Whether a man is blessed or not, you can see from his wife that it is very accurate!

Whether a man is blessed or not, you can see from his wife that it is very accurate!

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as the ancients said, "there are few misfortunes between a virtuous wife and a good husband, and a son is filial to his father."

A woman is the feng shui of a family. Whether a man is blessed or not depends on his wife.

and the quality of the wife often depends on the man's attitude towards his wife and the most authentic character.



A person will meet a lot of people in his life.

some people pass by, some meet by chance, some accompany for a while, some work together for a lifetime.

the wife is the family we choose and the one who will accompany us all our lives.

from the moment she married us, she let go of herself and made numerous compromises for us.

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whether rich or poor, always stand beside us and give strength;

regardless of gains and losses, hold up half the sky for the family and pay silently.

I agree with the saying: "A wife is a man's luck."

getting a good wife is the greatest blessing in a man's life.

in life, some men think that getting a wife and having children is just a task, and they take it for granted that they treat their wife as a servant babysitter without any responsibility or responsibility.

if you have a little trouble at work, you will get angry with your wife; if you are not satisfied with your life, you will complain about your wife.

treat the people closest to you with the worst temper day after day.

little do you know that a man who is bad to his wife is doomed to a bad career and a bad family.

in the Book of Rites, it is said: "Father and son Benedict, brother harmony, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

Men always have a greater sense of accomplishment in running their own marriage than in running their own business.

A happy marriage and a prosperous family is the greatest success in one's life.


Thanksgiving wife's kindness, giving and receiving the same love

is a very equal thing, but the addition of feelings will certainly make the two out of balance.

in life, many women, because of love, are infinitely tolerant and tolerant of their husbands, and take charge of family affairs, but end up thankless in the end.

once a man is used to preferential treatment, he will ignore his wife's efforts and sacrifices, gain an inch and don't know how to be grateful.

treat his wife as an outsider, take desperately, unwilling to give.

such a man is generally incompetent and only knows how to live in a nest.

A man with real ability will take his wife's beauty in the eye and give back the same or even more love.

they will treat their feelings attentively, play up their families with love, and set a good example for their children's views on marriage and family.

Venus said a classic saying:

"Women are water. If you meet me with 0 degrees, I will immediately become ice;

if you love me with 100 degrees, I will boil;

if you treat me with 50 degrees, I will not be cold or hot."

feelings are mutual, and if they are not equal for a long time, they are bound to collapse.

A man who treats his wife kindly has a more successful marriage and a happier family.


being kind to his wife is the best investment for men

once read such a topic on the Internet: "Men, how much money do they have to earn each month to support a family?"

one answer received numerous likes: "I earn NT $30,000 a month, but I think it is my wife who supports this family."

Women's grievances are often due to the blind eyes of men.

Women feel cold when they are aggrieved for a long time, and even take back their selfless dedication in the family silently.

A truly happy marriage is inseparable from a man's affirmation and kind treatment of his wife.

Buffett, the god of stock, once said:

being kind to his wife has the highest rate of return, and it is the best investment in a man's life.

as the saying goes, "if you give your wife three points of love, the wife will give you seven percent of love." A man will be kind to his wife first, and the blessings will be endless.

gentle wives are spoiled by their husbands, and considerate wives are spoiled by their husbands.

Women are the soul and core of a family, which affects the fate of three generations.

A man who treats his wife well is blessed all his life.


I agree with the sentence: "your parents determine your starting point, while your wife determines your end point."

your attitude towards your wife determines your fate for the rest of your life.

it is the duty and responsibility of mature men to be kind to their wives.

A man who is good to his wife will be good all his life.

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