book.

when she first entered the workplace that year, her boss taught her the first lesson about the meaning of making money.

A junior high school classmate of the boss, who is nearly fifty years old, has no income at home for many years because his factory closed down.

one day, she took a fancy to a pair of shoes in the mall, and she really liked them for a long time, so she ruthlessly bought them.

that night, her husband was so angry that he choked her with only two sentences:

"shoes cost 368 yuan. As a housewife, you shouldn't be so extravagant. Can't you wear a stall worth a hundred and eighty yuan?"

"the private use of such a large sum of money should be approved by me."

the female classmate cried all night, and the next day she had to go to the mall to return her shoes.

it is often said that "the collapse of adults begins with lack of money."

only when we are really short of money can we realize what is meant by the cold world and what is difficult.

not long ago, CCTV host Nigmati opened a live broadcast online to promote his new book, growing up overnight.

when chatting with netizens, he revealed that he had worked for 14 years with a monthly salary of no more than five figures, and now his basic salary is only more than 7000.

the 37-year-old still earns a steady salary and comes out to work as a sideline and earn some extra money in order to make a living.

he mocked himself: "otherwise, why do you think I wrote a book? it's because I don't have enough money to spend."

it is sad that the beautiful CCTV host looks like this to ordinary people.

Long for a perfect sexy red homecoming dresses that flows around your curves, flattering your height? Be enthralled by the combination of subtlety and comfort.

in this earthly world, who can not be trapped by firewood, rice, oil and salt, and not bend over for five buckets of rice?

there is a saying on the Internet that makes sense:

"80% of the difficulties in life can be solved with money, and the remaining 20% can also be alleviated by money."

nothing less hypocritical, free to make more money, is an adult's top self-discipline.

when the number in your bank card increases little by little, the strength in your heart increases little by little.


usually read frequently

I don't know if you have found that there are many troubles in life, just because you read too little, but think too much.

those who can settle down to read can have broader horizons and discover more possibilities in life.

there is a "divine security guard" Yang Guibao in Xiamen Museum.

with only a high school diploma, he can not only introduce Chinese history skillfully to tourists, but also memorize 81 chapters of the moral Sutra.

he knows every stone carving and artifact in the museum like the back of his hand.

he always says confidently, "I can say whatever story you want."

his readily available knowledge of literature and history impressed the audience, and even the history experts who came to visit him were full of praise for him.

it turns out that Yang Guibao is not highly educated and has been farming at home since graduating from high school.

in order to enrich his knowledge, what he likes most in his spare time is reading. He gets up after 5 o'clock every day and begins to read books such as the University, the Book of changes and the Analects of Confucius. At

07:30, he goes to work on time. Once he has free time, Yang Guibao will take out his books and look at them with relish.

A day, he spends at least more than five hours on reading.

not only that, Yang Guibao has also formed the habit of taking notes while reading. So far, he has taken dozens of reading notes.

it is precisely because he spends all his free time on reading that he can easily answer all kinds of questions, win the praise of many tourists and realize his own value.

there is a good saying: "nothing is less confused, read more when you have time."

usually read more books, maybe you won't see any change at 01:30.

but over time, your temperament and speech, your mind and pattern will be different.

people with poems and books are not confined to trivialities and are not trapped in temporary troughs.

all the books you have read, the roads you have traveled, and the people you have met will nourish you in turn.


A writer once said: "Happiness is accumulated little by little, and life is managed day by day."

the top self-discipline of adults is not to force themselves to do something earth-shaking, but to do every little thing in front of them.

Don't worry about going to bed early and nourishing your spirit before you have the strength to solve the problems of life.

when you have time to make more money, you can live a more confident life when you have money in your pocket.

when you study hard, you should believe that spiritual abundance is better than thousands of flashy things in the world.

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