What home looks like is who you really are.

What home looks like is who you really are.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Moore said that a man has traveled all over the world, returned home and found what he needs.

ordinary you and me, walk hard in the world, whether it is fresh clothes, angry horses, brilliant people, or in a hurry, heavy steps.

go home, take off your mask, take off your defenses, stretch freely, breathe freely, and be who you really are.

the appearance of home is the most real appearance of a person.

Kirk said: "everyone's home is like a castle and fortress to himself."

Home is a place that makes you extremely relaxed and cozy. No matter how noisy and noisy outside the window, you just want to immerse yourself here, spend time and enjoy the sunshine.

it is not only a docking place for the body, but also a habitat for the soul.



George Bernard Shaw said that the most extraordinary beauty in the world is the beauty of home.

whether the room is neat and orderly, warm and comfortable is your attitude towards your life. Is it cherished and cherished?

how can we sweep the world without sweeping a house?

you can imagine that your home is messy and garbage is rampant, and how perfunctory you are to yourself and to your life.

being willing to take good care of it and take good care of it is the biggest manifestation of your love for your home and life.

A post-90s girl in Shanghai rented a 33-square-meter house in Pudong. when she first moved, her family was empty and deserted, which was a veritable "shack".

the girl doesn't make do with it. After work, I began to transform the "home" bit by bit.

do-it-yourself construction drawings and functional zoning for the room.

my sketches are hung on the wall of the sofa. The hall has blackboard walls and online shopping for blue carpets and brown curtains.

between the living room and the bedroom, there is a screen partition.

I have assembled a small nightstand, displaying all kinds of little things that the little girl likes: dolls, picture frames, scented candles and so on.

the soft light at night makes the whole space warm and comfortable.

it doesn't cost much, but the girl has created a real happy and own space for herself.

those who are willing to spend time and effort messing with their home, or even those who enjoy it, must be people who are full of passion and yearning for life.

Home is a place that carries its own unique breath and taste, just like its own personality label, which is not publicized, but it is never the same.

the house can be the landlord's, but the home is your own.

even if the family is in vain, make it as neat and comfortable as possible.

there is a plot in the TV series "parents' Love" in which an Xin accompanies her rightist husband and is sent to a small island to make a living by fishing.

conditions are very difficult, living in a low house by the sea, empty and empty, but Anxin still keeps the house very clean and tidy, and said to her sister, "the only thing I can do now is to be clean."

Don't give up the yearning for home, that is, don't give up the ideal of life and the dream of tomorrow.

Sai Johnson said: "Happiness at home is the ultimate goal of all aspirations and the end of toil of all careers."


the kitchen

although the gentleman is far away from the kitchen.

but the Tian family has been farming, and morning smoke is rising in the well house.

the so-called life is to live alive.

if you get angry, you can't get angry without kitchen fireworks.

if you don't deal with the kitchen, frying and frying, braising and stewing, smoke curling and aroma curling, that kind of life is always like a castle in the air, unapproachable and even less down-to-earth.

the cousin of a best friend, a little beauty born in the 1990s, has been married for more than a year, and the kitchen looks like it has just been decorated, except for a thick layer of ash, which has never been used.

the reason is that neither husband nor wife can cook, so they take turns to eat with their parents every day.

the time is not long, and the two are separated because they are not tolerant and tolerant of each other.

it has been said that marriage cannot last long if it does not fall to such trivial matters as food and clothing.

Shen Fu, a talented scholar in the late Qing Dynasty, and his wife, Yun Niang, lived together all their lives. What he thinks of love is to stand with you at dusk in his spare time and ask for warm porridge in front of the stove.

Jinxin makes delicacies and vegetarian spoon soup.

people who like to cook delicious food must be people who know how to live, love life, and understand life.

Lu Xun loves to eat, and his family specializes in making weekly recipes. Braised mandarin fish, stewed ribs with taro, and thousands of stewed meat are all listed on the menu.

Lu Xun especially loves dessert, especially Shaqima. He thinks dessert is the taste of happiness.

Zhang Daqian not only likes to eat, but also is good at cooking.

he said to his students, how can one learn art well if he doesn't even know how to appreciate good food?

he invited his friends to eat beef noodles, one kind of stew, one kind of braised noodles, and the noodles were of different thickness. he also added Hua Diao wine to the beef soup, simmered slowly for four hours, and kept skimming off the foam.

if you do this, you can be regarded as a senior foodie.

A delicious dish, full of color, smell, taste, teasing your taste buds, but insight into the five flavors of life.

on weekend mornings, you don't have to rush to catch the subway or eat fast food.

Why not cook by yourself, pots and pans, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, in the symphony of the chopping knife, carefully concoct a plate of meat and a plate of green vegetables, taste sweet, sour, bitter and spicy, and live a taste of life.

how fast it is.

fireworks can not live without this kitchen.An inch of land, a variety of flavors on the tip of the tongue.

Food is the most important thing for the people.

be a person who loves and knows how to eat, living a life, but also a calm, carefully savoured state of mind.



half fireworks, half Qinghuan.

Seek for a trendy modest homecoming dresses from chic simplicity to inspired sophistication? Easy to use and great value too.

the kitchen is a place of smoke and fire in the world, and the study is a place of pure joy for the soul.

half a volume of books is refreshing enough with a long aftertaste.

No matter whether the room is your own or the landlord's, whether the area is empty or narrow, there must be a place for books.

even if there is no condition to decorate a special study and there is no space to make a bookcase with the whole wall, you still have to leave a corner for yourself to place your soul and release your dreams.

although it occupies a small area, it is the most vast spiritual space in artistic conception.

Cicero said: "A house without books is like a body without a soul."

the study is the embodiment and sublimation of a person's spiritual world, and it is the place where the soul lives.

Liu Yuxi's study was named "shabby", which means shabby and abject, and his masterpiece "shabby inscription" was written here. "this is a shack, but I am virtuous".

coincidentally, many years later, Wang Yangming exiled in Longchang Yee, Guizhou Province, and named his study "he Muxuan" to enlighten his mind.

the author of the novel I am a Cat, Japanese writer Natsume Shushi did not have his own house all his life, rented houses everywhere, did not have exorbitant requirements for living conditions, and lived a simple and simple life. But every time he rents a house, he will specially decorate his study, which is called "Shushi Mountain House".

Huang Tingjian said: "one day without reading will lead to dust; two days without reading, words will be boring; three days without reading will be disgusting."

the layout of the study and the types of books are the embryonic form of a person's soul.

Haruki Murakami's study has a rich collection of books, unusually neatly arranged and in good order. in addition to books, there are a large number of records, which is the favorite of music-loving Murakami. A rectangular desk in the middle of the room has been used by Murakami for fifteen years.

Karl Lagerfeld, a famous fashion designer and known as "Lafayette", loved most in his life not his fashion world, but his rich collection of books.

his study, which should be a dream place for all book lovers, is said to be one of the famous private libraries in the world.

his private collection of books is more than 300000 volumes, and the two-story space, from floor to ceiling, has become a magnificent bookcase.

he said: "Books have a fatal attraction to me. It's a disease I don't want to be cured."

Borges once said, "if there is heaven, it should be what a library looks like." The library is so big that the study can soothe our tired hearts. "

A corner falls, a book a table, nourishes the soul, ferry the soul, full of bookish flavor, unique pastoral.


steal half a day's leisure from floating life.

go out to work, tired, back home, a table, a chair, every plant, are beloved things, a cup, a meal, always return to the body and mind.

Voltaire said:

Zeng Guofan wrote a couplet: probably floating life is like a dream, let's be fascinated here.

Home is the place where you and I are fascinated and linger.

three thousand fragrant flowers, flick fingers in an instant,

the world of mortals returns, suddenly look back,

May you and I have a home to follow and love to keep.