Walking, I have reached the age that I can't afford to play.

Walking, I have reached the age that I can't afford to play.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is like a reverse journey, you and I are both pedestrians.

before you know it, you reach the age that you can't afford to play.

looking back on the road, there is the joy of meeting, the pain of parting, the harvest of fulfillment, but also experienced regret.

now when I think about it, it seems that everything in the world has answered the old saying:

work hard through half of my life. When you reach a certain age, how can you live up to yourself?


after the age of 30, they no longer indulge themselves

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there is a saying in the ancients: indulge in pleasure, sorrow follows.

when you are over 30, your body cannot afford to indulge in pleasure, and the temporary indulgence of yourself brings a lifetime of illness and suffering.

getting older, watching many people stay up late while keeping good health, until they destroyed their bodies step by step, they suddenly woke up: people are alive, health is the most expensive.

as Zweig said:

after the age of 30, tell yourself: slow down the pace of life, do not indulge, do not self-destruction, often self-discipline, more spur.

moderate self-restraint and proper pursuit of happiness is the highest way to live.


after the age of 40, when is it best for people not to please others


is often when there is nothing.

because I have nothing, I know that relationships that need to be courted are all wrong, and the end result must be to go their separate ways.

because you have nothing, you are no longer afraid of losing, much less need to expect from anyone.

the longest relationship between people does not depend on blindly giving and moral self-touching, but on generality and attraction.

after the age of 40, tell yourself:

if you don't have the enthusiasm to respond, enough is enough; cover the lukewarm heart, stop the loss in time.

everything is best only when it is just right, don't please others, don't wronge yourself, don't let your heart down.


after the age of 50, you don't owe life

the movie Journey of the Flying House says:

Happiness is the fulfillment of every tiny wish for life. When you want to eat, you have something to eat. When you want to be loved, someone will love you.

when people reach middle age, we can waste time, but we can't consume life.

you can waste your time on things you like, but you can't get stuck in a pesky lifestyle.

after the age of 50, tell yourself:

Life is only thirty thousand days. Instead of wasting time, it is better to live a good life.

raise a plant and read a good book.

the time of a cup of tea is perhaps the rarest time.


walk, learn to be your own ferryman

how many moments in your life, you especially want someone to understand your joys and sorrows and know your sadness.

but it is not until the end when I am alone that I find that there are some things that no one can understand and some suffering that no one cares about.

some words simply cannot be told to others, and some pain can only be understood by yourself.

so walking, I slowly learned to bury my grievances at the bottom of my heart and give myself life-saving straws.

then go to be a calm person, perhaps this is the emotion that a middle-aged person can empathize with most.

Sanmao said:

apart from self-crossing, others can't help.


walk, see clearly people come and go, no longer care about gain and loss

Why the older you are, the less you like to indulge in your moments?

maybe it's because: moments can only be a window, and you finally have to face your own life. After all, people come and go, just everyday.

there is a saying quite right:

those friends who leave halfway might as well say goodbye, say "take care", and then turn around and move on to a new life.

those who accompany you for life, remember to cherish it, say "thanks" for the rest of your life, and then spend the rest of your life together.


as we walk around, we understand that life is impermanent and that we will no longer make public about life

. In this year, we have seen the great grief of parting with life and death, and the inseparability of too many accidents.

finally understand:

Life is impermanent, and it is also the norm of life.

you never know which will come first tomorrow or accident, and you never know if you will have a chance to say goodbye after saying goodbye.

only by letting nature take its course, can everything be perfect; only when people know how to be contented can they live smoothly.

ups and downs are the normality of life, and the only way to deal with changes is to keep a normal mind forever.

when you understand impermanence, I hope you will stop showing it.


Life is over half way, and there is no chance to start all over again.

in the second half of life, no matter what age you are, you must live a different life.

when the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small.

May you look down on the vicissitudes of the world and always be safe in your heart.