Trough, the best way to see a person!

Trough, the best way to see a person!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a question on the Internet: "which moment makes you feel cold?"

there is an answer that pokes my tears:

people's hearts are the most gripping when they see clearly and the coldest when they see through.

I used to think that if you are sincere to others, others will pay attention to you.

but after decades of ups and downs, looking back, few people are really willing to lend a helping hand when they are in trouble.

as Mr. Yang Jiang said:

Life is like this. Only after experiencing troughs can we see clearly who is sincere to each other and who is false.


the story of the famous Tang Dynasty generals Xue Rengui and Wang Maosheng has always been talked about by many people.

Xue Rengui was originally a rich second generation with superior living conditions since childhood. Coupled with his magnanimity and sincerity, many people are willing to make friends with him.

but it didn't take long for such a good life to come to an abrupt end after his father died.

Xue Rengui is used to the days when he is used to holding out his clothes and opening his mouth, and suddenly falls into dust from the clouds, which makes him very unaccustomed.

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he knew nothing about business and squandered as usual, so he soon squandered his fortune.

his friends cut him off one after another, and even his uncle showed no mercy to him and never helped him.

he was confused for a moment, and when he was about to commit suicide, he was saved by Wang Maosheng, who was burdened with the burden of making a living.

from then on, he and his wife lived safely with the help of Wang Maosheng.

later, Xue Rengui joined the army and entrusted his wife and children to Wang Maosheng.

after many years, Xue Rengui returned triumphantly and was named "King of Pingliao".

once no one was interested when they were down, but now officials and rich people have come to give gifts and congratulations.

and Xue Rengui only received two altars of "fine wine" sent by Wang Maosheng to replace wine with water.

Xue Rengui thanked Wang Maosheng for helping him when he was in distress, and he was distressed that he was now in straitened circumstances, and it was also his intention to send clear water.

compared to the applause when the scenery is boundless, Xue Rengui cares more about the help when he falls to the bottom.

in order to repay the favor, Xue Rengui kept a secret from Wang Maosheng, renovated his home and bought new clothes and jewelry for his wife. Wang Maosheng was surprised and delighted when he learned of this.

when the spring breeze is full of pride, everyone greets each other with a smile, and it is impossible to tell who is true and who is false.

only when people have experienced wind and rain, do they know who is holding an umbrella for you in the wind and rain.

time knows people, but it is difficult to know them.

time is the best sieve, always spreading false feelings and leaving true feelings.

I have read a sentence:

when you can't see through a person, time will help you see through; when you can't see the heart clearly, you are the most intimate in distress.


trough, the best way to see a person

has read a story.

Jason Wippon, a website owner, appeared in the famous American journal Fortune at the age of 19.

at that time, with the help of investors, he launched a website called "get what you want", which received 9 million visitors in a few months, and he also doubled the value of the site.

many people are amazed at his ability and predict that he will become a global influence.

at this time, he is indeed full of splendor. Many successful people have made friends with him, and many financial institutions have taken a fancy to his potential and offered him loans one after another, which made his company go public very quickly, and in a very short period of time, profits have increased dozens of times.

in the eyes of many people, this is the pinnacle of life.

however, he could not escape the strange circle that things would turn to extremes. Later, the stock market fell, his company's shares fell from the original 168 US dollars per share to 2 US dollars later, and the company declared bankruptcy.

he also fell from the top of prosperity to the depths of dust, his eyes full of mud and dust, unable to see the sun.

later, when he was ready to make a comeback and borrow money from friends around him, he found that no one was willing to lend him:

some people were short of funds under the excuse that they had just invested in the business;

some people said that the company had not been paid wages and had no extra money to lend him;

some people even refused to meet him directly, claiming that they had no time.

he was not reconciled, so he planned to turn to the investment company he had previously worked with, but the investment companies that had been hustling behind him also avoided him one after another, leaving him behind a lot of doors.

he finally understood that when people are high, many people are like the face of clothes, which are good-looking but not necessarily comfortable; when people are in the lower places, only a few people are inside the clothes, and the warmth inside is really comfortable.

A person's whole life! It will not always be a sunny day, but there will always be a storm inadvertently, which will take you by surprise and leave you nowhere to escape.

it is at this time that we can best see through the hearts of the people and see clearly the state of the world.

as Sanmao once said:

when you achieve something, the person who is respectful to you may not be a true friend;

but when you are at the bottom of your life, the person who is willing to give you a hand must be a true friend.

as Bai Juyi said in "difficult to travel":

trough, you can see a person most clearly.


Don't overestimate the relationship, don't test the relationship

the famous performing artist Ying Ruocheng once told a story.

he was born into a large family and usually eats together with dozens of people.

once, he suddenly wanted to play a joke on everyone. He hid himself in a cupboard in the dining room before dinner, and when he was waiting for others to find him for dinner, he jumped out to frighten others.

he imagined to himself what it would be like when everyone was looking for him.

however, to his regret, no one noticed his absence from the beginning.

everyone had enough to drink and eat, so they got up and left the table. He looked at the empty dining room and wilted out to eat some leftovers.