Walk with clean people

Walk with clean people

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Chekhov once said:

Life is not for wealth, but for innocence and cleanliness.

this is the bottom line of being a person, and it is also the best self-cultivation for a person.


cleanly dressed is the best attitude

Yang Lan said:

A person's appearance does not determine everything, but it is the most important first impression between people.

A man depends on his clothes and a horse on his saddle. Clothes may not be luxurious, but they must be clean.

some people wear famous brands, but give people the temperament of a nouveau riche.

some people mix randomly and always look lazy and greasy.

clean and tidy, on the contrary, it can win the favor of others.

the famous singer Li Jian always wears a white shirt on and off the stage, looking clean and refreshing.

sing quietly alone in the hustle and bustle.

there is no extra collocation, but it makes people feel good.

if a person can clean himself up, it means that he has a respectful attitude towards life.

not perfunctory, do not prevaricate, will not dawdle. Take your life seriously and take care of it in good order.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: the beginning of propriety and righteousness lies in the appearance, color and obedience of speech.

if a person can keep his appearance clean and tidy, then he can face things leisurely and gracefully.

it's smelly and exhilarating to associate with such a person.


clean speech is the best self-cultivation

the ancients said: words are no more evil than falsification. It hurts more than a sword.

A person's mouth is not clean. To criticize others arbitrarily is to "do homework".

if you have done much, you will get revenge on yourself sooner or later.

A video of a well-known director swearing at the airport went viral two years ago.

because the food was not delicious, the director scolded the airport attendant.

finally the waiter was scolded and cried, but he still clung to it.

after the incident broke out. The director's image plummeted and his career began to go downhill.

the ancients said: evil words are not spoken out, harsh words are not heard.

A truly cultured person will never speak ill of others easily.

they know the power of words. Don't want to hurt others because of the pleasure of the moment.

they understand forgiveness and understanding from the perspective of others.

such people speak softly and firmly, gently and cleanly.

he doesn't have the heart to hurt others, and others don't want to hurt him.


the character is clean, and it is the best word-of-mouth

the ancients said: peace of mind means physical peace.

A person's heart is clean, there is no stain on his character, and he has his own nobility.

they may not be rich, but they live a comfortable and secure life.

after the pacification of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, became more and more powerful, and many subordinates came to curry favor with him.

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among them, one of the county magistrates gave him a pair of words written by Wang Xizhi, which is very precious.

Zeng Guofan couldn't put it down so much that he sent it back intact after enjoying it overnight, saying to the county magistrate:

Zeng Guofan was an official for several decades and kept himself clean and honest. Subordinates send gifts, each time only take some not too expensive gadgets to leave, neither hurt the face of others, nor damage their own character.

he said: if you are careful, you will feel at ease. Only when one's heart is clean and clear, one can face the ghosts and spirits of heaven and earth alone. Only when you have a clear conscience can you live your life openly and openly.

people with clean character will not be held hostage by material desires and will not fall into the abyss of desire.

they have a standard of conduct, a standard of doing things, worthy of entrustment, and more trustworthy.


the circle is clean, which is the highest taste.

the ancients said: Pengsheng hemp, do not support themselves straight, white sand in nirvana, with it black.

the grass grows in the hemp field and can stand without support; when the white sand is mixed into the black soil, it will become as black as the soil.

A person becomes what kind of person he or she is with, and what kind of circle a person often becomes.

so in a sense, to choose a circle is to choose fate.

Dou Wentao, host of Phoenix Satellite TV, has been interviewing for more than 20 years.

know celebrities all over the academic, business and entertainment circles.

according to reason, his circle should be very complicated and crowded.

on the contrary, however, his social circle is very narrow, and he usually has little social interaction.

I basically stay at home reading my own books and drinking my own tea every day.

he has very few friends, only a few, sometimes out of touch for months.

but they get along well and are comfortable.

you are lucky to meet a bosom friend in life.

if you have three or five like-minded friends, this life is enough.

the circle doesn't have to be too big, just be clean.