Whether a man is blessed or not depends on his wife.

Whether a man is blessed or not depends on his wife.

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A man's greatest blessing in his life is to have a virtuous wife;

the greatest success is to have a harmonious family;

the most admirable accomplishment is tolerance for his wife;

the most respected image is the responsibility of the family!

A man who is kind to his wife and responsible for his family must have a smooth life and his work must be prosperous with each passing day.

in fact, whether a man is lucky or not can be seen from his attitude towards his wife.


getting married is a man's second reincarnation

some people say that getting married is a woman's second reincarnation. In fact, marrying a wife is not a man's second reincarnation!

Men choose the wrong woman, and there are not a few people who have no peace at home;

Men choose the right woman, and there are plenty of people in women's families to get rich.

what kind of woman you choose is also a change for men!

find the right person, accompany you in the best part of the trough, share problems with you, women with responsibilities, take care of parents, educate children, be sincere and reassuring.

once you choose the wrong woman and have children, you can't divorce easily. For men, it's an abyss!

take a wife and marry Xian! Virtuous women take care of the family, love the family, with her, family and harmony, have a good atmosphere, the days are getting better and better.

A good wife, a prosperous and prosperous family, is the greatest boost to the development of a family!


the wife is the "blessing" of the family, and the husband is the "blessing" of the wife

A family, having a good wife, supporting the elderly with you, educating children, and accompanying you through thorns all the way, is the greatest blessing for the family.

but a good wife is not born with pain.

if a man is always angry with his wife, easily abandoned, and does not know how to be kind to his wife, how can his wife give back to his family and be kind to his family?

lose your temper with your wife and be unkind to your wife. No matter how virtuous a wife is, her patience will be worn out and her enthusiasm will be dispelled!

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if you regard marriage as a battlefield, you will get a mess and no happiness;

if you treat marriage as an ashram, you will gain common growth and good luck.

Men take care of women, women are as beautiful as flowers, who says they are beautiful;

Women take care of their families, and their families work together, and everyone envies them.

if you want a good family, husband and wife must be of one mind and make progress together. Only when there is love, tolerance, concession and treasure at home, can there be happiness and harmony!


be kind to your wife, she is the wealth of your life

Venus once said:

Women are more emotional and emotional than men, and they are easy to lack sense of security.

it is impossible for men to think the same way about women. There are some things that men feel nothing and do not call them things, but women will care more about them.

Man, if you don't understand your woman's mind, you don't have to think about it, remember her words and don't do anything to hurt her.

in fact, a family is the land of the couple. Only by working hard together can the family become rich; only by being modest to each other can we be with the family; only by moving forward hand in hand can we start a family!

if you want to get a like-minded wife who pays for you with no regrets, as a man, you must know how to be kind!

be kind to the woman who shares your joys and sorrows all her life.

if you give your wife more care, treasure and love, your wife will give you a harmonious and happy family!

Men remember that to be kind to his wife is to be kind to himself!