When life is at a low ebb: do more, talk less and go to bed early.

When life is at a low ebb: do more, talk less and go to bed early.

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have you ever felt this way?

in the darkest time, we didn't feel well doing anything.

obviously held a good hand, but played a mess;

clearly tried his best, but the result was not satisfactory;

could have had a better life, but chose another path by mistake.

Yes, life is full of ups and downs.

there are so many bitterness and grievances that I can only carry them silently.

during the trough of life, how can we save ourselves instead of failing to recover?

see such a sentence:

in addition to death and suffering, do these three things, we can see the clouds break the sunrise.


do more

at the beginning of this year, Sister Xin was included in the layoff list by the company.

Sister Xin has been looking for a job for two whole months, but her resume has been lost.

there are elderly parents waiting to take care of, the children are still in kindergarten, the whole family has suddenly lost half of its income, and the pressure is all on the husband.

it is false to say that you are not anxious. I inadvertently saw Sister Xin's news in the early morning several times, and she was full of worry between words.

continued one after another for a week, and finally, Sister Xin felt that such decadence was not the way.

next, she made a decision to force herself to be busy and arrange herself to do some simple things every day.

do housework, talk with your parents, or cook a delicious meal for your husband and children.

although household chores are trivial, Sister Xin finds that as long as she is not idle, her attention will not fall into the whirlpool of trouble.

after feeling much calmer, she began to look for new ways to make money.

after seeing a friend doing self-media and carefully consulting about the future of the industry, Sister Xin lit up hope in her heart.

Sister Xin has much more free time during her time at home, and instead of spending this time in wishful thinking, she decides to "recharge" herself.

Operation, video clip, writing. Sister Xin's life is being filled with these new things.

as the saying goes, "busy can cure all hypocrisy."

previous unbearability and anxiety have all turned into motivation to start anew.

do more of the things you love and do more things that receive positive feedback.

instead of entangling with bad people and bad things, you can open up another world by turning your energies elsewhere.

through the ages, clever writers and writers all know the art of dormant.

even though it is difficult to achieve success for a while, I know that I have to do more when I am far away from the temple.

whether Haoshou is poor in the sea of books or directing the world situation in the rivers and lakes, in short, if he is not idle and accumulates energy well, he will be able to muster the strength to move forward.

on the journey of life, if we make good use of those difficult times and do more useful things, they will eventually become our counter-trend growth period.


speak less

Writers and generals Guo once said:

there are many moments in life that are not appropriate to talk about, because what you want is not someone to listen to your past stories, but to understand how you feel at the moment.

be silent, if someone can hold your hand at that time.

I have seen such a story.

A little monkey was injured. It was supposed to cover the wound and wait for the scab to heal and the pain receded.

until he met a friend, he hurriedly opened the wound, the friend comforted him, loved him, and told him how to treat it.

next, every time the little monkey meets a person, he opens the wound and shows it to others.

the hard scab is torn again, and I have to go through another heart-wrenching pain.

finally, the little monkey was miserable because of the inflamed wound.

most of the time, we are like this little monkey, thinking that the care of others can cure grief, but actually doing things that hurt ourselves.

some time ago, Fa Xiao Shen encountered something bad in the workplace.

for several days, her circle of friends exudes negative energy.

to tell you the truth, everyone was worried about her condition, and when the call came, her voice over there was crying with grievances.

when we met at the weekend, Xiao Shen mentioned something bad and began to grumble. Amazingly, all the previously proposed solutions were left behind, and she did not seek change.

until later, another friend said that he blocked Xiao Shen's moments because Xiao Shen vented his negative emotions too often.

maybe, in the hard times, each of us yearns for understanding and comfort.

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however, in this life, I am most afraid of becoming Mrs. Xianglin.

when life is at a low ebb, talk less.

as Lu Xun wrote in Little Miscellaneous feelings:

A man downstairs was sick to death, the family next door was singing the phonograph, and there was a woman crying over her dead mother on the boat in the river.

Human joys and sorrows are not the same. I just think they are noisy.

you don't have to pour out all your sufferings, because there is no real empathy in this world, and everyone spends the winter alone in their own life.

instead of letting your pain become the laughing stock of others, smile, cover the wound and let it heal quietly.


when we go to bed early

low ebb, it is often not suffering itself that affects our motivation to hit bottom and rebound, but that we consume too much energy.

when anxiety strikes, we often take staying up late as a habit.

sometimes we indulge in the mistakes of the daySometimes, it is revenge to stay up late, indulge in games, Douyin and other entertainment, want to release the pressure.

should have accumulated energy, but ended up in an endless cycle and dragged down the body.

recently, Xiao Su hasn't slept well for more than a month because she is about to graduate and looking for a job.

the more she worries about the future, the more she can't sleep. The result is that the next morning, despite the exquisite makeup on her face, she looks very bad, and the interview status is greatly reduced.

finally, Xiao Su had to go to the hospital. In the doctor's prescription, all can't do without four words, go to bed early.

maybe many people have the same doubts as Xiao Su. Can going to bed early really solve the problem of insomnia?

when she got home, Xiao Su readjusted her sleep plan according to the doctor's advice.

in the past, Xiao Su finished her studies at 11:00 in the evening. Now at 10:00 in the evening, Xiao Su starts her "bedtime ceremony".

before going to bed, she takes a hot bath or soaks her feet, and sometimes does yoga to relax her muscles.

she muted her phone and stayed away from the anxious atmosphere in her moments.

the so-called going to bed early actually frees us from daily anxiety earlier and more easily.

give time back to sleep, and we'll have a refreshing morning and a brand new day.

after forming the habit of going to bed early, Xiao Su's mood is more stable and her mind is more active.

I still remember that Bi Shumin once answered the question "how to get through the low ebb of life" in her book:

when you are overwhelmed by exhaustion, the best solution is not to drink and relieve thousands of sorrows, but to lay down the burden and get some sleep. Every day after

, get out of your busyness early and go to bed early.

remember that only when you are good enough to yourself can you run into the beauty of the world.


the low ebb of life, get through it, and have a long way to go.

use this slow time to practice internal skills and do more things that were left behind in a hurry.

in these lonely years, stop complaining and give yourself room to heal.

finally, don't forget to go to bed early and build up the courage to start again.

do more, talk less and go to bed early.

the nine simplest words often contain the most authentic wisdom of life.

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