When one reaches middle age, one knows that enough is enough.

When one reaches middle age, one knows that enough is enough.

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after graduating from college, when I began to learn to cook, I asked a chef friend about steaming perch.

he told me that the key to this dish is that it should be steamed over high heat for seven or eight minutes, and then simmered in hot water for three or five minutes.

the time should be just right. If the time is too long, the meat will be too old and taste poor.

at that time, I was young, and I only thought that stir-frying a dish was rather fastidious.

wait until middle age to realize that the way of life is just like this cooking.

do things with a degree, sensible enough is enough, in order to taste the good taste of life.



during the period of Ming Jiajing, after Xu Jie returned to his hometown, he gave a banquet to invite his neighbors everywhere.

at the banquet, a fellow-villager stole a gold cup and hid it in his hat.

someone else might have found out the scandal on the spot and made him lose face.

but Xu Chi pretended not to see it and turned away silently.

the banquet was about to break up, and the servant checked the utensils and found that a wine vessel was missing.

Xu Jie said, "the cup is still there. Don't look for it."

at this time, the person who stole the cup was drunk and walked around, and his hat fell off together with the golden cup.

Xu Chi quietly asked the servant to secretly put the cup into the man's hat.

later, the man who stole the cup heard what happened that day and was very grateful to Xu.

if you consider the face of others, you will naturally gain the respect of others.

Wu Chengen, author of Journey to the West, said: "when it is convenient, you should forgive others and forgive others."

where the path is narrow, leaving a step with the pedestrian is also leaving a way back for yourself.

on one occasion, Guo Ziyi was ill and officials of all sizes of the court came to visit.

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Guo Ziyi talks and laughs while admiring the dancer Kabuki.

but when a young junior official named Lu Qi came to visit, Guo Ziyi asked her wife, Geisha, to avoid it, arranged her clothes, and sat in front of the case to talk to Lu Qi.

after Lu Qi left, his family and Kabuki were puzzled and asked him why he treated a small official so cautiously.

Guo Ziyi sighed and explained, "this offspring is not in the pool and will certainly climb to a high position in the future." But he is narrow-minded and vindictive. He looks terrible, and you women will be scared when you see him, which will hurt his self-esteem. When he gains momentum, he will be doomed. "

other officials did not have the same consideration as Guo Ziyi. They unscrupulously ridiculed Lu Qi for his ugliness because of his low position.


, Lu Qi rose to the top and became prime minister, and everyone who despised and offended him in the past was executed by him.

Lu Qi has great respect for Guo Ziyi and is at peace with each other.

people live a lifetime, ups and downs is the norm of life, everyone has a time of prosperity, there will be a time when the mountain comes to an end.

Don't get things done, and when you're at a low ebb, no one else will throw a stone into a well.

people never do anything, and when you need help, others are happy to form a good relationship.

in our twenties, we have a clear distinction between love and hate, and we are in high spirits for teenagers.

but with the increase of experience, we should know how to let others go, and we are also fulfilling ourselves.



the ancients said, "if you want more, you will be dangerous, and if you have few desires, you will be flat."

the world of mortals, if driven by temptation, is easy to sink into the gully of desire.

if people can exercise self-cultivation and self-control, they can stay away from calamity.

at the beginning of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang rewarded his achievements.

you can pay homage to the Prime Minister, and all the generals can't help but feel excited, but Zhang Liang disagrees.

Zhang Liang was respected as an "imperial division" and made great contributions to Liu Bang's great cause.

Liu Bang treated him kindly and asked him, "would you like to have 30,000 households of your own choice?"

unexpectedly, Zhang Liang refused: "take the three-inch tongue as the imperial division, seal ten thousand households, the rank of princes, this cloth is extremely, Zhang Liang is enough."

in the end, Zhang Liang chose a Liuxian county with only 10,000 households and was sealed as a resident.

in history, cunning rabbits died, and running dogs cooked countless scenes.

all the princes with different surnames who were enfeoffed in the early Han Dynasty came to a desolate end. The reason why Zhang Liang was able to retire with success and live a comfortable life was that he did not lust for power and wealth.

when we are young, we can pursue it regardless of our lives, but when we reach a certain age, we should know how to ask for what we want.

as Schopenhauer said, "Happiness is but the end of desire."

the desire for indiscriminate spending is becoming more and more attractive, and if the desire is less, the trouble is less.

Tao Hongjing in the Southern Dynasty had the ability to govern the world, but he didn't want to be trapped in the lock of fame and fortune, so he decided to resign and retire.

later, Emperor Wudi of Liang called himself Emperor and invited Tao Hongjing to return to the court.

but Tao Hongjing politely rejected the kindness of Emperor Liang Wudi with a "picture of two cows".

there are two cows in the picture, one eating grass freely, and the other with a gold halter for people to drive.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "Life is only tired by words of desire, just like a horse like an ox, listening to others."

desire is like a yoke. The more you pursue, the less easy it is to live.

only when you go to the second half of your life and control your desires can you keep Qinghuan.


stop goodness

Chen Jiru said in the secrecy of the small window: "if you treat others with more than enough gifts, you can maintain an insatiable heart."

in short, you have to be kind and moderate to prevent others from being insatiably greedy.

when I was young, I thought that I was sincere to others, which would be remembered by others.

it takes a certain age to understand that not everyonePeople will properly accept that goodness.

one of Liang Xiaosheng's readers once asked him for advice.

he said that at the beginning of his restaurant, he invited his friends to eat and drink for two weeks for free.

there is a friend who treats his restaurant as a free canteen.

not only eat and drink for free, but also bring relatives and friends to eat and drink together.

in a restaurant, a friend acts like a host, bossing the clerk around.

this reader is very distressed. He is afraid of hurting his feelings for many years by talking to his friend about it, but it is not the same thing if he does not open his mouth and let his friend behave like this.

Liang Xiaosheng finally suggested that if you don't owe each other a favor, it's better to say it directly. It's not easy to open your own shop to make ends meet. If it's still useless, you don't want this kind of friend.

blindly give, the exchange is not necessarily gratitude, may be an inch to take.

decisively draw a clear boundary and show a clear attitude, but you can protect yourself.

when San Mao went to the Sahara Desert, he rented a house.

in fact, the house is very dilapidated, covered with stains, and the sewage is leaking, but Sanmao doesn't care too much.

she and Jose spent a lot of time decorating and renovating the house.

later, when the landlord saw that the environment of the house had risen to a higher level, and Sanmao's fame had also become bigger, he proposed to raise the rent.

without saying a word, Sanmao took out the contract, threw it in front of him coldly, and said to him, "if you raise the rent, I'll sue you tomorrow."

such a tough attitude makes the landlord dare not cause trouble for no reason.

the weaker you are, the more others will think you can be deceived.

as Yu Hua said, "when we treat the world fiercely, the world suddenly becomes gentle and gentle."

like a rose, it can not only give flowers fragrance, but also prick people.

and the maturity of a middle-aged man lies in being able to maintain a kind background and have his own principles of life.

Master Hongyi once sent Xia Yizun the word "Zhi Zhi".

these two words embody the feelings of Master Hongyi for most of his life.

when the water is full, it overflows, and when the moon is full, it loses.

Life must know that enough is enough in order to be complete and at ease.