What is the difference between people who sleep six hours a day and those who sleep eight hours a day?

What is the difference between people who sleep six hours a day and those who sleep eight hours a day?

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more than half of the Chinese have their sleep stolen

there was a topic on Weibo not long ago: more than 50% of Chinese people sleep less.

according to the survey data in Amazon China,

81% of Chinese have less than 8 hours of sleep, 60% fall asleep between 11:00 and 1 am, and 46.61% get up before 7 am.

more than 1/3 of adults don't get enough sleep on weekdays, and few of them make up for it on weekends.

in 2013, the average Chinese slept 8.8 hours, but by 2018 it had shrunk to 6.5 hours.

ask the people around you, it is not difficult to find that there are very few people who can keep a regular schedule and sleep 8 hours a night.

send a circle of friends at one or two o'clock in the middle of the night, and instantly more than a dozen people like it. On a whim, they want to find someone to make an appointment for a midnight snack.

lack of sleep, go to work with panda eyes the next day, and then repeat the behavior of staying up late the day before, is the life state of many people.

the nights are too short, the work is too busy, the nightlife is too rich, and the mobile phone is too fun, how do you have time to sleep?

the moon doesn't sleep, and neither do I.

as a result, many people's sleep time is stolen before they know it.


what do people who often stay up late lose?

what is the difference between people who sleep 6 hours a day and those who sleep 8 hours a day?

the answer is given by an experiment at a sleep school in London, England.

her name is Sarah Chalmers, and she is one of the volunteers for this sleep experiment. This is the state of her face when she sleeps for eight hours a day.

but according to the requirements of the experiment, after sleeping for only six hours a day, her state became like this.

the face is haggard, the skin is rough, and the whole person is listless.

and this is just the change caused by sleeping for six hours for five days in a row.

what if it's 5 months in a row? What about five years?

the answer is frightening to think about.

this is still a visible change. Staying up late for a long time will cause more harm to the body that is invisible to the naked eye.

according to research, there are 711 gene functional changes in young people who sleep less than six hours a day.

these more than 700 genes are directly linked to our metabolism, inflammatory reaction, mental state and mental state.

in short, their changes can lead to hair loss, memory loss, diabetes, dementia, accelerated aging, and increased cancer risk.

and adults who sleep less than four hours a day have 180% higher mortality than others.

search the Internet for the key word "stay up late and die suddenly", and every item found is shocking.

it is reported that 550000 people die suddenly every year as a result of staying up late in China, including 28-year-old postgraduate students, 27-year-old mother of their second child, middle-aged white-collar workers in their 30s and students as young as 17.

accidentally, the person who spoils his body will not be spared for the reason that "he is young". It is said that people live, health is a kind of responsibility, because we do not live for ourselves, but for our parents and lovers. If we fall, who are they going to rely on?

want to be healthy, want a good body, sleep well, and get enough sleep is the first change we need to make.


I hope we can all have a good night's sleep

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remember that in the TV series "Little Joy", Ding Yi and Yingzi couldn't sleep all night because of too much stress.

finally, Ding Yi's last word to Yingzi before he decided to commit suicide was "have a good night's sleep."

I don't know since when, "get a good night's sleep" has become a luxury.

everyone has all kinds of reasons not to sleep. Some people are too busy to sleep, some people procrastinate and don't want to sleep, and there is a kind of anxiety that can't sleep.

I have found that the essence of staying up late is, to put it bluntly, a kind of procrastination and evasion.

the reason is simple: I've been busy when I'm awake, and I don't have time for relief.

it's not easy to get busy. If you go to sleep, you will face all kinds of chores when you open your eyes.

only when you lie in bed and play with your cell phone before going to bed can you really belong to yourself and relax.

so always subconsciously extend this period of time, as if you spend less time sleeping, you can have more relaxed time.

later, after eating enough of staying up late, I found that I was so wrong that the things I needed to solve would not disappear automatically because I didn't sleep, and I always had to face the things I had to face.

sacrificing sleep will only make you depressed and inefficient the next day, spend more time to complete the original task, and then continue to squeeze your sleep time, leaving yourself in a vicious circle.

if you have time to stay up late, you might as well take a rest, get a full state of mind, and then use the saved time to do what you want to do.

but for those who "don't have time to sleep" and "too stressed to sleep", the editor won't give you chicken soup whose body is 1 and everything else is 0.

A few tips to help you sleep. I hope they can help you.

the effect of napping for 20 minutes is better than 200mg caffeine.

after taking a nap for 20 minutes, cognitive ability can be restored by 40%.

instead of drinking coffee as a refreshing drink, be busy.Steal some time, lie down on the table and sleep for a while. A large amount of sleep time can not be guaranteed, 20 minutes, there is always a squeeze.

Don't engage in intense mental activity or intense physical exercise before going to bed.

the brain is too hyperactive, which only makes it more difficult for people to fall asleep. On the contrary, comb hair before going to bed, bubble feet, wear loose pajamas, are conducive to relax nerves, let people accelerate to sleep. If there are conditions, you'd better take a hot bath.

Don't put pressure on yourself and learn to vent.

when the people or things around you are already putting a lot of pressure on yourself, don't put pressure on yourself. Don't think about "if I can't do it, what will happen if I can't do it well, and whether others will be disappointed?" this will only increase your anxiety.

you don't have to live too wisely and don't digest everything by yourself. when you are too stressed, it is a good choice to find a friend to vent or see a psychiatrist.

Life is always full of things of one kind or another, and everyone has his own helplessness, but we have to learn to adjust ourselves.

sleep well, live well, and try our best to live a healthy and comfortable life.

if you have time, if you can go to bed early, go to bed early; if you don't have time, you can sleep a little longer.