Walk with good people, work with reliable people, get along with people who understand you

Walk with good people, work with reliable people, get along with people who understand you

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Ruskin, an outstanding British writer, once said:

the more excellent a person is, the more he knows how to use external forces to walk his own way, so that he can move forward easily.

meet a better self with excellent people;

work with reliable people and feel at ease;

live up to your time and yourself with people who understand you!

in this life, what kind of person you spend with will have what kind of life.

make a good choice, even if the east wind is weak and flowers wither, you can still get out of the gloom and have your own scenery all the way.


walk with excellent people

A journey of life, we walk in it, with the wind and dust of the four seasons, trudging forward to the unknown scenery.

along the way, there are ups and downs, thorns, darkness and valley bottoms. Whether you can go bright in the end depends on your own state of mind and the encouragement of the people around you.

Han Han said:

only with excellent people can we appreciate the ripples in the stream of the day, and sort things out in the insipid details.

is like a beam of light in the dark, those good conduct, good personality, self-discipline habits, is to lead us to break through obstacles, drive away decadence, all the way forward.

as the saying goes: if you fly with a Phoenix, you must be a handsome bird; if you walk with a tiger and wolf, you must be a beast.

walk with diligent people, you will not be lazy and negative;

with self-disciplined people, you will know the meaning of persistence;

with positive people, life will be full of sunshine.

this hard journey of life is inseparable from self-healing, but even more inseparable from the sunshine ahead, roadside flowers, accompanied by their own all the way forward.

for the rest of my life, choose the right circle, walk with the best, and make yourself a better person!


Why do people feel tired when working with reliable people?

it is not how hard life is, nor how tired the work is, but the person who works together, who often fails to account for things and goes back on his promises, which makes people tired.

as the famous British psychologist Hardfield said:

the most collapsing thing is to meet unreliable people.

the tasks assigned to him are never completed in time, but complain about others;

make appointments, never show up on time, but put off complaining;

the promises promised are never fulfilled, but full of lies.

over time, my heart is full of suspicions and worries, reminding me every day and panicking all day long.

so someone said:

"Life is not easy to speak of. It is full of the pressure of work and the coolness of the world, so I just want to be with reliable people, down-to-earth and bear the wind and rain."

the greatest blessing is to work with reliable people in life.

they have an echo of everything, take responsibility from time to time, and always uphold a sincere and kind heart in the process of communicating with others.

so, no matter how trivial work and life, there will be a little warmth, let people warm.


get along with people who understand you

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the world of mortals is rolling, mountains and rivers are vast.

through the misty rain of Pinghu, across the shallow years. All our lives, we are looking for happiness.

some people say:

in the vast sea of people, you are lucky enough to meet someone, not to mention the person who really knows you.

without opening your mouth, the other person will know what you mean; with one look, the other person can read your mind.

TA can see through your strength, understand your pain, touch your soul and soothe your loneliness.

get along with it, the more you know, the more you appreciate each other, the more you communicate, the more you admire each other, and the more you talk, the more you sympathize with each other.

the feeling that souls collide with each other gives life light from then on.

there is a sentence in

there is a sentence in

"how gentle the South Wind is"

even if you can't be around often, even if you can only pass through time, as long as you are lucky to meet, it is good enough.


the road of life is long, and there are dangerous shoals everywhere.

if you want to move forward faster, you must learn to gain strength from others and stand on the shoulders of giants.

with excellent people, unlock more life skills and make progress;

work with reliable people, bear every wind and rain hand in hand, feel at ease;

get along with people who understand you, years are no longer sad and bitter, unlock happiness.