When you are angry, think about these questions and you will not be angry!

When you are angry, think about these questions and you will not be angry!

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when you are alive,

you will always encounter unpleasant people and things.

I am often angry with these people.

is no doubt that I have a hard time with myself.

because anger is a negative emotion,

not only affects life, but also harms the body, and

punishes oneself with other people's mistakes.

people live,

to enjoy life and experience fun,

not to live angrily.

so when you are angry,

think about these questions first.

when you figure it out,

naturally you won't be angry! 01

can anger solve the problem?

when people are angry,

is not controlled by emotion,

will only act on impulse.

anything can be blurted out,

anything can be done.

so anger won't solve the problem at all.

will make things worse.

only by calming down and thinking calmly, can we find out where the problem lies and

find out the solution in time.


is it a waste of time to be angry?

Life is not long, one day less.

when you are angry,

is wasting life, wasting time,

missing a lot of good opportunities.

people who are really smart will never spend their time on unnecessary things.

seize the present opportunity, make good use of all the time,

remove anger from life,

save more energy and time,

to create more value. 03

is it funny to be angry?

in today's society, people are complicated.

many people are friendly on the surface, but they are playing dirty tricks behind


when you are angry,

not only will they not comfort you, but

they will throw a stone at the bottom of the well and see you laugh.

I wish you would make a big deal out of it.

so don't let these people get away with it.

it's better to relax yourself than to be seen as a joke. 04

angry body, who is responsible?

when people are angry,


, brain confusion,

dyspnea, hands and feet tremble,

is the most likely to cause disease, and when

is serious, it can be life-threatening.

so no matter what happens, don't be angry.

once you get angry and get sick,

you suffer, no one is responsible.

take good care of your body and be pleasant.

if you don't get angry, you won't get sick.

if you don't get sick, you will be blessed.


what is the reason for being angry?

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there is no anger for no reason.

all anger is for a reason.

when you are angry,

think about what caused it?

angry for big things will only be bad things,

for small things, it's not worth it at all,

for trivial things angry, meaningless.

A true wise man will look down on everything.

make the big things small, the small things become small,

keep a good mood, naturally will not be angry. In this lifetime, there is only one afterlife.

if you live, you will grow old.

when you grow old, you will be gone.

since life is so short,

then be happy.

Don't worry about anything, never get angry.

Don't get sick if you don't get angry.

the person who can live healthily and grow old safely

is the big winner in life!