Top Ten habits for Adult self-improvement

Top Ten habits for Adult self-improvement

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Zhihu has such a question:

"what should you do when others are moving towards success and you are mediocre?"

there is only one sentence in the high praise answer: "rather than envy the fish in Linyuan, it is better to retreat and form a net."

instead of hesitation, anxiety and depression, it is better to take action to make a change.

whenever you don't know where to start, you might as well start with these 10 things.


master scarce skills and build skills

some people say that there are two ways to make yourself irreplaceable:

one is to do what others cannot or do not want to do;

one is to be at the top of what everyone can do.

in this era, anxiety is being sold everywhere, and everyone is in danger.

behind anxiety is guilt and lack of self-confidence, as if you could be replaced at any time.

the best "iron rice bowl" of this era is your irreplaceability.

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the best way to fight anxiety is to improve your ability, sharpen your major, have a skill, and master scarce skills.


deal with emotions first, then deal with things

encounter things, deal with emotions first, then deal with things later, if emotions are not handled well, things will only get worse.

venting emotions in case of trouble is a weapon for incompetent people. People who are really powerful must be restrained and patient.

having emotions is an instinct, and being able to control emotions is the ability.

when something happens, control your emotions, refuse to be emotional, and stay calm and rational.

A person can control his life only if he can control his emotions well.


think independently, only half of what others say

has heard a particularly gripping sentence: we think independently, we neither think independently nor think.

in today's society, we have fast and complicated ways to receive information, full of good and bad, good and bad.

French mathematician Pascal once said: man is a Reed that can think.

keep the ability to think independently at all times, don't listen to what others say, and don't follow what others say.

when an idea comes to mind at the same time, it's obviously worthless.

ideas that are really valuable are often unique.

A person is closest to the soul when he is thinking independently and abandoning the voices of the outside world.


insist on doing more things you don't like but should do

it's human nature to be lazy, and people all want comfort and comfort.

but if you can get out of the comfort zone and bravely try something you are not good at, it is a kind of growth and transformation.

insist on doing more things you don't like but should do, and if you keep doing it, there will be unexpected surprises.

only when you feel the pain, will you have the motivation to change, and when the pain disappears, you will take on a new look.

in the final analysis, life is the process of eliminating pain one by one, and then gradually becoming powerful.


define the goal first, and then act

compared with rushing, the most important thing is to prepare adequate rations and make a careful plan.

whenever you do anything, make your goal clear before you start and work hard.

otherwise, in the end, it will be just a "pseudo effort" that moves oneself but in vain.

those who have goals, no matter how slow they are, are also progress; those who wander and struggle, no matter how fast, are in vain.

if a person has a clear goal, no matter how slow he is, he will surely surpass others in the end.


No matter how lonely he is, learn to be alone

Schopenhauer wrote in the Wisdom of Life: "only when a man is alone can he be himself completely."

if you want to extricate yourself from a mediocre and boring life, you must learn to enjoy being alone.

being alone allows you to really go into your heart and find the most primitive and true self.

being alone is not only a person's spiritual practice, but also a person's best value-added period.

the better the person is, the lonelier he is.


lose your glass heart and practice your insensitivity

your future appearance is hidden in the persistence of the present, either stick to it or be out.

Darkness is not terrible, what is terrible is that when you encounter difficulties, the first thing you think of is not to face, but to escape.

most of the time, it is not difficulties that defeat us, but our sensitive and fragile glass hearts.

and the best self-healing method for adults is to lose the glass heart and practice insensitivity.

as Junichi Watanabe said in his book insensitive Power:


reduce dependence and expectations

Life is like a reverse journey, often through wind and rain.

it is not reliable to entrust life's expectations to others after all.

A lot of roads have to be walked alone after all, unaccompanied around, no matter how good the relationship is, there will be days when it fades away.

Don't rely on others, even your shadow will leave you when darkness comes.

at any time, please learn to hold your own umbrella, a person to live as a team, to do their own support.


long-term doctrine, study one hour a day

Zhang Quanling said in her speech: "when the times abandon you, they will not even say goodbye to you."

I don't know how many people have poked into their soft hearts, butIsn't it a naked truth?

it is not easy for a person to be in the forefront of the times, but it is easy to be eliminated by the times.

keep alert at all times and form the habit of lifelong learning.

set aside every hour to recharge yourself, keep learning new things, and keep pace with the times.

even if you can't be a trend rider in the tide of the times, don't be slapped to death on the beach.


with hope, people are reborn when they are desperate

for those who want to be better, failure is just the beginning.

Don't be afraid to fail and don't be afraid to make decisions. Life is a process of trying and experiencing.

behind the setbacks is a stronger self, and behind the failure is a better self.

the more things you experience, the more you will understand that every time you reach a corner, you tend to meet a Jedi.

those hurdles that you think you can't cross have finally become a thing of the past with the passage of time.

if you fall on the road of life, get up and move on, you will always reach the other side of success.

self-improvement is never easy.

the reason why many people find it difficult to change themselves is often because expectations are too high and the gap in reality is too big.

you might as well start with one little thing, lower your expectations, do one thing well, and then do another.

May you keep working hard, move forward all your life, live up to expectations, and live a shining life.