What do these boys think of girls wearing makeup?

What do these boys think of girls wearing makeup?

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host: Tong c

guests: the disorganized group of readers represented by Wang Zepeng

# what do you think of the girls around you wearing makeup #

@ Wang Zepeng No. 1

A girl in our class got up too late and went to class without makeup. She didn't look up for the whole session. The teacher named her and said, "I'm not wearing makeup today." In fact, girls should be confident. It is not good for girls to blush and paint eyelashes when they go out for a meal. It is also good to wear light makeup when hosting an occasion or during a show performance. I like to have no makeup.

(nonsense, "like no makeup" means "like girls look good when they don't make up")

@ Wang Zepeng No. 2

after college, "make-up" is the same as "wearing clothes" in my eyes, and will not be prejudiced against girls who wear makeup. I think makeup is the right way for girls to dress up. If she looks good, she will dress up.\ "you come here, I'll help you make it up."

(since you think makeup is the same as wearing clothes, you should like your girlfriend when she wears no makeup.)

@ Wang Zepeng No. 3

I think girls don't have to care too much about the eyes of boys. You don't have to make up for handsome boys to learn to dress up and change your temperament. In fact, it will make you have a sense of accomplishment. Go out and say hello to people are very confident.

(speaking so politely, it should be someone with a girlfriend)

# talk about my girlfriend's cosmetics #

@ Wang Zepeng No. 4

my girlfriend tried to let me pick my favorite lipstick color and thought it was warm.

(can you boys really tell the color of your period and sister-in-law)

@ Wang Zepeng No. 5

girls' cosmetics are bitter, don't ask me why I know.

(. Smile)

@ Wang Zepeng No. 6

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you must give expensive cosmetics to your girlfriend. Anyway, you are the one who eats it.

(. Smile X2)

# do you like girls wearing nail polish #

@ Wang Zepeng No. 7

Don't paint dark purple and black, it looks like poisoning; don't wear green and phosphor, Hong Kong really, low is hot.

@ Wang Zepeng No. 8

I am a manual control, as long as my hands look good. If the hand is not good, then it depends on the relationship, if the relationship is good, then say good-looking, if the relationship is ordinary, then say "this color is very good-looking".

# will you mind kissing #

@ Wang Zepeng 9

when your girlfriend has lipstick on her lips? who cares.

@ Wang Zepeng 10

No wonder my roommate said my mouth turned red last time when I went back to the dormitory.

finally: personally, the makeup on the face is still the second, the most important thing is clean. For both boys and girls, after all, the temperature is more than 30 degrees every day, and everyone is so hot that they are side by side with the sun, the degree of oil on their faces and the chances of getting pimples soar, even if they have to take good care of their skin.

whether you are male or female, if you want to talk about male makeup or female makeup, please leave a message in the comments section and wait for you backstage. I'll see you without makeup tonight.