Whether you are a couple or a lover, do not take the initiative to do these four things. If you take the initiative, you will lose.

Whether you are a couple or a lover, do not take the initiative to do these four things. If you take the initiative, you will lose.

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Don't give up your image

Zhang ailing said:

No woman is loved because her soul is beautiful.

this sentence applies even if you are married.

have seen such a news:

Liu Yajuan is a beautiful executive, returnee, good-looking, good figure, these are the capital that she used to be proud of.

after returning home, she met a man who was obedient to her, and the man even told her:

"I really want to make you fat, so you won't run away after you get fat."

this sentence has become Liu Yajuan's reassurance.

after her pregnancy, her weight soared to 180 jin, but the man's attitude changed dramatically:

"you can do whatever you want when you are thin, but I really can't stand you now."

finally, Liu Yajuan became a single mother.

there is such a lyrics in "have you all my Life":

Human nature is bound to be vulgar. Never underestimate the speed at which feelings deteriorate.

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from the day you give up your image, the hidden dangers of marriage have quietly emerged.

keep your life refined and your appearance decent and generous, not to please others, but to try to become a better yourself.


at the age of 18, Zhang Liangying met Feng Ke, 31, and began to break into the entertainment industry.

to her, Feng Ke is a benefactor, a business partner, and a lover who always refuses to give her an answer.

Children who lack sugar, the more alienated they are, they want to hold on to each other.

in 2015, Zhang Liangying proposed to Feng Ke with tears in her eyes on the stage.

the cheers of fans resounded through the venue, and a minute later, Feng Kecai reluctantly appeared on the stage.

he didn't agree and wanted to return the microphone to Zhang Liangying, who refused to answer it.

he had to express his thanks hastily and step down in a hurry, leaving Zhang Liangying embarrassed and lonely on the stage.

later, Zhang Liangying looked forward to the wedding she wanted, but two years later, Zhang Liangying got cold and took the initiative to leave.

warm and humble efforts may be able to maintain the appearance of perfection for a while, but they cannot deceive time.

the enthusiasm for not getting a response will one day dissipate like fluttering water vapor in disappointment after disappointment.

the right person, do not want you to wait too long, he will hold your hand firmly to the future.

Don't love someone you need to chase desperately. No matter how much you love, don't lose your self-esteem.


Don't give up work

how many people were once the King of Comedy, Yin Tianqiu said to Liu Piaopiao, "I support you" moved to tears.

the word "raise", no matter how beautiful the verbal promise, it will only be a chicken feather in reality.

in the TV series Mr. Love, Song Ningyu has an affair and his marriage to his wife Gu Yao is torn to pieces.

Gu Yao asked Song Ningyu to get out of the house, and Song Ningyu was angry.

in his opinion, his wife is a housewife who does not worry about food and drink, enjoys her success, and does not seek to make progress.

because his wife is not satisfied, why should he hand over his hard-fought wealth to others?

he forgot that the woman who revolves around her family every day used to be a college beauty and had a career of her own.

it was he who knelt down and begged Gu Yao to be a housewife, and it was he who promised to support her for the rest of his life.

for seven years, the treasure in the palm of his hand has become what he calls a gluttonous and lazy woman.

many people do not understand why a man's "I support you" will eventually become "I am raising you".

there is such an explanation:

the man said I raised you. It means to be in charge of food, food and housing, which is similar to that of a recruitment unit.

if you still want to buy expensive cosmetics, expensive clothes, high heels, bags, concert tickets, buyers, etc., it depends on the mood of the boss (husband).

there is no eternal fairy tale in this world. Women who ask men for money and lose their social competitiveness often end up being disliked.

Don't be a woman with palms up at any time.


Don't be too sensible

have read such a sentence:

at the age of 18, Yu Fengzhi married Young Marshal Zhang Xueliang.

she doesn't share the pride of a rich lady, serves her parents-in-law wholeheartedly and keeps the handsome house in good order.

Zhang Xueliang is out of love, she does not cry, she does not make noise; Zhang Xueliang wants to welcome Miss Zhao through the door, she also gives in painfully.

in the Xi'an incident, she ran around for Zhang Xueliang, who was imprisoned, and had to go abroad for medical treatment.

before leaving, Zhang Xueliang told her not to come back, and she agreed.

far away in a foreign land, she invests desperately in the stock market in order to accumulate more property for Zhang Xueliang and her children.

she bought two houses, dreaming that on the day when Zhang Xueliang was free, they and Miss Zhao would spend their twilight years together.

she can change from green hair to Huafa, and she is only waiting for the news that her husband parted halfway and married Miss Zhao. For decades after

, she prided herself on being "Mrs. Zhang" and looked forward to the day when she was reunited with Zhang Xueliang until she died at the age of 94.

beside the graveyard where she was laid to rest, she left a space for Zhang Xueliang. Her only wish was to be buried with her husband.

Zhang Xueliang, who has been breaking his appointment all his life, is the mostIn the end, I failed her and chose to be buried with Miss Zhao.

when the water is full, it overflows, while the full moon lacks.

whenever, do not trade your own grievances for the comfort of others.

the initial understanding and sensibility may be able to get a touch of emotion, but as time goes on, it becomes really cheap, and touching is not worth a penny.


Schopenhauer once said:

your initiative should be based on a relationship in which you come and go.