True kindness is mostly silent.

True kindness is mostly silent.

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is really kind and does not embarrass people.

there is such a story.

an old man picking up trash, looking at the steaming rice noodle shop from time to time, his Adam's apple wriggled up and down, obviously hungry.

A young man with his daughter is ready to eat rice noodles.

the young man glanced out casually, and when he was ready to move his chopsticks, he asked the waiter to bring a large bowl and spread out more than half of the rice noodles.

the daughter, who was eating rice noodles, raised her little head and asked, Dad, didn't you say you are a big eater?

the young man smiled and said: dad has a bad appetite today.

after the meal, father and daughter left, but most of the bowl of rice noodles stayed, and no one came to collect it.

the old man entered the store with his head hooked, sat down, took a bowl of chopsticks, dried the bowl of rice noodles like a cloud, then wiped his mouth with his hands and left with satisfaction.

during this period, the boss buried himself in the accounts and the diners bowed their heads to eat.

the waiter quietly cleaned up the dishes as if the old man had never come in.

A new guy couldn't help but grab a few Youtiao and chase him out and was stopped by the boss with a wink.

the boss whispered that he would have no self-esteem and would not come again. Tomorrow morning, you will sit in that seat and cook double rice noodles for you.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "there is no trace of good deeds."

in fact, really kind people are often quiet, not noisy, and even have no signs of giving, charity and compassion.

but give others the most ironing, the most comfortable, and the most comfortable care and warmth.

even for the most humble and weak, we should have enough respect. This is the greatest kindness and good deed to others.


truly kind, know how to leave decency to others

in fact, a person's kindness should not only give practical help to others, but also learn to give others some self-esteem and face.

many times, many people have good intentions. Although they have done good deeds, they have burned the self-esteem of others.

many times, although there is no malice, many people are really good for others, but they make others feel humiliated.

once saw a piece of news.

A hotel owner inadvertently pushed open a private room, only to find that the waiters were gathered together, eating leftovers from a table of guests.

when the employees saw the boss coming suddenly, everyone was at a loss and immediately stopped their chopsticks. The scene was very awkward, but at this moment, the boss picked up a pair of chopsticks on the table and asked everyone to eat together.

at this time, the tense atmosphere in the box immediately became relaxed, and the employees began to eat talking and laughing again.

in fact, when a person learns to take into account the decency of others in silence, this is the greatest kindness and kindness to others.

singer Li Jian once served as a judge in a program.

once, when a contestant introduced himself, he sheepishly mentioned that he was an active singer.

at that time, Li Jian was puzzled, so he asked, "what is an active singer?"

to one side, Harlin replied: "it is the singer who went to sing when the building opened and the ribbon was cut."

after hearing this, Li Jian did not say sorry or comfort the contestants, but said, "Oh, it's just like us."

Enhance your charm in our short red dress for homecoming. Our collection has now made it super cool to get your choice.

is such a simple sentence, which not only cleverly dissolves the contestant's inferiority complex, but also maintains the contestant's self-esteem, but also reflects his deep-rooted upbringing.

there is an old Chinese saying: "Evil, afraid of being known, is great evil; good, wanting to be known, is not true good."

sometimes, when we care about a person, the most important thing is not to use his self-esteem as the price of accepting kindness, but to take into account his decency.

in fact, really kind-hearted people all know how to leave some silent perfection and thoughtfulness to others with quiet help.


truly kind-hearted, let people have no psychological burden

do you have such a feeling? sometimes people do you a favor, even a small favor, if we do not thank others, or do our best, we always feel that we owe others a feeling, and we always feel uncomfortable.

similarly, when we accept the kindness of others, help and send carbon in the snow, we instinctively feel a great sense of shame and burden.

in A Dream of Red Mansions, there is such a story.

when Granny Liu entered the Daguan Garden for the second time, she received silver from Jia Fu and was moved to tears.

and before she left, Ping came to see her off and brought her some old clothes.

Ping said, "although the clothes I gave you are old, I am not very big to wear. If you want to give up the disrelish, I dare not say."

Grandma Liu said with a busy smile, "what does the girl say? I still give up disrelish such a good thing." I only have money, and I have no place to buy such a thing. It's just that I was ashamed. I didn't accept it well, but I didn't accept it and let the girl down. "

Ping'er said with a smile, "Don't speak foreign words. We are all ourselves. That's what I do." Don't worry about it. I still want something from you. By the end of the year, you will only bring your dried gray stripes and cowpeas, lentils, eggplant and gourd strips of dried vegetables, which we like to eat up and down here. Forget this, don't bother with anything else. "

Granny Liu said yes with a thousand thanks.

from these two details, we can feel Pinger's kindness and kindness.

because when Pinger gave Grandma Liu's clothes, the reason why she was afraid of Grandma Liu's dislike was precisely to take the initiative to eliminate her sense of identity and give Grandma Liu a step down..

secondly, Jia Fu is not short of fresh melons and fruits at all, but the reason why Pinger wants to "beg" her grandma Liu is not to make her feel embarrassed to take other people's things for nothing.

in fact, being really kind often doesn't make people feel uneasy or sorry.

when we treat others kindly, we can put ourselves in other people's shoes and find ways to reduce other people's pressure, instead of taking kindness as the moral commanding point to increase the burden on others.


We often say, do more good people and do more good deeds.

in fact, kindness is not only a material almsgiving, a spiritual comfort, but also a care, respect and compassion.

writer Liang Xiaosheng once said: "kindness is not a thing to show others, it is a pleasant and natural thing, just like sometimes, kindness is for the sake of peace of mind."

if we can put ourselves in the shoes of caring for others, it won't embarrass people.

if we have empathy for others, we will take into account the decency of others.

if we really compare our hearts with each other, we won't put a great burden on others to accept your help.

there is a saying: "True kindness is to do good without raising the banner of goodness; to do good deeds without raising the banner of kindness; to do good deeds without being bullied in the dark room; to accumulate virtue without being seen, and goodness is like a clear stream."

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