Tsinghua and Peking University robbed people crazily, and a few words from Hubei No.1 Scholar awakened countless people.

Tsinghua and Peking University robbed people crazily, and a few words from Hubei No.1 Scholar awakened countless people.

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after the results of the college entrance examination were released, high achiever appeared in a pile.

come on, here's the moment to blink your eyes:

Chongqing science champion Xie Xinying scored 726 points. Math 149, foreign language 148.

what makes people admire is that in the high school entrance examination three years ago, they were the top students in Chongqing, with a score of 727, only one point short of the score of the college entrance examination.

and this girl, who has never been to cram school, goes mountain climbing every week.

Shandong examinee Meng Linghao, originally an art student with cello level 10, practiced the piano for at least two or three hours a day. As a result, he got a score of 711 in the college entrance examination, 150 in math, and a full score.

in the face of the reporter's interview, he said modestly: coincidentally, he happens to know how to do all the questions.

there is also the "best college entrance examination class" in Qingdao No.2 Middle School. In a class, there are nearly 20 students with scores above 680.

the most frightening is the middle school affiliated to Renmin University of China, where 28 students scored more than 700 in the college entrance examination in 2020.

what a bull word.

all of the above high achiever are currently being robbed by Peking University and Tsinghua University.

when our children are eager to go to a better university, they are already ahead of the crowd.


in this college entrance examination, there is another boy who is very conspicuous.

Wang Yuhang of Xiangyang, Hubei Province, took part in the college entrance examination two years ago and successfully entered the automation major of Tsinghua University with a score of 697.

but he was not satisfied with this major. After studying at Tsinghua University for a year, he decided to drop out and retake the exam.

returned to Xiangyang for another year, and this year he got another 699 points, which is the second place in Xiangyang science, and he can also go to Tsinghua University.

netizens have mixed feelings about this:

however, there are more comments besides teasing and envy.

A netizen calling himself Tsinghua University said that Wang Yuhang was forced to drop out because the university failed to score 20 points.

this possibility also exists.

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because Tsinghua and Peking University have always had dropouts, and the proportion is not low. Tsinghua University is 7.6%, Peking University is 4.2%.

A large part of it is because after entering college, without the strict control of parents and teachers, they began to release themselves, "crazy" and "useless". In the end, they failed too many subjects and dropped out of school.

I don't know what happened to Wang Yuhang, but there is a strange experience of a champion, which is worth thinking twice.

Zhang Fei of Sichuan is a super high achiever. He took part in the college entrance examination four times, all of which won a complete victory, but his last life was regrettable.

in 2002, Zhang Fei was admitted to Fudan University for the first time, but he was not satisfied with the result, so he chose to repeat it instead.

in 2003, Zhang Fei took the college entrance examination again and was admitted by Peking University.

but after attending Peking University, he was addicted to games and often skipped classes for a year. He was expelled from the school because he failed seven required courses.

Zhang Fei has to go home and repeat it again.

in 2005, he won the top prize in science in Nanchong with a high score of 703 and was admitted by Tsinghua University.

this playful boy is still addicted to games. In 2006, he was forced to drop out of school again because he had not completed his credits.

this time, Zhang Fei changed his name to Zhang Konggu. Three months later, he took the college entrance examination and was admitted to Tsinghua University again with a score of 677.

when he entered Tsinghua University, he reined in, but he still could not completely resist the temptation of the game, and finally narrowly passed the academic test and got his undergraduate diploma. After

, he wants to be a graduate student again, but unfortunately, no mentor is willing to hire him.

he had to start working.

it is said that his job is not very ideal because he still likes playing games. Now completely fall into the mortal world, devoid of all.

there's nothing wrong with being an ordinary person, but with a super brain and a blessing from Tsinghua University, he could have had a better life and contributed more social value.

it's a pity to be so capricious and abandoned.


speaking of this, I have to mention this year's college entrance examination, Hubei's top science student Tang Chuyue, whose total score is as high as 725, including 146in Chinese and 149in mathematics, which can be described as high achiever in high achiever.

this girl not only got good grades, but also the runner-up of the women's 200 meters in the school sports meeting, the piano accompaniment in the singing competition, and the actor of "Zhao Orphan" Zhuangji in the textbook drama competition.

her handwriting is also very beautiful:

and what I want to say most is an article she has written about youth ambition.

there is a passage which is admirable.

she said:

the China you are facing is no longer the one that is waiting to be done, but that doesn't mean you can sit back and enjoy it.

Don't forget the hardships of the road before you can clarify the mission of today's people.

the youth of a hundred years ago were trying to save the nation and revitalize China.

Today's youth should be grateful and worry about the world.

May you have the lofty ambition to serve your motherland and stick to it.

May you be down-to-earth, diligent and hard-working.

in just a few words, you can see the pattern, ambition and national feelings of a child.

I hope she doesn't just say it, but really keeps it in mind.

in a country like ours, which attaches great importance to the college entrance examination, the top students in the college entrance examination receive numerous awards every year.

School reward, government reward, casually is 300000.

Local enterprises are also noisy.Give a bonus, and even the real estate company will directly award a "top house".

there are all kinds of stories of "Tsinghua and Peking University robbing people" circulating on the Internet.

A boy said that after scoring that year, the admissions teacher of Peking University dragged him directly to the hotel and watched him around the clock to prevent him from being amputated by Tsinghua University.

he can play cards with his classmates in the hotel to play werewolves, and milk, tea, beer and roast duck are all ready, but you are not allowed to leave the hotel, because there are teachers from Tsinghua downstairs, waiting for "rebellion"....

after more than ten years of hardship, it is finally dawn.

Pride, glory, applause and reward poured in.

under such a pursuit, I hope that these children who have attracted a lot of attention will not get carried away, let alone pursue fame and fortune.

but to remember his mission, in the words of Tang Chuyue:

have the lofty ambition to serve the motherland and strive in a down-to-earth manner.

you sit on such a good talent, suffer so much, go through so difficult hurdles, walk into a temple like Tsinghua and Peking University, and enjoy the best education.

is not to play games and mix diplomas. It's not to be an inaction loser, not even for your own bright future.

you should have ideals, bear a mission, and strive to learn skills, become pillars, and do great things, with a view to one day serving the country and the people.

Spider-Man has a famous saying: "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility."

of course, the ability is yours, and there is no reason to ask you to do anything, but I really hope you have something to ask of yourself.

because the country needs it, and you can.

I have seen Tsinghua master's thesis falsified and Peking University girls give their lives for money. I hope you must not be such people.

the best thing is to study knowledge in a down-to-earth manner and use good steel on the cutting edge.


now China is in great need of high-end talents.

to give a well-known example:

now foreign technology companies are already producing 5nm chips and studying 2nm technology.

at present, China is still studying the chip technology of 28nm, and it is estimated that it will take two years to succeed.

reality is really cruel.

China spends more than $300 billion on imported chips every year, and even if others open their mouths, they can only swallow it.

who makes us lack of technology?

now, there is no shortage of people and money in China, but there is a real shortage of talents.

it so happens that in this era of science and technology, the most important thing is talents.

so, children with super brains who are about to enter top universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, you are really the future of this country, shouldering the ardent expectations of the people. I hope you will succeed in your studies and live up to your mission.

I have seen a somewhat gripping figure before:

"at present, about 15% of Tsinghua graduates go abroad for further study, and there are more than 20,000 Tsinghua graduates in Silicon Valley alone.

in 2018, 79% of the more than 6,000 Chinese PhDs studying in the United States intend to stay and work in the United States. "

Yes, many of the top elites cultivated by our country are working for the outside world.

of course, if you think the domestic treatment is not good enough and the future is not bright, there is nothing wrong with going to a foreign country for further study.

it is only natural for one to pursue a better future.

but I hope that even if you go outside, you will not change your mind. You will always remember and love your motherland.

if I have a chance in the future, I want to give back to my motherland.

there is a Tsinghua graduate named Shi Yigong, who is my idol.

after graduating from Tsinghua University, he went to the United States, got a doctorate from a famous university, and gradually became a tenured professor at the famous Princeton University in the United States.

in 2008, 40-year-old Shi Yigong, already an internationally famous biologist, has a superior life in the United States-15 mu of land, a 500-square-meter villa, 10 million R & D fees, and an excellent R & D environment.

but he resolutely gave up everything and went back to China to become a professor at Tsinghua University.

then it took 10 years to bring the life science of Tsinghua University to the advanced level in the world.

he said:

because China's scientific research foundation is weak, I need to come back to train scientific research talents for the motherland.

I want to repay my folks. This is the education I received from an early age. I am really grateful and want to return.

at Tsinghua University, every time I give entrance education to freshmen, I tell them:

you must not forget that you not only represent yourself when you come to Tsinghua University, but also represent a village, a county, an area, a group of people, a nation.

you must not forget that you bear this responsibility on your shoulders.

there are really many people in China who are not as lucky as we are. They really need our help and need every lucky person to pay attention to them.

Shi Yigong has also mentioned many times that he hopes that Tsinghua students can have a "big self" in their minds.

what is "big self"?

is not only thinking about myself, thinking about the small family, but also thinking about the society and the country.

only those who have a "big self" in their hearts can become truly valuable and respected people, and let life bloom with dazzling brilliance.


of course, people from Peking University and Tsinghua University are not the only ones who need to have a "big self".

all adults should have more than the "ego".

not long ago, a girls' high school in Yunnan was on the screen, and the story of headmaster Zhang Guimei moved a lot of people.

she went to Yunnan to teach and found Dashan.The girls seldom read books and basically have only one destiny:

get married, have children, work, and have children again. Generation after generation, over and over again.

so Zhang Guimei decided to build a free girls' high school so that girls can study, go to college and see the wider world.

after a lot of hardships, the school was built.

in 10 years, 1645 girls in the mountains walked from her high school to college.

those girls who would have worked in the mountains all their lives went to Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Wuhan University. Start a new life.

this may be trivial to outsiders, but for those girls, it is really a great change in fate.

this year, 159 students in Zhang Guimei's high school took part in the college entrance examination, 150 achieved undergraduate grades, and the remaining 9 were enrolled in online colleges.

159 lives have been reversed.

Zhang Guimei will not be rich because of this, but these efforts make her life sparkle.