When you see through everything, you will get better and better!

When you see through everything, you will get better and better!

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it is impossible to have everything going well in life. There are always people who are better off than us, and there are always people who are happier than us.

the height of life is not how much you see, but how much you see through.

see through, but in the blink of an eye; see through, but free and easy.


when you see through everything, you know that health comes first

more than half of your life, knowing that health comes first, money and status are fleeting.

Life is not long, more than 30,000 days, tomorrow and accidents do not know who will come first, should cherish.

one writer wrote: "when people are young, they always think that death and illness only patronize others."

the most common mistake people make is to trade their lives for other things when they are young.

exchange your life for money before the age of 55 and after the age of 60.

people should take care of their own body. In the end, no one will pay for you. Only you can be responsible for yourself.

having a healthy body is the greatest blessing in life.

only what you really hold in your hand is the rarest!

Life is not easy, there are high winds and showers on the road, but also sunshine and rain, take good care of your body and face the complexity of the world calmly.

all you want to do is to have a clear conscience and live in peace and health.

when you see through everything, you know the meaning of life is to be grateful for your health and life.


when we see through everything, we know that the truth is valuable

the ancients said: gold is easy to get, but it is hard to find it from the heart.

when people live a lifetime, we will meet tens of thousands of people, but very few of them are sincere.

when you meet someone who really treats you, cherish it.

in this world, only love and true feelings can not be disappointed.

Don't snub someone who is sincere to you. If you miss it, you'll never get it back.

even if you get it back, you won't get it back.

if the money is gone, you can earn it again, but if you really don't have it, you can never get it back.

Caigen Tan once said, "We must not forget people's kindness to me, but resentment must not be forgotten."

others help you, not because they owe you, do not be ungrateful, those who are good to you must not be disappointed.

Life is short and kindness is precious.

Don't forget the people who helped you, and don't lose the people who are kind to you.


when you see through everything, you are free to live

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: to see the pre-court flowers blossom, there is no fear of favor or disgrace; looking at the sky, there is no intention of leaving or staying.

only when you see through, can you not like it, lose it, and have the elegance of leisure to enjoy life.

Life is to live the same no matter how great the suffering is.

rise and fall, over and over again, fall, stand up and move on.

Don't worry about yesterday, don't worry about trifles.

people live a lifetime, and finally know that they should be kind to themselves.

Why should you always have a hard time with yourself and have too much obsession?

Don't care about other people's opinions, and don't envy other people's lives.

when you see it clearly, you will despise it, and smile in the face of those who don't like it.

when you see through everything, you are not disappointed in the world, not just to despise everything, but to live more calmly.

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when you see through everything, you see through life!

can stand the ups and downs and let go of great sorrow and joy.

Life is not easy, watch while walking, walk and cherish.

relax your heart, live well, cherish the present, and live well.