When parents are old, the biggest sorrow is not that their children are unfilial, but that they are.

When parents are old, the biggest sorrow is not that their children are unfilial, but that they are.

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when parents are old, the biggest sadness is not that their children are unfilial, but that they have become a burden to their children.

in life, there are many unequal things between giving and receiving, but most of them are accidental.

but it is inevitable that parents' efforts and gains are not equal.

as written in the sacrificial article "Mother":

No matter how much the mother gives to her child,

always feels a lot of debt.

Children give very little to their mothers, and

they all say that they are filial piety.

"mourn your parents, give birth to my hard work". When parents are old, when they can enjoy their twilight years, they are afraid of dragging down their children.

this is not only the sadness of parents, but also the sorrow of children.


the debt owed to parents is difficult to pay off in a lifetime.

A person owes only two people: a father and a mother.

parents give us life, raise us adults, and are the nobles of our lives.

they are the most selfless benefactor.

No matter poor or sick, they always stand beside us and never give up.

people whose parents are still alive will always have more strength in their hearts, and there is still a way out in life.

so I always want to wait, wait, and then fulfill my filial piety.

Bi Shumin wrote:

"We all believe that there will be a long time to come and that on the day when we return home, we can be filial.

it is a pity that we are all very forgetful, often forget the cruelty of time, forget the shortness of life, forget that there is a kindness that can never be repaid, and forget that life itself is vulnerable to a single blow."

parents are our roots, but they wither first.

the natural law of birth, aging, sickness and death is the most ruthless and helpless.

in ancient times, Confucius advocated: "if your parents are there, if you don't travel far away, you must travel well."

this is not against children all over the world seeing the world and chasing their dreams, but exhorting people to practice filial piety in time.

as a child, you can fly high at the right time, but also remember to go back to where your life came from and where your dreams began.

look at the weather-beaten hands and the thin and helpless back.

Don't let it become a lifelong regret that you want to raise your son but don't wait for them.


Don't blame your parents, don't give up on your parents

as the saying goes, "there are all parents in the world."

the meaning of this sentence should not stop at "parents do everything right", which is difficult to convince people.

parents' words and deeds for the sake of their children, even if they are wrong, should be forgiven, understood, and even grateful.

some people may think that it is foolish and filial to be grateful for what their parents have done to them, for better or worse, but this is not the case.

Mencius says: "parents love it, but do not forget it; parents hate it, but do not complain about it."

everyone expresses their love in different ways, and so do our parents, either stern or loving, or silent or nagging.

as children, only from the point of view of their parents and understand their good intentions can they shake hands and make peace with life.

in life, many white-eyed wolves think that their parents deserve their unfilial piety.

unfilial people, they are not perfect, but they always expect their parents to be flawless.

when faced with failure, they always blame their original families for the problems:

parents are too low to climb the position they want;

parents are too incompetent to help their families and careers.

they never thought that it was their parents' all-out lift that created the world in front of them.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: people's kindness to me must not be forgotten, and resentment must not be forgotten.

people who can't even tolerate their parents will never have a good life.

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be filial in time and be kind to your parents

I have heard a folklore that makes people creepy:

in ancient times, there was a special way of funeral-earthen pot grave.

in order to save food, as soon as the old man in the family is over 60, the child has to send him to a tomb like an earthen pot dug in advance.

the child comes to deliver meals once a day, and then adds a brick to the grave.

until the tomb is completely sealed, the child will no longer deliver food.

the old man is inside, either starving to death or suffocating to death.

it is said that most of the old people inside are willing.

those who would rather see death come than drag their children down are brave and sad.

the shadow of those who watch their parents leave but are powerless will remain at the bottom of their hearts for the rest of their lives.

writer Zhang Jiajia said: there are not many people who really treat you well. Don't lose any of them.

people's greatest happiness is never success or wealth, but old age.

"parents are here, life still has a place to come, parents go, life is only a way back."

as children, they must be filial in time and be kind to their parents.


No matter how fertile Fukuda is, even if it is not watered, it will be barren;

No matter how long it is, it will be a pity if you are not filial.

Mencius said, 'filial piety is greater than respect for relatives. "

there is a kind of top filial piety in life:

understand parents' helplessness, tolerate parents' mistakes, understand parents' behavior, and respect parents' choices.