When there is no one to rely on, stand up straight!

When there is no one to rely on, stand up straight!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

No one coaxed when crying, learned to force a smile;

when injured, no one hurt, learned to grit their teeth;

when there was no one to help, learned to carry it alone.

reality makes you understand:

there is always a way to go by yourself.

you have to do it, and you have to do it.

Life is long and many are not easy.

if you don't work hard, no one can rely on anyone.

if you are not strong, no one can count on it.

No one can be your safe haven forever.

No one can be your big backer in this life.

No one can give you everything you want but yourself!

in this society,

everyone has the pressure of responsibility, and

everyone has hardships.

how tired and difficult it is for you to stand alone,

others never care.

what others see is what you look like.

you are tired, you know,

you are difficult, solve it yourself.

you should learn to get used to it.

get used to being lonely and independent.

Don't complain that no one is helping you,

Don't be sad that no one understands,

Don't be sad and nobody loves you.

Life is a process of suffering and suffering.

without these setbacks and blows,

how to develop a copper skin and iron bone, and

how to transform into an excellent and independent you.

Life makes you run up against a brick wall, in order to give you an opportunity.

Life makes you difficult and makes you brave.

Phoenix bathes in the fire before it can be reborn,

worm pupae break its cocoon before it becomes a butterfly, and so can

human beings.

first suffer hardship before they can succeed,

fall first before they rise!

the way to work hard is very hard, and the process of

is not easy.

No matter what obstacles you encounter in life,

No matter how hard your life is hit,

be optimistic, stick to the end,

challenge all difficulties and dangers on your own,

open the road in the mountains, build bridges in every water, and

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become a strong man without fear on your own.


few people help you, and many people laugh at you.

never count on others.

after all, no one belongs to the other.

rely on yourself all the time.

stand up straight when there is no one to help.

when there is no one to help, you stick to it.

believe that there is nothing wrong with you.

rely on your own efforts,

spell out a brilliant achievement and make an earth-shaking achievement!