When you can't get over it, go to these three places.

When you can't get over it, go to these three places.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in the movie "this Killer is not too Cold", there is a dialogue:

is life always so painful? Or is it just like this when you were a kid? U2002

is always the case.

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Life is a sea of misery, and no one is an outsider.

if you feel too tired and can't get over it, go to these places.



Hospital connects birth and death.

on the brink of life and death, wealth, status and learning are negligible.

when you go to the hospital, you will have a deeper understanding of life, a sharper perception of happiness, and a clearer truth of life:

in the world, except for life and death, are all small things.

before, there was an article entitled "35 days of a patient in Wuhan". The narrator was a Wuhan native who was admitted to the hospital because of infection.

during his eight days in the hospital, he witnessed the recovery of life and heard the accelerated pace of death.

he wrote:

when he walked out of the hospital, there was no joy of survival, but left a short confession:

many people often forget why they live, but the hospital always gives people a warning:

this is the deepest weight in the world, not power and money, but the weight of life. The greatest happiness in the world is not a house and a villa, but a porridge and a meal, safe and sound.

Life is impermanent, and no one can predict which comes first, tomorrow or accident. The only thing that can do well is to live in the present.

instead of regretting for life, it is better to cherish every moment: eat with your parents, have a heart-to-heart talk with friends, take a walk with your lover.

while there is light in the eyes, love in the heart, spring blossoms, to see the people you want to see, to do what you want to do, is the greatest way to live up to life.


in the early morning

someone has made such a schedule:  3:00 takeout boys are still taking midnight snacks to overtime white-collar workers


the middle-aged people who socialize at the dinner party have just arrived  4:00 the truck driver is ready to serve breakfast and the mother-in-law is toiling through the narrow alleys at 5:00 to wake up the city's sanitation workers to Xiao se's streets

if you think life is too difficult. Just take a walk in the street in the early hours of the morning and have a look.

you will see that in the boat of life, no one is easier than the other, and everyone is doing their best.

there is no way of suffering in the world, as is the case for all living beings.

at 3: 00 in the morning, the road was empty and an old woman was sleeping on her stomach on the cart.

many people will feel that God treats them badly and that they are born unlucky, but look around, everyone is fighting hard with life, and no one lives more easily.

the TV series "White Deer Plains" has a line:

it is exactly: everyone suffers, but you have to make your own way.

when you walk around the street in the early hours of the morning, you won't always feel sorry for yourself and be bitter about your suffering.



Leonardo da Vinci said that exercise is the source of all life.

an exercise is like a physical and mental detoxification, which helps to heal the body and mind and improve the happiness of the mood.

every time I visit moments, I can see Sister he in the community sharing her feelings and feelings about sports.

Sister he often changes into sportswear after work and goes for a run on the playground in the community.

she said, sweating and blowing the wind, this is all my own time, and the pressure of work and depression dissipate with the evaporation of sweat.

after running, I slept comfortably and had a good sleep, and the next day I was full of strength to fight with life.

exercise can not only change a person's appearance and posture, but also bring hope to life and make people love life.

although life is difficult, exercise is the cure for everything.

when you focus on exercise and fitness, your mood is away from the hustle and bustle, and you quietly feel a little better in your body and a little happier in your mood, what else can't you get better?

I very much agree with a sentence:

some people go to work or come home from school, they will take a long way around, experience a new situation, and look at the world from a different perspective.

when you are in a bad mood and want to change your mindset, maybe it's time to go for a walk.

is not necessarily a scenic spot. Hospitals, streets, sports grounds and vegetable markets are all good choices. Maybe if you are not careful, the whole person will take on a new look.