Transposition (classic)

Transposition (classic)

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as the saying goes: don't overeat, don't talk too much.

most of the things in the world are in the word "degree".

if it is too strong, it must be broken, and if it is too strong, it must be missing.

We often say that "it is not as good as too much". It means that we know how to advance and retreat and know how to change positions.

people are mutual, and people treat you the way you treat others.

know how to be a person, know how to change positions, so that you are not tired to get along with others!


between people, the most difficult thing is to understand

Zhuangzi once said: if you are not a fish, how can you know the joy of fish?

you are not me, how do you understand my sadness, happiness and life?

what we can perceive is often only 1/10 of what it actually is.

only you know the joys and sorrows of life. Instead of longing for understanding, it is better not to be told by outsiders.

every man has his own bitterness and sweetness in his life.

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Thy honey, the other arsenic.

the heavy burden is not on my body, so I can naturally guide the world lightly.

this kind of hypocritical care is just sprinkling salt on the wound again.

in different situations, it is difficult to understand what others think; in different positions, it is difficult to understand what others are doing.

do not have the experience of others, do not know the suffering of others, do not easily define, let alone ask others to be magnanimous.

after all, everyone has their own rules, which you can disagree with, but respect.


one should know how to be prudent, know how to transposition

pay attention to the heat of cooking, and pay attention to moderation.

Zhou Guoping said: "knowing what is right is one of the signs of a person's maturity."

A person who is good at keeping a balance can better handle interpersonal relationships and take control of his own life. They know how to advance and retreat and dare not be afraid of loss.

the sense of division of life is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of realm.

Seven points, leave three points, is "degree", do not go too far, panic is difficult to choose the road, haste makes waste.

this "degree" is measured, and it is also the two most difficult words in life.

the reason why some people can go well with the wind lies in their insight into human nature.

they know what it means to be impartial, give up as soon as they are ready, and have a very accurate sense of size.

and some people are out of line, too harsh, too picky, and do not know how to think of others.

finally lost the hearts and minds of the people and lost the pattern.

as the saying goes, fish stinks for three days and guests stink for three days.

to be a man, we should adjust measures to the times, size up the situation, advance and retreat to a certain extent.

No matter who you get along with, you should know how to measure and know how to change positions. The world is a mirror, and it will repay you as you treat it.

with the rose, the hand leaves the fragrance; throw the mud, the hand remains dirty.

Rousseau once said:

only in this way, life will be more and more smooth!

in fact, everything in the world is measured.

Life has a ruler, but the most important thing is to have a degree.

think twice before you act.

the balance between people also requires the connection between hearts.

do things with principles, do not pass; respect others, do not hurt;

leave room for everything, life can be perfect.