Where does man's good fortune come from? (wake up after watching it)

Where does man's good fortune come from? (wake up after watching it)

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Bessie is a very ordinary middle-aged woman, because she always does not know how to manage a long-term relationship, she has been divorced three times and her life is a bit more down and out.

on one occasion, because she picked up a painting thrown away from the garbage that she had to pass through every day, she had a dark life and earth-shaking changes had taken place.

she was transformed into one of the few rich people around her.

Xiao Bu, a worker, had to share a 10-square-meter cottage with her boyfriend because he was short of money.

on this day, they went to a paid mining experience area in the park to see if they could find any treasure.

unexpectedly, Xiao Bu really dug up a shiny thing and suddenly changed from a civilian to a wealthy middle class.

after reading these two true stories, there are a lot of crazy messages at the bottom:

Why are they so lucky?!

without doing anything, he has millions of assets, and his life has soared and reached its peak.

but after reading the complete stories of the lucky ones, the answer is slowly uncovered. There are deep-seated reasons behind the fact that they can be blessed by the gods of luck.

these seemingly bizarre and exciting stories of sudden wealth are recorded in bilibili's documentary Life of getting Rich with a score of 9.5.


there is no good luck out of thin air

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all luck is accumulated earlier

there is a cook named Charlie Ayers in the documentary.

he was originally just a dishwasher with his own ordinary ambition: to be a satisfying cook and make delicious food.

later, through his own efforts, he really got into the home of a rich man and became a private cook.

but because the tycoon is always picky about his food, and often pointing around, the two are very unhappy.

soon, Charlie changed jobs and went to a company to make lunch for his employees.

when he first joined the company, he found that his employees were "playing" every day, and he began to worry that the company would not last long.

but he does not worry too much about this problem, but still wholeheartedly cooks every meal for his employees and does his job well.

because lunch is done very carefully, it has been at the top of the TOP10 list of "employees' nostalgia for the company" for many years.

in addition, to Charlie's surprise, the company did not dissolve or close down as he once thought, but grew bigger and bigger.

in order to praise Charlie, the boss gave him a raise and finally allocated him $10,000 in option subscription shares.

it wasn't long before the company went public on its own scale.

this company is still known by many people as a very large search engine company, Google.

and the value of the shares that Charlie bought at $1.40 per share soared to $10 million in a short time.

Charlie suddenly changed from an ordinary cook to a tens of millions of rich people, which surprised him beyond belief.

because of the legend of his story, he was also invited to be interviewed by well-known media.

this sudden wealth falling from the sky, is it really just Charlie's luck?

in the final analysis, his own reasons are also indispensable.

he did not fool his work because the company was small, but still concentrated on preparing lunch for his employees.

these are the sources of good luck. If Charlie does his job, his lunch will not be loved by employees, nor will it be approved by the boss of the company.

his good luck is another important identity of his diligence and seriousness.

without the solidity of the previous work, there will be no luck for rewards later.

Life sometimes wears a mask, and fate secretly helps us record our achievements when we bow our heads and work hard.

maybe we can't see it right now, but when the harvest really comes, we will smile and give fate a high-five.

as the writer Schopenhauer said, "only when you know the end of a book can you understand the beginning of a book."

only when we see the reward of fate can we understand the meaning of giving.

there is no luck out of thin air. Luck is hidden in daily actions and in the accumulation of progress.


the way to maintain good luck

is to know how to be grateful and return

there is also a young man named Obi in the documentary.

Obi was jailed for being framed at the age of 19.

spent 17 years in prison.

in the middle, he did not stop defending his rights for a moment. He wrote to the relevant departments to request that the case be reviewed again, and has been struggling with reality.

finally, at the end of his 17-year sentence, the prosecution determined that the key person in the case had committed perjury and Obi was wrongly imprisoned.

from the young boy before prison to the middle-aged man after a long struggle for rights, Obi's hard work and twists and turns are inseparable from his girlfriend Denise's firm waiting for him.

the two grew up in the same community and knew each other very well.

so when Denise heard Obi say that she had been wronged, she believed him very much.

even said in prison that he wanted to be with him for the rest of his life and would wait for him to get out of prison.

because of Denise, Obi has a stronger motivation to insist on redress.

Trust is a kind of sense of security, a kind of I am willing to stand with you and give it to you.Power. With the help of Denise, Obi gradually integrated into the society.

after he was released from prison, Obi also did one thing, that is, to apply to the government for compensation due to being jailed for injustice.

I have been on the road of application for another 4 years.

four years later, Obi finally received a settlement of $8.3 million, the largest settlement in California.

for a while, Obi became a millionaire, which had previously been thought impossible.

Obi gets this settlement payment, the first thing is to improve the living conditions of his girlfriend. He is very grateful to his girlfriend for her persistent and unconditional help.

except for a more spacious house and improve their quality of life, Obi did not squander the rest of the money, but set up a "halfway house".

this is an organization specially built for those who are released from prison, which can help those who have been released from prison to better transition to society without being unable to survive for a while.

in the face of the huge amount of money that can make him worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life, Obi has not been held hostage and lost his mind, but with a kind heart to return and be grateful.

there is someone else in his heart. After

, Obi and Denise, both with a sense of contentment, believe that they will live a peaceful and happy life in the future.

the more the value choice at the critical moment, the more it can show a person's character and conscience.

A person with a grateful heart is trusted by the people around him, because he is convinced that affection will not be disappointed, and such a person will also get the support of others.

in the big ups and downs, can make the right choice, in the future, will not easily walk into the swamp of life, this is a lifetime of good luck.


every step

will usher in good luck

read such a true story of ordinary people on the Internet.

from his story, we can feel that the good luck of an ordinary person is really in our own hands.

Zhang Hongjun was born in the 1970s. He remembered that when he was a child, his family was not rich, but he was very happy in the company of his family.

but unfortunately, at the age of 16, his mother died early because of illness.

in order to pay off the debt owed by his mother for medical treatment and support the family, the young Zhang Hongjun had to drop out of school and start farming.

during the summer vacation, because of the hot weather, when spraying pesticides, Zhang Hongjun accidentally got pesticide poisoning and fainted.

later, fortunately, it was discovered in time, so that no accident happened.

after waking up, Zhang Hongjun thoroughly figured out that he could no longer bury his young self facing the loess.

after spring ploughing, there is an autumn harvest, and the fields will never be planted, but the opportunity to work hard while you are young is very short.

after tidying up the farm work at home, he chose to go out in search of opportunities.

in 1994, Zhang Hongjun, carrying his simple luggage, went from his hometown in the countryside to a big city and got a job.

although the position he is engaged in is at the lowest level, he never stops recharging himself during his work, and even if his income is meagre, he is willing to devote all he has to arm his brain.

in just a few years, Zhang Hongjun went from a grass-roots post to "having his own desk", to the secretary to the general manager, to the current department manager.

his progress is far faster than that of his peers.

of course, his present achievement is inseparable from the lamp he picked up in the middle of the night, worthy of those years when no one was interested.

after work every day, instead of hanging out with other colleagues, Zhang Hongjun stays in the house, reading and studying.

at work, when you encounter a knowledge blind spot that you don't understand, you will consult your elders with a pious attitude, and then take the time to digest it by yourself until you understand it thoroughly.

as his colleagues said to him: "sensitive to deeds but slow to words."

immerse all thoughts and pursuits in action and let the results speak instead of boasting and saying a lot of useless words every day.

ordinary people who move forward in a down-to-earth manner will have their own good luck.

good luck doesn't necessarily mean picking up a pie falling from the sky or winning the jackpot.

as long as you do what you want to do and follow your heart to do the right thing, good luck will come.

A person's good morality can bring him good luck;