Walk with good people, work with reliable people, get along with people who understand you

Walk with good people, work with reliable people, get along with people who understand you

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has always believed the saying: "in this generation, it doesn't matter who you are, but who is around you."

people influence each other.

in many cases, a person's circle of friends determines his character, self-cultivation, and the trajectory of his life.

what kind of friend you choose determines the way forward.

the ability to choose friends hides the pattern of life.


walking with excellent people will become better

as the old saying goes, "he who flies with the Phoenix must be a handsome bird; he who walks with a tiger and wolf must be a beast."

it really matters who you spend your life with.

walking with vulgar people, without pressure, you will become more and more lazy, heavier and heavier, and gradually go downhill.

when you are with excellent people, you will unconsciously keep up with them, push yourself all the time, and you will naturally become outstanding.

what kind of people you choose to go with determines where you can end up.

I have seen such a story.

Mark Hansen, one of the most famous writers in America, met the orator Anthony Robin at a dinner party.

he asked Robin a question: "We are all teaching others how to succeed." But why is it that my annual income is only 1 million, while you make a net income of 10 million a year? "

instead of answering directly, Robin asked him, "who do you stay with every day?"

Hansen replied proudly, "I spend every day with millionaires."

Robin smiled and said, "I spend every day with multimillionaires."

the fastest way for a person to grow is to go with good people.

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when you are in a very good circle, you will not be satisfied with mediocrity.

will constantly cultivate themselves, learn their excellent qualities, self-discipline habits, excellent abilities, and be pushed forward by invisible forces.

traveling with good people can not only help you meet a better self, but also give you strength and guidance when you are confused or go wrong.

to some extent, this can be regarded as a shortcut in life.

so don't be afraid to get along with people who are better than you, and try to be the one others want to be close to.


when you work with reliable people, the road becomes wider and wider

there is a question on the Internet, what kind of experience is it to work with reliable people?

there is an answer that resonates with netizens: he says "OK" to you, and you don't think he's teasing you.

in fact, reliable people just make people feel secure and trustworthy.

A friend moved to a company to work as a creative planner. He was not convinced when he learned that the director was about his age.

but after three months at work, he was full of praise.

because every time, regardless of the size of the plan, the director will actively discuss it, and no matter how busy he is, the email must be answered on the same day.

once the customer was not satisfied with the key project of the company, but he didn't panic at all and didn't put the problem on the bottom.

but do it yourself, lead you to work together to develop a new solution, and finally succeed in winning the customer.

A friend said, "as long as he participates in a project, not only are there few mistakes, but the results are also expected."

being with such a person just makes up for his shortcomings and makes him gradually become better. "

in many cases, when we judge whether a person can work together and be trustworthy, we actually consider the other person's ability and educational background.

but in the eyes of successful people, reliability is actually a more important quality than intelligence.

reliable people may not have the best relationship with you, but they must not be suspicious and worried.

reliable people are not necessarily the best in the crowd, but they must keep their feet on the ground and go all out.

the promises made will be fulfilled as far as possible, and the promises will be unambiguous.

even if it is a pressing problem, as long as you give it to him, you can do it seriously.

to get along and work with such people, it is natural to take every step steadily and forcefully.

but we should always remind ourselves to be a responsible person and win the respect and trust of others for ourselves.

reassure others and reassure yourself, so that the road can be wider and wider.


get along with people who understand you, you will live up to

in this life, you will go to many places and meet a lot of people in this life.

but no matter how wonderful the days are, there will inevitably be moments of loneliness.

everyone thinks you are doing well, but no one cares whether you are tired and how much you have been wronged.

there are always people who say they love you and know your information like the back of their hand, but they can't read you and can't get into your heart.

No wonder playwright Liao Yimei said: "in this life, people encounter love, encounter sex, are not rare, what is rare is to meet and understand."

just like Hu Shi and Jiang Dongxiu.

Zhang ailing once commented on their marriage: "a rare example of happiness in an old-fashioned marriage".

one is a talented scholar of the Republic of China who is rich in learning, and the other is a woman with small feet who can't read big characters. In any case, she can't beat two people, but she accompanies her until she is old.

one of the important reasons is to understand each other.

in that time of chaos, it was not easy for a woman to escape with her three children.

No matter how hard it is, Jiang Dongxiu has not forgotten her husband's more than a dozen cases of books. she knows very well the value of books to her husband.

Hu ShizaiThe letter said gratefully, "all the teachers from Peiping did not bring their books with them." Only my dozens of boxes of books have come out. It's all thanks to you. "

but if Jiang Dongxiu is the one who knows Hu Shi best, then to a certain extent, Hu Shi has accomplished Jiang Dongxiu.

even in an arranged marriage, Hu Shi never looked at her but paid attention to the bright spots in her.

persuade her to put her feet boldly, she can read and encourage her to write to herself.

later, under the influence of Hu Shi, she gradually broke away from feudalism and superstition and really became Hu Shi's good wife.

there is a saying, "it is a joy to know others; to be understood is a kind of happiness."

the sea of people is vast. If you can meet someone who understands you, you will be very lucky.

he doesn't have to be perfect, but he can be the most authentic himself in front of him without trying to please him.

even if I don't say anything, I can understand what you want to say and stay with you silently all the time.

I will always keep everything in mind, and I will feel at ease even if I look at each other without words.

if you are lucky enough to meet such a person, please cherish it.


as an old saying goes, "the success or failure of a person's life depends on whether a friend is virtuous or not."

this sentence is still a wake-up call to the world.

if you can't change your origin, change your destiny through the friends you choose.

go with excellent people, always push yourself to make progress and walk on the fast track of life.

working with reliable people, taking a few detours is half the success.

get along with people who understand you, rekindle your love of life, and become gentle and romantic.

so, step by step, get closer to your best appearance.