Who are you going to meet? it was meant to be.

Who are you going to meet? it was meant to be.

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Sakyamuni once said:

I think so deeply.

there are many things in this world that have their own destiny.

the vast sea of people, who you will meet, has long been doomed.


all meet is fate

all say that the world is so big that we can meet tens of millions of people in our lifetime;

but the world is so small that among thousands of people, we only know one person.

in fact, all the encounters and parting in this world can not escape the word "fate".

how can we meet if there is no karma?

as the saying goes:

fate between people is a very wonderful thing.

if you miss it, even if you stand shoulder to shoulder, you will be doomed to separate and eventually become a passer-by.

if we are predestined, even if we are apart, we will cross thousands of mountains and rivers to meet each other.

just like Zhinu and many fairies came down to earth, the cowherd just took away Zhinu's clothes, and the two met and fell in love and became husband and wife.

just like Xu Xian, she happened to meet the White Lady who was drenched in the rain with nowhere to hide, and the two met their eyes and fell in love at first sight.

just like Baoyu and Daiyu, because of the karma of previous lives, Daiyu was able to meet again in this life in order to repay her kindness.

all encounters are fate.

if it is not because of fate, the world is so big, why do billions of people come across someone in a roundabout way?

in this world, there is no meeting for no reason, no acquaintance for no reason.

every time we meet, it is predestined;

the appearance of everyone has its unique meaning.


it is providence

once I thought that if we cherish each other, our feelings would not fade;

once I thought that if we were truly in love, no one would be cool.

once I thought that if I fell in love with each other, I could be together forever.

in the end, the more people you know, the more you experience on and off, and it becomes clear that

the last thing a person can force in his life is fate.

when it comes, it can't be stopped; when it dies, it can't be traced.

when we meet and part with each other, there will be no one at all.

in ancient times, a scholar came across a girl in a busy street.

as soon as they hit it off and share the same interests, they quickly became acquainted with each other, went back and forth, became affectionate gradually, and soon tied the knot.

one day, the girl suddenly contracted a serious illness, and the scholar went around to seek medical advice, but his condition still did not improve and unfortunately passed away.

Scholars find it difficult to accept, fall into deep grief, can not let go, often see things miss people, life is like a walking corpse.

until one night, the girl told him to live a good life and said to him:

it makes people sigh that in this world, the fate is deep and shallow, and the fate is destined to go away.

gathering, dispersion and clutch, fate has already been arranged, and no one can change it.

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those who want to meet will always meet, and those who should leave cannot be retained.

since that's the case, why bother?

when the fate arises, cherish it; when the fate dies, you should accept it calmly and be well with each other.


be grateful to meet and let go of parting

Dong Qing once said: "everything in the world is met."

when we walk in this world, we always meet many kinds of people and experience all kinds of things on the way.

some people meet, turn around and become strangers;

some people meet, but can stay in your life for a long time.

Life comes and goes, many people come and go, it is difficult for anyone to accompany us to the end.

there is too much helplessness in life. Every encounter and parting is doomed.

some people can accompany you for a lifetime;

some people are only destined to accompany you.

but no matter what the outcome, fate is rare and it is not easy to meet.

when we meet, we should treat each other sincerely even if we have only one trip of company, so that we can meet each other with sincerity.

when we leave, we should smile and let go. It is already a great fate to have a happy moment with each other.

as there is a saying:

"when you come, cherish it; when you leave, give up."

sometimes hard work may not have a happy ending, but if it is predestined, it will never give up. "

I'm glad you could come. I'm not sorry you left.

even if I can't continue to walk in the future, I still appreciate everyone I meet in my life.

Thank you for accompanying me every bit of experience, and thank you for coming to warm my life.

the long road of life, Thanksgiving to meet, let go of parting.

for the rest of my life, I wish each other a long way to go.

the writer Bai Luomei has a saying like this:

there is cause and effect for whoever you will meet in your life.

No matter who you are with and who you are separated from, it is meant to be.

when flowers blossom and die, people come and go and let them go.

if you are predestined to be with each other, you should cherish each other with your heart; if you have no chance to see each other again, you should let it go.

Life is too short. May you and I do and cherish each other.